ListNerds: Another Hive Project Potentially Changing An Industry

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We are now starting to see Hive-based projects that have the potential to change entire industries.

Obviously, a lot of this started with Splinterlands, a game that helped to accelerate the #Play2Earn craze. At some point, it is very likely that all of gaming embraces this model to one degree or another.

Then we have both Podping and V4VApp that was developed by @brianoflondon. Here we are looking at a new way to approach the podcasting industry. The first project deals with the updates on podcasts, enabling for applications to get the information from a decentralized source, the Hive blockchain.

At the same time, the Value-4-Value App allows for people to tip podcasters on a minute-by-minute basis using the Lightning Network. With this application, the Satoshis are converted to HIVE and deposited in one's Hive wallet.

Now we have ListNerds, a project that seeks to integrate affiliate marketing with blockchain and cryptocurrency.


Incentivizing Emails

For the last few decades, we all became familiar with spam. Who can forget those wonderfully written emails from the Nigerian price who has to leave the country and $34 million behind. Of course, he is willing to share it with anyone willing to help get it out. Just send $2,000 to be a part of the team that accesses the money.

Naturally, there were also those emails targeting those who weren't so endowed. Just buy a bottle of their pills and watch things grow before your eyes.

Spam filters, blocking, and assorted other techniques never seemed to work. Of course, that meant we were stuck spending a portion of our day deleting the emails, unread of course.

The senders were playing a numbers game. If they could send out a few million emails, they know they would get some hits. Massive email factories were set up, blasting emails servers all over the world.

What if, however, there was a way to get people to want to read emails? How would that change an industry so that people receiving them actually want them?

Here is where ListNerds is taking things to another level. By incentivizing both sender and receiver, it has developed a system that seeks to change the way marketers engage with their audience

Tokenize It

When it doubt, just tokenize it.

This is what the team at @ctptalk did. They created an email platform which enables people to sign up to receive emails. It is self-contained so all activity occurs there. There is no blasting of Yahoo or Google email servers, putting senders at risk of being blacklisted. At the same time, people are not upset by having their work or personal email filled with junk.

Here we have an opt-in program. In keeping with the idea of voluntaryism, users choose to be a part of the project. This means all activity is under the whitelist category. People are signing up to receive emails.

Why would people do this? For tokens naturally.

This is a multi-faceted approach that rewards people involved for participating in different ways.

Under this scenario, there are three parties: sender, receiver, and staker. Each is reward for supporting the project in their own manner.

We have this graphic from the ListNerds White Paper that shows how this works.


As we can see, each category is rewarded for their activity. The senders receive a percentage of the daily LISTNERD tokens if their emails are validated (upvoted by 20 people). Those who read the emails and vote on them get a percentage of the CTP that is curated each day. And finally, those who stake CTP earn a passive income in both CTP and LISTNERD payouts.

The key is the self-contained system that was designed. All of this takes place on the ListNerds platform. Nothing is happening outside there. Essentially, a fully enclosed email system was set up, bringing senders and receivers together.

As we can see, the potential here could change the entire approach. Suddenly, people will want emails since they are going to be rewarded for reading them.

How Does This Help Hive?

If this is a self-contained system, how does this help Hive?

People are free to sign up for the service using only an email account. That will give them access to the features on the platform. It will not, however, enable them to participate in the rewards.

To enjoy the rewards that are distributed, one must have a Hive account. Here we see the Hive blockchain being used for its account management system. ListNerds is another onboarding project that seeks to bring users to Hive.

Of course, we would be remiss if we did not mention that both CTP and LISTNERDS are tokens designed on Hive-Engine. Most are familiar with how that is integrated into Hive.

Here we have a project that is similar to Splinterlands. A lot of the activity is taking place off-chain, on their own platform. What is needed, to fully participate, is a Hive account. This is the basis for all involvement going forward.

There is another aspect to this which could help Hive. Marketers are encouraged to create content and engage with their communities. Look at the likes of Raoul Pal and Gary Vaynerchuk in the way they engage with their followers. The successful do not bombard their communities with sales pitches all the time. In fact, most interactions is to alert people to new events happening such as a video being posted or a new project rolling out. Not only does this serve to keep the followers engaged, it also helps them to establish their expertise.

Hive already has tools in place that allows for people involved in this area to engage with their followers. Through blogging and the creation of videos, individuals can discuss the different topics which they are focused upon. Instead of using YouTube and Wordpress, people can take the same account and own their work. By using the different Hive-based applications, the account will never get shut down.

Could incentivizing emails participation alter how the industry operates? That remains to be seen. What we do know is that tokenizing the industry could have profound effects. Where we see an incentivization layer added, there is a marked change. Over time, it only becomes more pronounced.

