The Power Of Smaller Accounts On Hive

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It is easy to fall victim to looking at the larger accounts and all the power they have. When we do this, we are not realizing the potential impact that each person can make.

A great deal of what we discuss comes down to a numbers game. Hive is really a microcosm of a much larger system. The ability to understand this is what can radically alter the path we are taking.

When we look at the existing system, it seems insurmountable. Decades were spent constructing this system, one that is well insulated against outside attack. If this is all we focus upon, we could be paralyzed.

However, if we look at things in proportion to the impact that can be made, we see a completely different story. While, overall, the cryptocurrency industry is very small, it is growing at a fantastic rate. There is no doubt that growth from the major economies is stunted. The last couple decades saw most of the major economies drop under 4%. The EU and Japan are basically flat. We see the United States quickly heading in that direction and even China is slowing.

This provides enormous opportunity for cryptocurrency, a digitally-based economy that is growing at hundreds of percent a year.


Smaller Accounts

On Hive, we see larger accounts and the power they wield. Nevertheless, it is best to step back and consider how everything operates based upon a percentage. Influence is determined by one's holdings in comparison to the overall number of HIVE powered up. Here is where things can change rather quickly.

As stated, it becomes a numbers game. Like anything, a few of anything is going to be outdone by the larger if the latter is focused. This is exactly what is happening with cryptocurrency. With Hive being a microcosm of this, we can apply the same logic.

When the situation with Justin Sun arose, we saw a coming together of many accounts, both large and small. It was a time when the power of the smaller accounts were realized. The obvious impact on an individual level was not great but, collectively, they were making a difference.

It is uplifting to see during a time of crisis. However, it is something that we need to apply other times as well. If we step back, we can see how influence change change over time.

Token distribution on a blockchain like Hive is vital. Since it used the Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) structure, those with stake have a great deal of influence. The key is to spread it out as much as possible. For this reason, the need is more accounts holding greater amounts of HP.

Here is where motivation enters the picture. It is easy to get discouraged, knowing that the influence one has individually is not large. Nevertheless, this is exactly where the focus needs to be. Collectively, smaller accounts are the ones who will end up making the difference. This is something that has to be embraced.

Doubling Account Size

Can you double the size of your account? In other words, can you near double your influence on Hive?

Here is the place where we see size does matter. This is a very realistic possibility for smaller accounts, especially over the period of a year. Larger accounts are going to have difficulty.

For example, it is not easy for an account to go from 1 million to 2 million HP. This is going to require a lot of money if one wants to use fiat to get there. Outside of that, it is almost impossible to reach this goal in 1 year.

The same is not true for an account with 100 HP. The jump from 100 to 200HP is the same percentage, yet is much easier to accomplish. To start, it presently requires roughly $130 to achieve this. If the resources are lacking, then the ability to get rewarded to meet that end does exist.

In investing, the term used is "relative". Here is where one asset is compared to another based upon the percentage move of each. The smaller account can really outpace the larger on relative terms. Where the latter might achieve 10% growth, the former can put over 100%.

We see something interesting when looking at the latest breakdown of MVests (HP).


What will it take in collective increase, on a percentage basis to surpass the next category?

Here is how it breaks down:

Orca 138.5%
Dolphin 33.5%
Minnow 76.47%

Isn't that interesting? The Dolphins and Minnows, collectively, have a much easier time surpassing the category ahead in influence than the Orcas do.

The Dolphins do not have to double their power. Instead, they only require increasing each about by 1/3. This will enable them to collectively have the same influence as all the Orcas.

Of course, graduation from one level to the next can alter the numbers a great deal. Nevertheless, the point here is that, on a relative basis, the smaller accounts can collectively outpace the larger ones.

This is a well-known concept. We see this in the employment arena. For an Amazon or Tesla to add 100,000 new employees is quite a feat. It garners a lot of headlines when that happens. However, for 100,000 small businesses to add 1 employee each goes unnoticed.

Here we see the power of numbers.

Long-Term Impact

It is natural to overlook the impact that is being made when it comes in incremental units. The path to great change is often achieved on a daily basis, in unnoticeable ways. Nevertheless, over the long-term, we can often see the difference.

Let us take a look at the distribution that was present as of 8/1/2017 and see now things changed over the past 4 years. We have to factor in the Whales has the ninja-mined stake which is now locked in the Decentralized Hive Fund (DHF).


That is quite a change compared to what we see today. We also have to keep in mind, at that time, the base token was the only game in town. There was no Hive-Engine or layer 2 tokens. Splinterlands or other games were basically non-existent. Instead, people were rewarded in HIVE and that was it.

Here we see how the wealth within the ecosystem grew a great deal. Other projects are enriching users in many different ways. That said, we must not forget how important the base layer token distribution is. A portion of our focus needs to be on HP accumulation, regardless of how small our accounts are. In fact, as we are showing here, it is crucial for smaller accounts to increase the percentage of their holdings.

Smaller accounts have a lot more power than they think simply because there are so many of them. So while a .5 payout of HP is not much in absolute terms, for an account with 100 HP, it is large on a relative scale. Keep getting that payout daily and the account will see a 180% jump over the course of a year.

That is something the larger accounts have a very difficult time doing.

