Justin Sun Accused Of Introducing Plagiarized MakerDAO

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Justin Sun is no stranger to controversy. It seems to go wherever he goes.


After making headlines with his actions regarding Steem, he is now mired in it again with the introduction of Djed to the Tron platform.

This is a collateralized loan system similar to MakerDAO on Ethereum. In fact, it is so similar that many are asserting that it is actually plagiarized.

Live on the Tronscan.org domain, the Djed platform has an interface similar to the Maker Oasisapp, cdp.makerdao.com, votemaker.dao.com and other Maker websites. While modified, it still looks a lot like the Maker’s Single Collateral Dai, as it’s based on the same principle, even if Tron users are going to commit TRX collateral in order to mint USDJ and not Dai. The token governing is JED, not MKR. There’s no need to take a look at the code because the platform resembles Maker a lot.


To be fair here, this is not all Sun since it is Tronscan as opposed to the Tron Foundation. On that network, however, very little seems to happen without Sun's approval.

Either way, this did not stop Sun from Tweeting about the news.


Plagiarizing is also a strong term since Tronscan did not claim this is unique software. However, the entire premise of open source software is to take something existing and add to it. Open source provides a shortcut removing the need to establish the base code that already exists. From there, developers can amend the code for their specific purposes.

With Tron, this does not seem to be the case. In fact, the accusation of copy/paste is nothing new. The entire platform is believed to be nothing more than a concept that copies Ethereum. Thus, taking an application from there is par for the course.

As time goes by, the Tron strategy appears to be simply to copy what is already out there. Instead of developing something new, copy/paste is the structure that is being followed. Ultimately, this could doom the blockchain since, in the technology world, innovation is key. Even with open source, people expect something new.

There is also an issue when things go wrong. People who develop the application have an understanding, in theory, with how it is suppose to work. When copying something, the knowledge is not present.

The MakerDAO already made some headlines recently when people lost money as the price in the crypto-world collapsed. This is, naturally, a part of the process when dealing in markets. However, Tron does not have the best reputation to begin with.

As those who were involved in the Steem-Hive conflict, Sun has shown his hand in terms of what he is about. Nothing is beneath him and he will use any tactic in the book. Fortunately, people can count on his consistency in that everything he says is not believable.

This is just another example of what the Tron ecosystem is all about. On its own, it might not be that big a deal. When, however, the cards are lined up, it really starts to tell the story.

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this is how microsoft operates.

i despise the strat.

it is rotten, and folks would be wise to avoid the fruit of such endeavors.

they can only exist in the darkness and fear..

i have seen microsoft agents in action, hear how they convince IT folks.. and admins.. they choose microCrap because it will avoid them getting fired. it is a safe choice.. and microsoft made everything else a scary choice..

That is true. Microsoft cant even fix the bugs in Windows yet they want to be involved in everything.

Their foray into mobile was a total failure.

you gave me the idea:

how microsoft made their bugs acceptable and linux (or anybody else's) bugs scary.

I say this question explains why they failed at entering mobile.. mobile already had better stability than Windows.


Looks like the JS fiasco with Steem was the best thing that could have happened for us and that platform. It finally got people's ass in gear to sever ties with the name and negativity that followed it. This guy just keeps digging a deeper hole. I guess in the multi million dollar business world though, that's what everyone does.

It's good to see enough people care enough to actually make a solid move when they disagree with the future of somewhere they are a part of. That's what's intrigued me the most in all of this.

It's good to see new beginnings sometimes as it at the very least separates those who wish to be separate, from people like Justin Sun. I personally haven't looked into him enough to truly understand the scope of everything... but from what I have come across so far, it's not looking that good for this Justin guy. I'm hoping that he's the type of person that actually takes a deep look at feedback and criticism... but that outlook doesn't look like it's going to pan out either, so far. There is time and I still have hope that both places can find a happy equilibrium and work together, to better one another, as separate but co-operative communities. We can only all win if both places decide to do what's best for the people (Like me.) who seek something different from the normal and love the concept behind this form of social media.

