How To Create Account At Tip Me A Coffee?

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Hello everyone!

As in the previous post we have delivered a short introduction of Tip Me A Coffee a #share2earn socialfi platform by the breeze foundation. Now we are going to tell you that how can you create your account at Tip Me A Coffee.

Account Creation At Tip Me A Coffee

tmac 4.png

It is very simple to join Tip Me A Coffee and to start earning crypto in the form of $TMAC tokens. Tip Me A Coffee account creation needs a discord account.

Here you can see two sections:

  1. Username
  2. Activation Token

  • In order to get activation token you have to join Tip Me A Coffee Discord Server
  • Go to the account-creation channel and give the proper command as $claim username.

  • You will receive a unique activation code for your username by the Join-TMAC bot in DM.
  • You have to choose the same username as you want in the Tip Me A Coffee so that the activation token can synchronize with that username and account can be created successfully.
  • Now paste that account creation code in the website along with username and click on sign up.

  • Your account has been created successfully.

Now safe the private key at the safe place because active cannot be recovered once lost. You can change your active key using your previous key in the wallet section.

Now you are ready to share the links and to earn $TMAC tokens.

Useful Links

Breeze Foundation | Tip Me A Coffee | | Breeze Explorer | Submit Proposals | Forum | Help Desk

Social Media Handles

Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Medium


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This is a bit more complicated than the $PIZZA and $BEER tokens on HIVE sidechains. Why?

it's very simple and easy to earn crypto while sharing links. You can share any links and when you like or upvote others you also earn $TMAC tokens.

I might personally not use it but your referral program is interesting to check out!

Yes we have a wonderful referral program in which the referring person gets 2% of each upvote . You are welcome to join us.

I am thinking why would hive users join this? It's on another blockchain after all!

It's simple hive users can earn extra for their articles while sharing the links at TipMeACoffee.

Not many hivers like to go aside of hive and for more money! most people are hive exclusive when it comes to picking a blockchain. My opinion.

It depends upon thinking but we think people think beyond the circle nowadays.