As we can see, the impact over the long-term is there. We simply need to focus attention on what is taking place and how we can keep growing the accounts.

Do not overlook the collective power which exists and how much of a difference smaller accounts can make. It is important for the entire ecosystem.

If you found this article informative, please give an upvote and rehive.

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Interestingly, this is one of the things I've had a hard time accepting. This is encouraging,makes me feel like I'm important. Looking at some large accounts can easily have you feeling dejected

Ignore the larger accounts. That is like looking at Musk's or Bezos' net worth and comparing it to ourselves.

Focus upon growing your account and your influence on the platform. You first goal is to get your account to 25 HP. That means taking yourself from .005 to 25 HP.

You have HP delegated to you to engage, so keep leaving comments like this. Comments that are upvoted get you payouts too.

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That's exactly what I'm trying to do, but what I can do is severely limited due to the low HP.. I'm working with what I have though

Are you saying that you are running out of the ability to post/comment?

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Yes and very often at that

I will delegate you 50 more HP so you can comment and engage more often.

It will take me about an hour before I can get to it but I will send it over in the next couple hours.

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This means a lot to me.. Thanks a lot...

Delegated 75 HP to you. That should be able to carry you in all your commenting and engagement when coupled with what you already have.

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I will visit your comments to give some positive votes to your valuable comments.

Unfortunately the current setup of Hive ensures that the couple of whales who hold more tha n 50% of all voting Hive are constantly eating up the most of the creator rewards (not to mention most are witnesses)

This has always been true. This ensures that the VERY centralized stake at the beginning of Steem has stayed almost just as centralized, after close to 6 years.

Not to mention that at this point many of the big whales are on an ideological downvoting campaign, meaning they are removing the rewards from authors AND curators who disagree with them. This has also been happening since the beginning, but there used to be more checks & balances with the whales.

There is no doubt there are some who are abusive in their behavior. Like you said, it is something that was there since the beginning.

However, that does not deter from what I wrote. The smaller accounts, by percentage, can amass power at a much greater rate. When you look at the raw numbers, certainly the whales grow by a lot. But when looking at the percentage, along with the distribution, we do see a change since the beginning.

Putting a lot of focus upon comments can really help alter the landscape.

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A lot of my votes and those of @tenkminnows go to smaller accounts as I can make more difference to them and we desperately need more people with a stake in Hive. The big guys are not going anywhere, but we need the redfish and minnows to stick around long enough to get established. If they are doing good work then we should support them. The big fish will do okay anyway.

You really helped me with your @tenkminnows initiative. I remain great full.

Hey @mistakili, here is a little bit of BEER from @steevc for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

The ones that see the vision do stick around. But you are right. Adding to the stake of those accounts can have a monumental difference. I tend to hand out a ton of votes to comments. While it doesnt pay a ton (it is above the dust level), it adds up. I noticed that @jfang003 gets most votes out of this account and he rarely does blog posts. Hence he is getting multiple upvotes for comments each day.

It all adds up over time.

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Commenting pays off in different ways. It's how I built my followers. I vote up comments as I value them, but they need to be sincere.


Agreed. The bs comments of "nice post, I like it" do not add much value.

But when people are truly engaging, they not only get upvotes, but stand to increase their following.

That is a point I think most miss. Comments are a terrific way to help with one's "brand" on Hive.

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That is why we encourage participation in this project. Through our trail we vote for comments that add value to the publications. We have already been working for Hive for a year and a half. Educating the community, raising awareness about the importance of interaction and social relations in this hive.

You have so much time here, could you guide me on how to grow as a project? We want to do great things for Hive. We want to support many more by curating their comments, as well as continuing to provide content that educates and instructs new and long-time users.

Thanks in advance.

(I came to your post by following up on Curangel's down votes).

Hey @taskmaster4450le, here is a little bit of BEER from @steevc for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

From 15SP delegation to 10,000+HP no significant buy in other than a few splinterland cards. The fork helped a lot, but still it is not impossible for new accounts to grow. 4.5 years of steady power ups.

That is awesome. It is truly the potential of what is here.

The fact you went from 15 HP to over 10K without any purchasing should be a testament to all who come on here.

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Great ideas. I hope all the smaller accounts read this.

@nightstarjumper. This is another good hive account to follow. Task is the man with the vision and the plan!!

Task is a legend

true that. !PIZZA

Hopefully it does motivate smaller accounts to realize their potential. Also, they need to engage so motivation always helps.

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as a small minnow I say good post💪

Then become a small minnow who doubles your size.

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i have around 110 hp am I ?

Yes you are!

It is natural to overlook the impact that is being made when it comes in incremental units. The path to great change is often achieved on a daily basis, in unnoticeable ways. Nevertheless, over the long-term, we can often see the difference.

i totally agree with you I strongly belive that new account can surpass any old account on a long run especially when one is serious with his/her account where by activities on the account on daily basic is huge it will really help the account to improve on a long run base on numbers on HP too.

I would say on a relative basis this is true, for a very long time. The percent growth rate that a newer account can achieve over the next few years will outpace any of the larger accounts if that person is extremely active and dedicated.

There are a few who are prime example. They are showing the path to achieving much greater heights.

