The Age of Abundance: Cryptocurrency As Fuel For Massive Technological Development

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We are trailing historic norms, both in terms of technological trendlines and economic output. For example, it is estimated that the United States is $7 trillion below its historic GDP growth line. This is a lot of lost resources.

In this video I discuss how both of these issues comes down to not enough money flowing in circulation. This started decades ago and is continuing. All the QE is now only locking more money in the banking system, starving the economy even more.

Cryptocurrency can fill this void. Not only does it have a financial component but it is also a technology itself. This is going to allow for innovation to produce greater results as the experimentation within cryptocurrency takes place.

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I had to pause at 11:30 because you struck two chords with me back to back.

The first was using crypto profits to fund new projects. I'd like to pick your brain regarding tokenomics of governance tokens for the project I've been working on.

The second is a little less applicable but led my on a brief journey of discovery and that was using DAOs to fund cancer research.

I recently met a lady that works at the local medical university doing cancer research, and told her about this place and she's very enthusiastic about it, but that's not the point. The point is she mentioned her supervisor was in the process of requesting a new grant, and if you recall, I once thought it would be cook to use a DAO to buy medical patents, profit enough to incentivize, then release into the public domain, so I asked if it might be worth her time to toss a proposal on the DHF.

I don't really think our community is ready for something like that yet, but I would be very interested to see what kind of response it got as far as general discussion and who in the community would support it or not and why.

Alas, she said her supervisor would never go for it, and although we didn't come to any conclusions, we landed in the area of not even having considered how the government might react to a government funded program seeking additional outside funding, especially in regard to human testing. I think this involves sepsis damage to the Vega nerve or something, but they also grow cancer cells for testing if I understood her correctly, but I don't know how that fits into the tests.

The point of it all is I'm very eager to see this start to unfold in the coming years and I wonder what some of our first non-monetary uses of it will be. I hope it's something like cancer research... it'll probably be a better boner pill...

A very interesting idea. Certainly it could work although I agree with you, the community is not ready for it. Actually, that isnt exactly the design of the DHF anyway. The DAO was slated for development and projects with a direct benefit to Hive.

Of course, we can take the process one step further. What if there was a DAO similar to the HIVE DHF that was established for cancer research? What if there was a community set up for that specific purpose? Through the tokenization process, a certain amount of be allocated to go to funding different research projects.

Through this process, it all would combine to enhance the value of everything. This is the network effect.

Read my latest post about CityCoin. Similar concept although dealing with municipalities instead of research grants.

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If you’re referring to a post you’ve put out in the last week or two I’ve already read it. I’ve read at lest two post you’ve dropped about Miami Coun and NYCC(?), but if you have a new one in the last day or two I have some catching up to do.

I’m fascinated. For all the things I can imagine this can grow into, I still can’t wait to see everything that’s beyond my current ability to even perceive. It feels like Christmas is coming for humanity. 😁

It is hard to see in the moment because things are scattered and going in many different directions. It all looks chaotic, like that is nothing cohesive taking place. Yet this is how complex systems form. If a forest is developing, you get no clear picture just looking at one tree growing. However, step back and see all that is taking place, especially periodically, and you notice the forest filling in.

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I agree my country was going to ban crypto but the cause of youth effort we have succeed in making crypto legal with few regulation but IRS has yet to rake effect

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