Splinterlands Is Setting The Pace For Hive Growth

There is little doubt Splinterlands is absolutely an enormous force in cryptocurrency right now. It is one of the leading blockchain games that is helping to usher in the #Play2Earn era. This is only going to attract more people to cryptocurrency as word spreads.

Basically, we are seeing the days of spending hours playing a game making only the developers (company) rich diminishing rapidly.

This was something that took a couple years. However, as we will see, this is spurring on exponential growth on many levels.

Exponential Charts Galore

The @splinterlands account put up a post detailing some of what is taking place. We will not go through all the charts here but will take some from Splinterlands continues to fly.

We can start with total accounts. This is a basic metric. If anyone is wondering what an exponential chart looks like, this is it.


As we can see massive growth throughout the last couple months. This is coupled with the huge increase in daily sign ups.


One of the key features of #Play2Earn is actually getting involved in the game. It is one thing to sign up for an account, it is another to actually put some money down to get involved. For Splinterlands this is buying the Spellbooks.

Here is what the totals look like in chart form.


The rest of the charts look the same. To view them, check out the post here.

Paving The Way For The Rest Of Hive

This is just the start.

There is a big advantage to blockchain. It all feeds into the same ecosystem. Anything that takes places within one application can serve to benefit all the others.

We can already see how some are encouraged to not only play Splinterlands but also enhance their earnings by creating articles about it on Splintertalk. Of course, anything that is posted on there is fed into the blockchain and can be read by other frontends such as Peakd and Hive.blog.

As beneficial at this is, it is only the start. We are looking at the prospects of a Hive account having considerable utility by the end of the year. In addition to the existing applications and games, we are going to see the emergence of #ProjectBlank and #SpkNetwork. Both of these are going to help to provide more use cases for all who are associated with Hive.

While many are only interested in gaming, there are going to be a lot who will want to use Twitter on the Blockchain. At the same time, making videos of matches and playing styles are often of interest to people.

Tutorials are something else that tends to do very well for content creators. For example, 10 Splinterlands Card Strategies for Beginners was viewed almost 8,000 times in August via Google searches. The popularity of this game allows for content that supports those who are a part of the ecosystem.

Wealth creation is also something that is taking place on Hive. Obviously, we can see from the charts that Splinterlands is really increasing the wealth of many who were involved over the past few years. As stated, this was a process that developed over time.

In fact, we have an older article, Splinterlands: How Much Can You Earn? that goes back two years. The information in it is a bit dated in that the numbers are orders of magnitude higher today.

All of this is feeding into Hive. The fact that we see articles posted about the game on Leofinance, Splintertalk, and Peakd only means that we will see more traffic generated for these sites over time.

The Feeder System

Since one account can provide access to all applications and games on Hive, anything that brings in users is of benefit to everything that is tied to this blockchain.

At this time, since the majority are coming from Splinterlands, that is operating as a giant feeder system for all of Hive. While the present sign ups are most likely only interested in the game, we could see that expand in the future. As more development takes place, there might be other things people are interest in.

The same is true for any other application. When it brings in users, there could be a branching out as people learn about all the other things their Hive account provides them access to.

What this is doing is providing us a glimpse of what Reed's Law describes. Unlike Metcalfe's Law, this one adds another layer to the network effect by implementing subgroups. Each application can be thought of in this was on Hive.

Here is what the outlines look like:


As we can see, the interconnectedness will enable Hive to scale faster than a network normally would since there is not competing applications. Instead, they all feed into the same system, accelerating the network effect.

Splinterlands is providing the first wave. Hopefully others will be following shortly. Whatever sign ups come from this game, there is the possibility that they will expand what they use. The same goes for any application that brings traffic to Hive.

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Excited to be building an app that incorporates Splinterlands cards, packs, and other items. The growth of Spintlerlands really has been incredible.

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Started to look into your project. Be sure to share more of what is going on.

I followed you on Twitter and will dig into your posts.

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I would definitely have to agree that it is supporting HIVE. As a person who joined the blockchain after starting Splinterlands, I found that PeakD or LeoFinance were the best places of information when I used Google and etc. Eventually I started blogging as well after playing the game for a while.

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It makes sense. Your path can be followed by thousands of others.

You have a great story to share with newer people.

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That's huge indeed. Imagine what things will look like when we have other apps achieving similar success to Splinterlands. Things will snowball fast

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To me, #ProjectBlank will be on a path similar but much quicker.

We will get hundreds of thousands of "blanks" going a day very quickly.

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Is there any news on wen projectblank?

Personally, I still think 3Spk is going to be the application that blows the top off of Hive. As great as Splinterlands is, there is probably some sort of shelf-life to it. We're no where near it at this point. In fact it really is only getting started. That said, there will come a day when the next "latest and greatest" game will be created and Splinterlands will plateau. Like I said, I don't think it's happening anytime soon. We're probably a couple years away at least.

But 3Spk could be forever. Or as forever as anything gets these days. If you think about how long YouTube has been around and the market share they've captured and maintained, 3Spk has the opportunity to grow for years and literally take over the video content market in time.

At some point in the not-too-distant future, influencers and content creators are going to get tired of the bullshit they have to put up with on YouTube. Once the exodus starts, it could be every bit as exponential as the Splinterlands charts right now. Gonna be nuts! (and very, VERY profitable).