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That's right that is my target too. Smile

We as curators hold some of the power each and everyone of us and I believe its our job to help those smaller accounts that are getting it right. I'd rather have 100 people doing 1% of the work then one big whale doing it. You also never know what a small account might do later on. I know it feels good to be rewarded for a well written article or for writing up and developing something that improves hive or creates a game on it etc. As more people use hive and have hive in their bags it makes the entire system better but on top of that rewarding for the right type of content is also key. Still thousands if not millions of more people that should be involved with hive and I've pulled in a few great content creators already. With 3spk rolling out soon I see more people from youtube coming over and perhaps even making a viable streaming platform in the future. Would be awesome to see that.

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As long as you agree with the millionaires :-)

If not, they downvote the content, removing the author's rewards, AND the curator's rewards.

Hive is wildly centralized (less than FB, more than BTC, ETH, etc.) - and not moving towards decentralization - actually moving in the opposite direction.

Downvotes need to go in my opinion. It should be enough that people vote for content they want to vote for.

Hi Kenny!

Funny seeing you here. Small world.

You're in control of millions, correct. I have no problem disagreeing with you, correct?

You've simply made it your mission to instill fear within the populace, it seems. You want people to feel small, mentally, and stay there, it seems. That's all. It's your form of mind control, because it's control you crave, it seems.

Anyone who 'agrees' with you gets your support, correct? Then some of you folks convince them to hand over their belongings in the form of stake delegation and voting trails, correct?

Becoming a leader with followers who's voice is controlled. A form of centralization in a decentralized world; ensuring they stay small in the process while those at the top get the lion's share for themselves. So in this scenario if one then decides to go around establishing the great divide, maintaining it, and making poor decisions along the way, the followers accept it without question because their livelihood is at stake (lose support from the tribe/banished). Not far down the road from Jonestown.

People are people here, regardless of whatever label someone wants to stamp on their ass. These labels minnow, dolphin, orca, whale; they mean nothing and do not come equipped with a standardized set of personality traits. There are 'whales' who fear coming out in the open to disagree just as much there are minnows with strong opinions expressed fearlessly. Those qualities existed before they arrived here. A community is comprised of all types, not just your narrowminded viewpoint.

People are free to disagree with anyone. Except for you, it seems.


Have a nice day.

Finally someone with enough courage to speak the truth. This network is full of yellow bellies. hey man it's projects like the one i started on hive that let's an ai do all the voting on content based on similar posts value etc., if we want the centralization to change we actively gotta support systems that don't do that.

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There is a lot to be optimistic about and I agree with what you are saying. A lot is solved by larger numbers. That is something that is not easy, often being a struggle. The last year saw a massive increase although that was mostly due to Splinterlands (bots?). So the activity on Hive is still rather flat, although with a slow upward tick.

Nevertheless, we just keep plugging along. If some of the people commenting are an indication, we should see some small accounts growing over the next year.

We will see how many stick with it.

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Wow, that is a great analysis! Yes, even smal accounts can have some great influence - and as we grow bigger, our influence even rises! This is quite amazing and gives us a bigger and louder voice!
I am constantly trying to build up my own Hive Power, but I am still being a small red fish, with a big way to go to get to the next tier!
I really do appreciate your work, so keep up the great work! Thanks.


!gif strong

...and as we grow bigger, our influence even rises!

Exactly. It comes down to relative to what else is on Hive and how much you grow percentagewise.

If you can double or triple your account over the next year, you will gain more influence, relatively speaking, than I. At this point, I cant triple my account but smaller accounts can.

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Looking forward, many small accounts do balance the platform. Wishing a who join enjoy learning and striving to grow together in a sustainable way.

@tipu curate

There certainly is the opportunity for smaller account to really grow their influence. When one is small, on a relative basis, the growth rate, early on, can be enormous.

@talon12 is a prime example. The upvote I just gave will double the holding of the account.

It is easy for that account to have a 10x in a couple weeks.

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Anyone prepared to learn, be honest in content makes me realize how far we have come from very small beginnings.

Justin Sun saga showed the backbone of community standing together when faced with an obstacle no-one foresaw.

I dropped a link onto his introduction post that I found helpful for new arrivals, and not so new.

Justin Sun certainly awoke a lot. He did not expect to get the reaction he did. The community did come together and he found out how powerful a community can be.

It seems none of his ventures worked out. He is not off being an ambassador to Grenada or something.

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People were uneasy with rumours, once fully realizing what was happening from cocky content he put out our Witnesses worked quickly, many made the move with no doubt in mind.

At the time I had read one of his most unbelievable pieces of content that led to many adding their voice here is mine from that time Dear Justin Sun I do believe everyone did right for the better of all now on Hive.

Hive will grow with healthy roots make strong tree with many branches!

Yes, it is very difficult for large accounts to double their power. but mid-level accounts are very lucky here. they really easily double the total hp. The situation is difficult for under 60 reputation. Because generally, accounts over 60 reputation are voted. Can you write an article on this topic? Of course, if this has caught your attention,

That is true although I would say that accounts under 60 can get a lot more attention by leaving comments. There are a number of people upvoting comments which increases the reputation score.

There is no doubt that being new is not easy. It takes a lot of effort to achieve success. The mindset, in my view, is approaching it like a business. Each day, push ahead a bit more.

The rep score is a mixed bag. In the past people enhanced it through bid bots. However, now, those are a thing of the past.

