Show off your favorite Hive Punk with PeakD verified avatars!

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PeakD announced today the release of their verified profile feature.

This feature will show a verified checkmark on your avatar if you are using an NFT you own. Currently the only supported NFTs are Hive Punks but I suspect more will be supported in the future.

You do need to update your avatar for this feature as direct links to the images will not work. There are two ways to do this.

PeakD new Hive Punks functionality

Go to the main page of your profile.


Click edit profile.


Where you would normally specify an image, click the down arrow and select Use Hive Punk.


At this point just enter the number of the punk you want to use.


If you select a punk you do not own, it will allow you to use it but it will show up as a missing image (more on this later).

Hive Punks Set as Hive Avatar

I restored the functionality on the main Hive Punks website where you can select any punk and set it as your avatar.


Just open the details page on any punk from any page and select Set as Hive Avatar and publish the transaction. This will set your profile image to use the Hive Punks Avatar API.

If you select a punk from the All Punks or Market where you don't own it, the same thing will happen, you will get a image not found as your profile image.

Why image not found?

The Hive Punks Avatar API allows you to specify a PunkID and Username, if the username doesn't own the PunkID, it will throw a 404 error. If it does, it will display the punk.

This functionality allows other front ends like and Ecency to do the same thing. We are working on adding the same functionality to

Thank you @peakd for implementing this feature and working with me to get Hive Punks supported.

I know PeakD is talking to other NFT projects about supporting their NFTs as well.

You will need to change your avatar either through PeakD Hive Punk feature or through the official Hive Punks website to take advantage of verified profiles.

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That's cool! Interesting

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Set mine up immediately! I love this update, adds that tiny bit more detail to your Hive profile/experience, very clean!


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This is awesome, great work @themarkymark. HivePucks feature added to Peakd is really amazing 👍.

!1UP Good work! 1_up_cartel.gif

Well done! I'm already in


Check out @doze!
Mixin', skippin' and straight up trippin'!


Thanks for the update. I did change my avatar. It is delightful to see quite a few Punk are still affordable. I do have three so far and why not grab couple more. Having 10 would not be bad.
It is another way to hold and if Hive went up I can resell one day.


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That is an interesting feature added by Peakd. I hope other NFTs will get included in the foreseeable future.

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ha ha ha that is brilliant!

Love it and had to change my avatar right away!

Nice update by PeakD! thanks for sharing Marky. I tend to use my own photos in my profile myself... and yep check lol I own them haha... but this is great for the many who do use nfts instead. I have a couple of nfts I could use...I may play around one day to see how this works...just for fun! !PIZZA !ALIVE

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I tend to follow people that have a punk avatar faster. :)

!LOLZ that's a pretty funny comment😂 I missed out on a fast follow then 🙂🙃Have a great weekend @gogreenbuddy 😎

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Ah this is great, thanks for elaborating on this feature!🤓

Hive Punk with PeakD verified avatars! great.

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What ID is this one?

game boy only.

Is it a vampire?

ID: 9736 - Clown

Oh nice. I just tried it. It didn't work despite having a hive punk 🙁.

You Cant have the punk for sale needs to be in gallery. That probably helps

Oh thanks lemme try that out

This functionality allows other front ends like and Ecency to do the same thing. We are working on adding the same functionality to

Hive Punks will be in more demand now, thank you for this nice work, I will have to set up one, to get the green tick - may be we should have a way to publish on twitter to show the green tick taking over the blue tick :)

I am super happy to see this!!!

I have wanted this for a long long time. Now if we could integrate verified avatars on other networks (twitter etc...) this would be great for NFT prices.

Nice Job!
I have been playing with this, but I wonder why I don't have all the cool badges like Marky?
He even has a Hive Punk badge, how do I get one of those?

Hive Profile.JPG

I think that badge needs some update.

Only 3 people have that badge so far.

Ive set mine too immediately. Nice job

Thanks for this new function!



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Tried mine but isn’t working, I am using a mobile phone by the way. May be it will work when I use a PC

You will need keychain app to do it on Hive Punks with mobile.

It's displaying an error message

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It's great that there is that little verification arrow, but because it must be a cartoon avatar, I would have liked it better if it was my own photo, I don't know, I don't know. But it's great that you can do profile verification.

You can use any avatar you want, the point of this is to verify NFT ownership.

And how do I do that? Because what I saw is that they are only cartoon avatar, I can not put my photo osea myself? How would I do that I would like to verify myself. How to become a seller of punks on Hive

This verification is not user verification, it is NFT verification. Right now only Hive Punks NFTs are supported.

Hive has no official verification system like Twitter.

So impressive I like