Whatever the outcome, once again Hive is at the center of it. A couple Hive members (@jongolson and @blainjones) put this together in an effort to bring about change in this industry while also utilizing the benefits of Hive.

Over time, perhaps this is a project that brings in thousands of people who are not only involved with ListNerds but also utilize the other applications on Hive.

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I really like the idea to combine the great aspects of hive (free and immediate transactions, no minimal withdrawal, hive keychain login,...) with the concept of viral mailers. I also see a big opportunity for people on hive. Imagine all the people who don't get any visibility on their posts on hive. There you have plenty of hive users in one place that just want to read e-mails. Why not write an e-mail promoting your latest blog post on Hive?

It could be done if someone wanted to send it out as an email on their platform. That could help in building one's brand.

There are a lot of opportunities. The key will be how many people are going to be signing up to actually receive the emails. Can they get 100K or so who are truly active. If that is the case, what a honeypot for marketers and content creators.

If I had a listnerd for every piece of spam I got over the years...

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Yes I believe that it will really come down to how many people jump on board and use the platform.

If I had a listnerd for every piece of spam I got over the years...

That would make us pretty wealthy lol

LOL Isnt that the truth.

I might get right just off the Nigerian Prince scam. I bet I got that email a thousand times over the years.

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Affiliate marketing with blockchain and cryptocurrency rewarding all participants, sounds like some great incentives to change the industry and get into it.

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I agree. It is a very interesting proposition.

I have "read" 4 emails so far on there and voted for them. Will see what this all leads to.

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I love this project. I've never seen anything like it and I very much enjoyed the CryptoManiacs podcast about it yesterday.

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It is rather unique that is for sure. We will see what it ends up turning into over time.

There is the potential there. We will see how the team navigates things going forward. As I wrote elsewhere, if they could get 1,000 content creators on Hive contributing regularly, that would be a big boost.

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Didn't Jon say that LISTNERD earned only comes from staking LISTNERD tokens? I am not really sure but that was what I heard last night after the cryptomaniacs. Staking CTP should only net you some of the CTP rewards.

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Yes I think the LISTNERD needs to be staked to get the payout as a staker. As for the Senders, I think it is just a payout but that might require staking.

CTP does net payouts from the curation.

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That's very interesting.

I must say that I didn't really understand it at first but the last Cryptomaniacs episode did a very good job of clarifying most of it for me and it also raised my interest in learning more about it.

It's always good to see more functionality being added to Hive.

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It is a project I got involved with since it is rather simple and easy.

To start, I staked some CTP which is garnering more of it. I also got a bit of the LISTNERDS which also is going to get me a bit more there.

So far I read 3 emails (that function is a bit iffy from what I was told). That is also helping.

Nothing that requires a lot of time and could develop into something.

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Cool, I'll check it out!

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I must admit its a cool and unique way to bring safelist marketing to the blockchain. I also like how it's structured that both senders and readers get rewards based on their actions. It should prove to be an interesting concept!

Yes it will be something to keep an eye on over the next few months. Can this grow into something that attracts a lot of users? Time will tell but it is takin the idea of safelist marketing to another level.

How much it catches on is the question. I guess like anything, it comes down to marketing.

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Marketing and in this industry how much the token is worth lol

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This is a phenomenal thing for the niche. It is not my niche, but for someone it is going to sound like one of the best inventions on the internet. There is no need to go after the biggest thing. If there are few hundred DAPPs focusing on few small niches with each having 1 million target audience, we are still talking about massive growth that can 100X active HIVE users.

Thank you for continuous posting. We have another Instagram competitor on HIVE. I don't remember seeing you cover @liketu Maybe I missed it. I have seen many similar DAPPs fail on HIVE. Let's hope for the best for the new kid on the block to make positive and lasting change.

No I havent covered it since I havent used it at all. I am watching to see what they come up with. There is a lot of potential for that application also.

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Just when i think hive can't house another amazing thing, this comes up and im outstanding impressed, but now note to self, BUY CTP tokens and get staking :)

Brilliant work reblogged and please keep it up

Yes for those who are looking to stake and get some rewards, that is a way to do it. Can add CTP via purchase and then stake it on the website.

It earns rewards which can be staked for even more and keep it growing.

They now provided at least one use case for CTP.

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This is good news. It's nice to know that Hive users will benefit from this. Since it can be accessed with an email ID, I hope it will be easy to understand.

The site is fairly straightforward at the moment. Not sure what they will be adding. However, it is easy to navigate which should help some people along.

We will see what eventually comes of this project.