Right now, on Leofinance, in the comments, I dont even see rep score so the upvote has nothing to do with that. While it wont help the overall rep much, when I upvote comments it does enhance things a bit.

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Thanks a lot for your answer. Yes, I am aware of the importance of comments. I read the posts as much as I can and comment if it interests me. I just put a lot of effort into the post, and besides, it can be a bit demoralizing to see the same names being voted on all the time. But of course I loved being here and the world of hive.

Just stick with it. It all builds upon itself. None of this happens overnight.

I found consistency is key. Here we see a lot of power that many overlook.

Having the smaller accounts double or even triple their holding is vital.

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Wow! I didn't know that.. Let's hope it happens so with a little effort from my end

This is a very tutor post for newcomers to HIVE.

Hopefully a motivator. Keep looking to grow one's relative influence by increasing the amount of HP in the account.

A very small account can grow multiple hundred percent. That is the true opportunity.

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Some great perspective and relevance. There already seem to be some interesting potential debates forming toward the positives and negatives. As for when it comes to the smaller fish, I couldn't agree more and it would be great to see more financial investment.

There are always problems, no doubt about it. That is true anywhere in life. However, we need to figure out ways to solve them. That is what the challenge always is.

As for the smaller fish, enhancing one's influence by an order of magnitude is a great approach. This is obviously helped if one makes the investment. However, even without that, smaller accounts can grow by 5x, 10x or 20x over time. That should be the goal of anyone who is serious about Hive and what is offered here.

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To double account is not easy. It requires a lot of time and good post to double it.

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Depends upon where you are starting from.

An account with 1 HP could double with just a few well placed comments.

To double an account with 100K HP, it isnt going to happen without either a lot of time or money.

The bigger the account, the harder it is to double. Here is the advantage a lot of smaller accounts have.

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Thank you for the clarification

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I just powered up 5100 $LEO :)

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That will help you on Leofinance. That is not HP but layer 2 is a fantastic growth opportunity also.

We do need to keep in mind that the base layer is vital also.

Hard to build both but that is what many are trying to focus upon.

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I'm taking the strategy of focusing on LEO because as a newer user and low HP HIVER I believe my best path is to become as strong as possible on $LEO. I am still earning rewards on HIVE too as an added bonus. I really like everything the team on LEO is doing and ultimately once I get to 20,000 $LEO I can start channeling my profits back into $HIVE. I plan on earning on CUBDEFI as well so for me , I think this is the right strategy.

One main reason I really like $LEO is the flat voting curve (not sure if thats the proper term). I don't have to worry about voting a post at a certain time rather my curation rewards will be the same whenever I vote a post and I can read and curate at me leisure. I can build up curation rewards at a much faster rate on LEO than on HIVE.

I'm always open to suggestions and really find your posts educational and informative. So if you have any other feedback I am open to suggestions.

I am not much of a blogger but enjoy commenting and interacting on posts as well as curating.

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One main reason I really like $LEO is the flat voting curve (not sure if thats the proper term). I don't have to worry about voting a post at a certain time rather my curation rewards will be the same whenever I vote a post and I can read and curate at me leisure. I can build up curation rewards at a much faster rate on LEO than on HIVE.

That is no longer the case on Hive, it was changed in the last Hard Fork. Hive now uses the same reward curve. You can vote anytime within 24 hours, they are all the same.

LEO is a smart place to focus attention. And yes you will earn HIVE in addition to LEO. Powering it up is a smart approach while earning the "extra tokens".

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thanks for the heads up on the HIVE fork update, I was obviously unaware of that change !

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Numbers don’t lie, gotta take the advice of not overlooking the collective power which exists and how much of a difference smaller accounts can make .

Just think of what it will look like if you keep growing your account at a double digit rate over time. It might be small now but it will get larger and larger.

That is what I think people who do not look at things long-term miss.

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I forgot where did I stumble that quote. I think I was watching a YouTube when I heard that. It said something similar to this: "Don't take small things for granted for they have the potential to be great someday."

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That is certainly true. We have the ability to help a lot of smaller accounts grow.

Those who are in that situation should look at increasing their stake by a large percentage. That is what will really alter things.

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Yes, as I pointed out in the article I just wrote, these small accounts especially need to focus on growing their HivePower and thus the power of their votes. By doing this they help the entire ecosystem while at the same time, really helping themselves.

And the way to do that is to engage. The more people interact, the wider their impact becomes, and the more they can earn. It's just basic math as so you correctly point out above.

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The compounding factor cannot be overlooked. Get busy adding a few HP here and there, something that one will see an impact with. First get to 25 HP so as to be able to interact than grow from there.

Adding to one's voting power can make a radical difference in the return one ultimately gets.

The first major goal should be 550 HP. That is where everyone needs to work towards.

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You make some valid points there. Personally, I have never ignored someone for a low rep, I would much sooner check out if they are already getting voted if not, share their posts in some servers instead of thinking it's just a newbie.
Newbies can be a great addition to the communities. Fresh fishies who are super happy with some guidance.

And looking back, I'm glad that I wasn't ignored as a smaller account either when I just started. I wrote my way up and now I can finally work towards the next step of 5000 HP.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Having the next level, goal in sight is vital, at least when working the way up the ladder.