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I agree with you. #SpkNetwork is a protocol meaning all that is built upon it will affect Hive. The SIP is the greatest idea I have seen.

That said, I think #ProjectBlank can be a huge winner. It will pull in millions over time. Just think of the 200 million monthly Twitter users. Could it get 1% of them?

I think it can.

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We talked about it before it happened. A single dapp that goes popular was going to do far more for Hive than all this marketing junk. A quality hyped up dapp naturally promotes itself and all the community members. This old school marketing crap doesn't work anymore and I don't get how they are still in business lol

Anyways that's just one dapp now imagine more launching! I'm sure many are being worked on right now as Splinterlands is in the spotlight it will draw attention for new developers, investors and those with ideas to build on top of hive. I'm hoping we provided them with the tools to be able to do so easily now and that was in place.

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That's what HAF is all about and it's coming #soon. It will allow devs to use coding language they're already familiar with to build things on HIVE. HAF will take care of talking to the blockchain for them. All they have to do is build what they want. It really is a HUGE piece of infrastructure and is coming at pretty much the perfect time.

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Yes @bitcoinflood. We agree on that. Promoting a blockchain makes little sense unless to developers. Outside of that, users care about apps. @Splinterlands is proving that.

We need another app to hit the same lode of excitement.

When we get that, it is game over and things will skyrocket.

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I'm sure project blank will attract a few few thousand at least. 3speak should do well when it fully releases as well and gets some marketing backing. Two great potentials there. I'm not sure of any others that are possibly upcoming. Have you heard of any others yet?

Nothing that I feel as confident about like those two.

I havent looked into this yet but it seems interesting.


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Splinterlands will also become a focus of our new curation efforts to generate better SEO for us.

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That's good news. I really believe it can bring a lot of traffic to LeoFinance.

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That is a good step. Of course, people need to start focusing upon applying some SEO to their content.

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That's also what Khal said. We will make that a requirement of the contest we are preparing.

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That is excellent. We need to do every little thing we can to get Leofinance ranking better.

We need that organic traffic.

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I like your positive outlook. I sure hope the momentum continues. I made all my bets on project blank when they first started talking about and have spent too much time hanging around in Leo waiting. I'm happy I started playing splinterlands just for the fact that I can see how the potential is for hive.

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This highlights one of the most valuable keys to success here. There's plenty to do while you wait.

Play with everything. It only cost a nickel for the armband. Take some home.

That is true and more is arising. Other games to play also.

Hive has a lot to offer.

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Development operates at its own pace. We are seeing a lot more stuff rolling out.

@splinterlands is a great thing to do while waiting for other applications.

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Splinterlands is the MVP fo sho, however Hive has an amazing ecosystem all around. Did you see the price movement today! I'm really excited about this and my only regret is not getting more involved in Hive a year ago.

There is a lot taking place with more to come. It is going to be a fun ride. The price might drift back, who knows. But the development is ongoing.

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Crazy after all these years to see this blockchain finally getting the use/recognition it deserves. Excited to see where things will go in the coming year!

It is but we are less than 18 months old. What took place before was a circle jerk with Ned leading the charge.

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LOL that's fair I guess 😆

Posted via D.Buzz

I’d cast my vote for any one of those charts to get the centerfold in any top mens magazines.

This game is growing in a very good way
we should benefit of it by making ad campaign
It would attract people to it and surely to hive

Posted via proofofbrain.io

Splinterlands is already marketing itself.

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Hive price is moving up. I still think any hive seller today will be sorry tomorrow

Market action is what it is. Could move up more, could head down. Those who look long term will realize that the overall trend is higher.

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I agree. But since its finance, it is always fun to try and understand how the product affects the market price. Its not always visible but sometimes finding the relation can be educating :)

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Certainly fun to try, and for many, highly profitable.

For me, I just keep plugging along in an effort to keep things going in the right direction. Growing my bags comes through consistent action.

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Gradually Hive is proving to become an Ethereum alternative. The charts of Splinterlands look damn bullish, curious though to see them if and when a bear market will occur. Nevertheless, Hive has a noteworthy momentum thanks to Splinterlands and although I'm not playing the game I'm happy about the exposure this game is creating for Hive.

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We still need the smart contract platform that Blocktrades talked about. The idea of SC written in code the developers know and is tested as compared to Solidity is enormous.

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I am so happy I found tokenized blogging back in november. It took me quite a while to get used to all the hive things, but I was early enough to take a leap of faith and put some money into Splinterlands. I think since the majority of signups come from SL now and those folks like gaming we will see a boost in all hive gaming dapps first. Afterwards as you said it will spread out to other applications. I athink we will see a lot of new actifit users in the future. And when project blank is rolled out we will see another exponential chart and hopefully its LEO
!PIZZA for you since it is a gaming token!

@taskmaster4450le! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @solymi.

Did you know Pizzabot in Discord has a bunch of useful commands? (3/10)

Thank you for this article. It was interesting.

Very well written post. Spliterlands seems uniquely positioned to take advantage of the NFT/blockchain explosion that is happening across all markets. Its tangential benefit to Hive cannot be understated. This is especially true due to the chaos and inflation in the fiat markets as central banks scramble to flood the system with currency. The future is very bright indeed!