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This is really somewhat of a revolution to both email and affiliate marketing. With people willing to read these mails, email marketing will become more effective, and like you said, Hive is at the center of it all again

A revolution will be nice. The potential to completely change things is there. We will see if it happens. A lot of it is going to depend upon how many people they reach out to.

Honestly, if we can get 1,000 active people on Hive out of this, it would be sensational. That would really add to the content being created on here.

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Hive will have many arms like an octopus.

The HAF might add a lot of arms down the road. We will see.

Making development easy is a key. The HAF is suppose to do this.

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Excited to see its practical capabilities, I would use it myself for my business, I think it can offer a great alternative.

It seems like a good way to reach people who are willing to receive emails. How effective it is as a marketing tool to get people to take the action, I guess the depends upon how good the email is.

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When it doubt, just tokenize it.


Thanks for putting this out there, I see the potential of this being a success if we look at the benefits to it.
A project I will be looking at getting in on.

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The cool thing is can use Keychain to sign in like any other Hive application.

This provides us with the opportunity to get involved in a simple way.

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That's good. This bring alot of activity now in Hive. It will still make more new people to join Hive.

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Even a few hundred people signing up and actively using some of the different applications would be a big push.

We will see what they do in terms of the marketing and advancement of the project.

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Yes boss

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This is very interesting as it has the potential to bring more attention to hive.

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At least it can bring in some more users. We will see how many accounts they sign up.

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These are such great updates, specially when I've learned from this blog that email marketing also going to be a part of blockchain. This is really wonderful and yes #play2earn craze already I can see amongst my game lover friends in cryoto world.

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It is a new angle on an old online business tool. We will see how it evolves. So far, the concept is radical.

Now it is time to build upon it and start expanding it.

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Ok thank you once again 😇

This is kind of old school safelisting looping but into the fray. I like it!

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It is a very interesting feedback loop. Everyone enrolls with the intention of getting a bunch of emails. The senders know they will be read.

This is something that feeds into itself. A very interesting approach.

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Sounds like a great project. As a hive content creator, you could even use it to promote your own products. Say artists with a printshop. Or selling their art on-line. With this you know the subscribers will read your “promotion” emails. Get a larger audience…
Will look into it, even just for reading emails to start with and see what is possible. Thanks for sharing.

This is most definitely the case. @jongolson sent out one of his blog posts as the email.

It is a tool in the arsenal for creators to gain more exposure. A great way to develop a following.

We will have to see how big the numbers grow over time. It is another tool in the arsenal. Small right now but can certainly grow with time.

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Yes, saw jongolson’s email and replied here to his post. Will keep an eye on it how long @jongolson gets interactions. It is a good test. Looked like a lot of the comments came from listnerds.
More and more will find it so it can grow certainly.

It is a very interesting concept and way to add in the circular loop to the Hive ecosystem. People can post content on Hive, use listnerds to send out the post as an email, and perhaps get more comments and following from it.

This could be a powerful way for newer people to gain some attention.

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Thanks for the love man, appreciate this!

It's been a labor of love and a lot of people are still scratching their head about it all...but we are so happy it's finally here.

Slow and steady now :)

Sorry to disagree but now is the time to put the pedal to the metal as they say.

Kick it into overdrive (as long as Blain has all the techy stuff worked out).

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ha ha ha ha yeah man, no rest for us now.

Now the fun begins.

Time to get to work. Alas you love it anyway. Sure beats a 9-5 job.

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I literally do not have an idea what email marketing entails, but since it’s cryto inclinde I can devote my time to it. Big ups to the development team! #Hive to the moon.

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Head over to the site and take a look. It is a very easy project to get involved with.

Basically you can get rewarded for reading some emails that are sent to you each day. You really just have to click on the link and then up or downvote the email.

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So far the platform is performing well. Blain is a genius coder. Pair that with Jon's enthusiasm and you know Listnerds will take off. So glad to be there from the beginning. !BEER

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Yes well they are from the marketing background so hopefully they will get a ton of their followers to join in.

We will see how many people sign up over the next few months.

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This is really a revolutionary App. The affiliate/Online marketing industry is huge. This is definitely going to disrupt the industry. But they are still in Web2 this will make them migrate to Web3 and Hive Blockchain is part of the revolution.

Both the affiliate/Online marketing industry and Hive Blockchain are going to benefit immensely.

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They certainly are adding an interesting twist to what is already out there.

We will see how big this can become. Hopefully they will get hundreds not only involved by posting and commenting on the Hive blockchain.

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I think those guys invented completely knew. This mailer can be used as a passive crypto faucet and it airdrops daily just for having staked tokens.
The solo ads are getting unheard of results.
Whether or not a person is interested in affiliate marketing they can still use Listnerds to earn crypto and increase their readership on Their Hive Blogs and Vlogs