The ecosystem certainly needs more Dolphins. I think that is about 5400 HP now. Stay consistent and you will get there.

Comments like this one will really assist you in the quest.

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Ah what's another 400 when working towards 5000 :) Easy peasy! That's just a final sprint!

I've noticed that being on top of my goals, and now writing a weekly status update about it is helping me to stay focused and therefore I will continue doing so. I will hold myself accountable if I'm not on track.

I don't mind prioritizing some goals over others (like this month Chaos legion for example, so no HBD savings) as I will iron that out next month. And I'm trying to keep constant pending rewards above a certain number.

It motivates me to see I can actually earn more than I'd expect. And when a post hasn't been picked up, don't feel shit, just keep going. The comments matter just as much.

Have a good weekend!

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Powerful write. Every account matters on Hive and we all have some awesome opportunities to grow. Truth is that some small accounts earn better than the whales because some of the big accounts rarely creates contents while the small accounts do more of that and that fetches them some love from the big generous stakeholders. The second layer is however open for everyone's growth. I've grown there and I think anyone else can.

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That is true about the layer 2 tokens. However, that doesnt distribute the base token unless people convert their H-E tokens to HP.

Nevertheless, when it comes to wealth building, layer 2 is a terrific way to do things.

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Glad to see that smaller accounts are given the opportunity to feel important. Because it’s not easy coming up and looking up to big accounts, you feel so intimidated

The smaller accounts can make themselves more important by realizing they can grow their influence at a much greater rate than the larger accounts.

This is something that the majority overlook. Investors who understand relative returns will grasp this idea immediately.

So keep growing you personal stake.

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Consistency and staking daily is all it takes for a smaller account to become a bigger account over a short period of time. At some point when the numbers explode any account having 50K Hive power will seem big. I find it encouraging to see how many Dolphins have climbed up to become Orcas and is like having a decent sized middle class. Accounts with HP need to look after the smaller accounts as the more we have growing quickly the better the eco system is.

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Each account should be looking a the higher levels, especially those who are very small. The idea of growing and pushing towards Minnow is what the ecosystem needs.

If we can get 10K Minnows like the TenK project aimed for, we can see the beginnings of the next level of those moving up the scale.

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Thank you so much @taskmaster4450 for the explanation. Helps a lot to understand it all more.
I’m a newbie… 37 days old… and growing steadily I think 😉 it is good to know we… the small accounts… do matter 😎

Keep growing steadily. One a percentage basis, you can grow greatly.

At 100 HP now, you can easily target 250 HP, which is about 2.5x the size of your account now.

Keep posting comments like this and your path to that level is greatly aided.

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Thanks @taskmaster4450le much appreciated. Aiming for 2,5x as a new goal 😉
It’s just fun to really “connect” via the comments and not just post something and go. So far I like it a lot. Especially meeting people from all over the world with the same passions as myself.

You keep engaging in this manner and you will find that your upvotes on comments increase.

Also, feel free to drop into @leomarkettalk. We have some good discussions in there periodically.

That will get you some HP as well as LEO upvotes if engaging.

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Thanks 😊 will do, I have a look and drop in…

Relativity is often not taken into account and is at the heart of investing. Those who understand it and structure with it in mind, usually make good decisions. Some valid points here, that are not often discussed, wielding power is often at the heart of much motivation.

I compete against myself and look to grow my account at a rate that I am happy with. As long as I keep that growth up, then I am moving forward... and that's what counts. If we are all moving forward and refuse to be stagnant, there will be an even greater effect complimenting Hive and the entire ecosystem.

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Very true. Having an account with a healthy growth rate is likely going to help increase one's influence in the ecosystem. There are a lot of people who are active and moving things forward.

The key will be getting another 2,500 people to do the same.

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Feel free to checkout my account:

Just started posting here about two weeks ago and am 5 articles in. Looking forward to posting more in the future.

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It is best not to self promote in the comment section of other people's posts. Try to add to the article by commenting in a way that enhances what is written.

Glad you are posting, be sure to pay attention to commenting. That is where engagement will come from.

We all start out in a similar fashion. Engagement will really help your success on Hive.

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Oh, I apologize... Will see if I can edit my post. Didn't mean to go against the rules...

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

No problem. We all make mistakes.

And there are no rules. It is just not well regarded if you enter another's article and drop links to your stuff. That is viewed in poor taste.

Get involved with commenting and add to the articles in the comment section, and that will lead to others following you. You will see growth along with success on Hive.

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Very nice take and view. I have noticed that we have way more big dolphins 🐬 and orcas accounts compared to a few years back on Steem. I also feel, long term good creators are rewarded nowadays, which was not always the case before.

Very positive and I like it 🙌

Posted using LeoFinance Mobile

Yes I do agree there are a lot more now than before. This makes sense as more rewards are distributed on a weekly basis.

The first major breakthrough will be when the total Dolphin MVests exceed the Orcas. All Dolphins should really be looking to increase their stake. They are the foundation of where we are going.

It all flows, so the more Dolphins we have, the more Minnows get supported. This is vital to the distribution over time.

The TENK Minnow idea was a great one. Of course, to truly be valuable, we need 20K-25K Minnows. That would really alter the distribution.

