Coinbase Has Over $30 Billion In Bitcoin

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A lot of speculation as to what Bitcoin (and other crypto) Coinbase has. After the fall of FTX, all CEX are now under scrutiny.

In this video I discuss how we might be seeing an end to some of the tentacles of the FTX nightmare and where the boundaries are.

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Coinbase is the first centralize wallet that I know and even the first that I used. Unfortunately, I lost all my details including email that I used for registration. That's how I lost access to some of my BTC. It's my worst experience but then, I learnt the hard way.

Coinbase would have a record of you. You could likely get it back.

TheFed is right. #Coinbase always forced KYC, they would have record of you not just identify by email.
I bet it would be pain in the butt deleted responses trying to get in touch but it’s worth it.

I think Coinbase is way safer compared to FTX because it already had a stock offering. This means that there are good audits by the largest companies to make sure there are no issues. In the case of FTX, the auditor was somewhere in the metaverse.

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Coinbase isn’t safe but yes better.

Gemini is a fail
There earn program has frozen all funds
I had a small amount in it earning 6% on Gemini dollar. A lot more is connected here that isn’t out yet. Crypto dot com will fail and others. Yet we see the aFTX Dude out chillin not in handcuffs. Something is way off here. Yes I believe the wild Conspiracies! His dad was the former boss of the current SEC Head when he was at MIT prior to Biden Nomination to be head regulator. It’s just weird connections and then MIT is where they built the CBDC! We are watching a false flag happen on purpose! Watch this video ⬇️

Oh wow that is a lot of Bitcoin! I believe Binance is the largest holder of Bitcoin. Hm might be a good article to write today.

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