Alas, we have to start somewhere. Hopefully more Minnows will keep moving up to Dolphin level.

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You are right
We are here exactly like the kingdom of bees, each of us has a role

Very interesting way of putting it.

But absolutely correct, there is a role for all of us to play in this.

Over time, we can keep things growing dramtically.

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It sure feels like getting to Minnow status on Hive happened more quickly than getting to Dolphin. I know what I need to do to speed it up though. Either create and curate way more or put in more Fiat. I wasn't putting any in until recently. Now I am dollar cost averaging 50 dollars a month plus whatever upvoting and commenting. Smaller steps are way more manageable.

There is no "feels" about it, that is simply numbers.

The 540 HP level to get to Minnow can happen quicker than the 5040 HP to get to Dolphin. A lot more is required for the later. Of course, the move to Orca is even longer. LOL

But keep at it and keep building. It all compounds on top of each other. Thus, you will get there over time.

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Yes, I will, @taskmaster4450le! This is a great lesson in patience and perseverance. The first one is a little more difficult but needed for the latter. Thanks and have a great Saturday! 😀

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-- @lisamgentile1961

@taskmaster4450le! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @lisamgentile1961. (3/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Good Morning and Thank you, @youarealive! Enjoy your day.😀

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-- @lisamgentile1961

Smart stats and as a Dolphin I can enjoy some nice rewards from curation. But never thought of the power of all dolphins and the way they influence the entire Hive blockchain.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

It is overlooked and for good reason. The total power, right now, is still rather small, even collectively. However, if people keep advancing up, the potential is for the Dolphins to collectively surpass the Orcas. This is something that will really open some eyes.

So keep growing your Dolphin account. Aim to add at least 35% to your total of where you are now. That will help a great deal.

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Taskmaster, this article is really informative has it people don't know that is an incredible opportunity and for the way hive grows, and I was about to build a business around it also.
thanks for the breakdown.

As a small account holder I gotta say that trying to grow an account's Hive Power (staked HIVE) is tricky when the majority of earnings need to be spent on things like food, bills and other living expenses. This is especially true when the default split is 50% HP and 50% HBD (which is fine and all) but that plus exchange fees to convert the usually meager earnings into spendable fiat makes the whole endeavor quite discouraging.

Those who are living off their Hive earnings are certainly going to suffer a harder road. We all have circumstances that are unique to us.

However, if one can keep a little in the ecosystem and get that growing, we will see a greater impact overall.

All of us have a role to play.

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I hear ya and agree.

I just wanted to point out that starting from 'zero' and building up (primarily as a content creator) is in no way a straight line from minnow, to dolphin etcetera... and yeah its discouraging from a financial perspective.

Personally, the inherent value of the community and the technology is what makes it 'worthwhile' for myself but for most folks it is a process of discovering (or determining) that value for themselves.

Obviously the more overall staked (Powered Up) HIVE the better off the network is but most folks at an 'entry level' lack an understanding of that.

Obviously the more overall staked (Powered Up) HIVE the better off the network...

It is also better for the individual. That is the starting point for all. Hive Power is what unleashes everything on Hive. This is what people do not realize.

Just look at the airdrops that are coming. What are they based upon? Hive and HP.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

It is also better for the individual. That is the starting point for all. Hive Power is what unleashes everything on Hive. This is what people do not realize.

For sure!

It is definitely easier for a small account to grow compared to a big account. At my current rate, I think doubling my account will take around a year and I'll be closer to a dolphin.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

You are off to a great start. It took you about 16 months to get to the point you are at so it does appear you are speeding up things.

We will help you all we can to get to the level. I am trying to increase my HP out of this account so that it will give bigger payouts especially on comment upvotes.

That should help you along since you get a bunch of them on a weekly basis.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Really good points you bring up there. It is all relative! :) Even in that middle range the jump from 30K to 60K seems like it is impossible to achieve at times.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

It is a difficult task to achieve at that level. However, to go from 250-500 is not as much of a challenge. There does come a point where doubling one's HP is impossible unless we put a lot of money in.

With the smaller accounts, this is not the case. Activity can double, triple, or even quadruple their accounts in less than a year.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Love the perspective in this breakdown and the validation this small account owner has received from it! I will start to view myself as a more significant and important contributing member of this community from this point onwards!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I would suggest being consistent and adding all you can to your HP. Keep growing it at a steady but outsized rate. I didnt look at what your HP is but your first major target should be 100 HP. Then 250. Then 550.

After that, keep working the way up the Minnow chain.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

This is very impact to me personally, I know I really need to read this again to fully grasp the knowledge shared.

The focus is simply on keep putting the input that would grow overtime.

Thanks for the insight to growth on the blockchain regardless of ones result.

The focus is simply on keep putting the input that would grow overtime.

Consistent Activity + Time = Hive Success

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I have only 53 HP..and 15 HBD savings..a very small account..

Yes and your ability to double, even triple your HP is well within your reach. That is something that can happen in a relatively short period of time if you get active and engage.

Involvement is key. Those who are involved and remain consistent tend to do well here.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Thank you very much on your advise sir. For now, I'm only just on curation rewards. Eventhough It's a small amount but It's also significant. Maybe on the sooner future I can participate on posting awesome content in the community for my account to grow bigger. 🎉🎉⭐⭐

I feel happy being a little fish in a big pond. I am happy with the HP that I have and commenting when i see something I like.

Keep taking the consistent action and you will keep seeing your HP grow. Commenting is a great way to earn a few upvotes here and there.

In the end, it all grows upon itself.

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Glad I stumbled upon this piece. Great read. Although I must admit I do not power up. Not by choice but necessity. The liquid Hive I earn in the platform are what I use to sustain me and my family in financial crises. Though it is not enough, still it takes care of putting off some brush financial fires that would otherwise turn into a major conflagration if not addressed. Still I realize the need for growing my HP. To strike the happy medium, I have decided that all rewards I get in HP remain where they are. I do not powerdown and have never did since I began here. It is slow moving but it moves steadily upwards. I estimate my HP growing at a rate of 60HP's every month. As I increase my holdings this rate will also grow higher.

Meanwhile I do hope that my financial situation can improve allowing me to then power up my liquid earnings and making my stake grow even much faster than the rate it is doing now.

Thanks for your article 😊

Thanks for the comments. Growing your account at 60 HP per month will add roughly 720 throughout the year. I did not look at what you are sitting at right now but I would presume that is a nice multiple gain.

This is the point I was trying to make. You can increase your influence many multiples compared to where you are now. It simply takes the consistent activity and powering up.

I am sorry about your present financial situation and hope that things do improve for you and your family.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

My question is ,how do I grow my account ,I have been commenting and posting alot,but it seems am lacking some things,I really want to be part of the community

Focus upon a particular tribe. Leofinance is a great way to get things moving. A number of people there upvote comments which will enhance your LEO along with HP.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Ok , thanks for your advice

In addition to what you mentioned, mass adoption will never unless millions of small accounts use and adopt Hive. Sometimes, I imagine whales as governments and smaller accounts as people of a country. Governments may have power, but people are way stronger if they collectively want something
It might be a strang metaphor but this is how I feel about the current situation of Hive

Thanks for the nice article. it was interesting as always

The ability to include more is of course the goal. Each person who has a small account can grow at an exponential rate as compared to the larger accounts.

And unlike your government analogy, the smaller accounts can increase their relative influence by growing their accounts. This doesnt happen in the real world.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I have been giving it my best to grow my account all to no avail😪
Anyone with any idea what I can do?

Comments. Comments. Comments.

Engagement is the starting point. Get involved. This is social media so be social.

From then, you will start to see your following grow.

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Ok i will do as you've said

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 88 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Hey @taskmaster4450, here is a little bit of BEER from @pixresteemer for you. Enjoy it!

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The most important part is to make smaller accounts understand....they comes and didn't gettingbgood response decide to leave tonewrly...they hardly interested in playing patience game.

They are not interested in being social either. They focus only on their own posts. Selfishness and greed is what spoil this platform. When I see the comment section of various posts on the blockchain in general, I almost always see the same people commenting. Only a very few people are very actively commenting. Of course we cannot force people to be social, but being social on a social network can help. If everyone would use this platform, as it is supposed to be used, then this platform would thrive.

Because Hive isn't a social media platform. It's a blogging platform.

That's always been one of the biggest problems with steem/hive (along with centralization of stake, the ninja mine, etc.)... people try to sell it as a social media - but it's just a way for bloggers to have less overhead, and potentially get some ad-free revenue.

Hive is not just/only a blogging platform. Hive is a blockchain with multiple platforms and many websites, from which many belongs to the social network category. For example Inji, DPoll, D.Buzz, 3Speak, etc. The last one for example is a video sharing website.


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Even in the environment, little things make up the big things. A sand to a dessert. A seed to a tree. An atom to a universe.

Same in economics, people with small power (we, in working class) makes up a country's GDP.

This is such an eye-opening for every people with a relatively small amount of HP <3 You emphasized that we are far more valuable along with anyone. Small or big HP, it doesn't change the fact that all of us are making this ecosystem alive. Thank you so much for this!

A lot of smaller accounts, over time, focusing upon expanding will find they gain a lot more power. It is the nature of complex systems as they expand.

There is a lot who fly under the radar. That is a disadvantage in many ways however it can also be used to one's benefit.

Focus upon the activity and all else can follow.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

That's right. There's still a disadvantage, but with the passion + creativity + opportunity, a lot will surely follow.

Very interesting perspective. Distribution explained in easy to understand terms. ❤️

agree on hive as its name suggest is a place for bees big or small all have role to play

This is very interesting from a small account holders perspective..

This is really good. Everyone matters and Hive is a result of collective effort. One of the pieces of advice I give is to set no expectations on potential rewards. This is the problem with so many people. The journey of everyone differs and our decisions make our results.

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That is true. People need to focus upon what they can control. To me, that means activity. When I focus upon the action I am taking, everything else falls into place.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Been talking on this topic but no one seems to read 🤣, it seems the fact is accepted only when it comes from your mouth😎

It could be my accent.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Yeah thats right.. i usually point out the gives and nothing else .. but you, you give long sentences with full explanations..

Anyways follow up lets ride this journey together

I experienced it first hand by trying to engage as much as I could here on LeoFinance. It's impressive how it all adds up when you just show up every day.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

That is the key. Consistency and time is all that is requires. Put in the activity over a long period of time and you will find that you are growing your account.

Your involvement in @leomarkettalk certainly had to help some.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Very true. @leomarkettalk was a key factor in my progress here on Hive.

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Hive Power Up Month - Feedback from day 13
Hive Power Up Month - Feedback from day 10

excelente esta publicacion creo que es muy motivadora, porque a veces como nuevos nos sentimos invisibilizados , y esto puede ser desmotivante , porque sientes que estas en medio de un mar gente , tratando de sobresalir para que tu contenido pueda ser apreciado , pero entiendo el valor del trabajo y es una de las principales estandartes de hive la constancia y el trabajo .

I agree with this. One of the main reasons I vote the small accounts. They are so important, especially until they stay long enough to really see how the rewards start to pile on.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

It all compounds. Those who truly get active tend to see their rewards growing over time. Couple this with the enhance curation as one's account grows and we see how it can multiply.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Yeah i've earned a lot this year and did some investing. My splinterlands cards went from 60$ to 700$ value. I also made friends with several people who have been helping me grow. I try to save up HP and make more posts to boost it.

Congratulations on the Splinterlands success. That is a motivator if I ever saw one. People seem to be doing tremendous there.

I hope you can see similar growth rate in your HP.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I have gone down a few times, and am now in the process of doubling up again.


There might be something hidden preventing the crypto sphere from entering mainstream. There might also be certain entities working to bring about mainstream crypto. In that I do ot mean the people using it now.

What is happening now is free development of a new world currency. We are the mice running on the wheel.

Unless methods are introduced to support the desired token. The only thing we end up with is a crypto run by who runs money now.

Having lots of small account mean a larger pool of curators reading a larger pool of content. This helps reward distribution a lot. Once you manage to leave a vote worth few cents, you can start making a good impact as a curator on HIVE. Those who receive the small votes will feel more encouraged to produce more content which is going to be a great help to make the platform more popular.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I agree with you about the evolving system. As one starts to leave votes, they get a few more rewards themselves. This increases the value of votes.

Of course, doing that gets a following which could result in more upvotes. It just keeps growing.

As you said, one needs to start somewhere.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

What we lack is awareness regarding HIVE. Most people are simply oblivious to HIVE and our features. We need to get some influencers to talk about the platform or at least about few of the DAPPs.

I would love to get to Orca, a week ago this time last year was the last time it could have been affordable to buy in and I had started buying 2000 hive per pay fortnight. Then the price ran up lol 9c... shoulda, coulda, missed it

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

LOL Yes hindsight is always 20/20.

Having a goal of Orca is fabulous. With the activity you provide, you will get there at some point. Just keep active and bringing value to the platform. You are one who brings it each week.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Thank you, I appreciate that. It isn't without controversy 🤣 but we will get there one day! I'm just under half way there which is good.

The only thing we can do is to keep showing up and putting our keyboards to use. Activity is key and it helps to keep the wallets growing.

I see no magic to this. Consistency and time.

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Hey @taskmaster4450, here is a little bit of BEER from @fiberfrau for you. Enjoy it!

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Sometime newbies need this type of post to boost their morale, I’m one of those people that struggle at first on growing my account but i thank God for where I’m today

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

We all need it. This is a long term game and those who maintain that mindset will find themselves growing their account.

It is necessary not to get discouraged and to keep focused.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Game on!

As a very small account (at least in terms of Hive Power) I see no reason why my account couldn't double this year... although my actual goal is to double my VYB power, which is already over 1,000VYB staked.

Which brings me to a different point/tangent on what you're suggesting here: We have so many "small ecosystems" here (like VYB) that the goal of doubling in a year can exist across multiple communities, simultaneously. And that makes it all pretty cool!


That is very true. There are so many ways to earn on Hive, it is becoming mindblowing.

However, the reason why I focused upon Hive was not as a slight against the tribes; I think they are wonderful. The reason is because that is where the governance and influence comes from.

Hence the point is to show how smaller accounts can double in a year whereas the larger ones have more difficulty without pouring in a lot of money.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I have a challenge called #MarketFriday and honestly, it caters mostly to the small accounts. Because I generally reward them 100% on their post for the challenge, it attracts a lot of newbies. Also, the people who have been there are my backbone.

When I first came here, ignorant of crypto, a man called @Twinner delegated 500HP to me. He didn't know me, and I didn't even know what a delegation or a wallet was. I was green!! I never had those problems of not having a vote or enough power. All because someone blindly gave me this, and I didn't know it for a while as I didn't know I had a wallet with money. Well, I am so much better read now. :)

I help as many newbies as I can. I will never forget being helped and yes, it is my pleasure to help these people grow, onboard new people, and so on and so on. We all have to help ourselves, but, if we are able to help, a small amount of help, such as what you just did, goes a long way. People rarely forget a hand that pulls them up.

You are awesome. Nowadays, I move ahead slowly, but, it was pretty exciting when I was at 500 and watching it roll over to big numbers! I hit 1,0000 and thought I was rolling in it!

HIVE hits $100 and you will be rolling in it. LOL

Thanks for the comment. I can concur with what you are saying. There are many ways to help out newer people.

One of the things I tell everyone is to comment. I tend to upvote those that are more than just the nice post bs. This is a great way to get some things flowing into your account.

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