I don't think that cooperation will happen until the 13 week powerdown is finished for the users who are powering down all of their Steem holdings. I'm powering down most of it, and will leave a few hundred to curate some posts to get some rewards. I'll be cross-posting on it as well to see what happens there but it will take a while for the situation to improve.

First Tron was plagiarized now their version of MakerDao plagiarized. Why is Tron worth so much... come on people he is a total scammer.

I do not care about the Tron blockchain, whether it (or any other part of it) is plagiarized or not. It is a shame that the already small Steem community has been split in half by the fork of the Steem blockchain to the Hive blockchain on March 20. Justin Sun's actions towards the Steem community are so disgusting. He basically ruined it.

I don't think it's a 50/50 split, more like 90/10 with hive having the 90%.

The only reason for activity on steem is steem-engine.

And people, to no fault of their own, double dipping on coins. In 13 weeks when all the actually users/voters have left, double dipping will be less attractive and will also stop. Especially if the token price falls.

I'm guilty of (I think this is what you're referring to.) double dipping. I'm posting here and on Steem. Since I kinda have more faith in large groups of individuals over singular persons tho.... I'm posting here first and engaging more here. I'm simply doing my regular posts on Steem and if anyone engages with me, I'll respond... but I'm not going over the top to read and engage over there like I am here. I'm more interested in the new things than the older anyhow. I know Steem, I know it well. This place is something which is essentially new. It's fresh. I love new things. I love fresh things. :)

I've also traded Hive for Steem, shamelessly. It was 2:1, I was able to get 2 Steem for every Hive. With a future so uncertain on either end of the spectrum... I just switched what I could out of both, to BTS, because I felt it had more functionality in the long term and would retain far more value if it were to crash, than either of these. I will not, however, be powering down my Hive. I will be growing it from here on out. I'll also continue to grow my Steem tho. I think it's just wise to keep up with both currently, with both futures being so uncertain in the short-term. There is no clear and concise path to take and while some feel there is, I feel that there is potential for anything to happen and that we should not be so quick to jump to conclusions. Call me overly cautious, idk, but I'd like to know that if one or the other tanks... I've not missed out on my earnings on the other. I'd like to ensure that I am not wasting time, while trying to do something that I've come to enjoy a good bit in my life.

Oh. Absolutely. No one is blaming anyone. You got to do what you got to do. But I think the incentive to post on steem will drop over the next 12-13 weeks as people power down.

The only activity on Steem is @haejin back to farming, Splinterlands and Steem-Engine. Only two of these provides any value to the future of the community hah.

And maybe NextColony, SteemNova and HolyBread.

NextColony is calling it a day after this 'season'

apologies, but it's a steem link

Season V has started. This is the final season on the Steem blockchain. We will abandon Steem after this season.

The whole project will be open source after the final season. So everyone is free to use the code for a new project or to continue NextColony on the Steem blockchain. Shortly after the last season is over, we will shut down the servers and insert the GitHub links in this post.

So they are shutting down the game? This is sad news. They should migrate to the Hive blockchain, as many other dApps done. Now I feel like I wasted my time on the game, because I have not achieved anything meaningful in the game. I only upgraded buildings and skills. I have not even had the chance to build an Explorer ship to explore the galaxy and earn Stardust (SD). The Explorer ship requires level 20 ship skill, level 13 shipyard building skill, level 13 shipyard building skill. I started upgrading the ship skill from level 19 to level 20 literally now. It will take 08:37:08. Yes. 8 hours, 37 minutes, 8 seconds. The progress in this game is slow. So probably many other players are in similar shoes. The shutting down of NextColony is another huge disappointment on the Steem blockchain.

I don't think he ruined it, I think he ruined himself. He thought it would be all sweet, come in and do what he wants, and he's been met with actual challenges now. I don't think he's invest in something just to let it fail. I don't know him, but it doesn't seem like he'd be where he's at right now with whatever he's done, if he had no sense about him. I'm willing to give this guy a shot, but the outlook so far is not great. I need to see some real action, some real care, some real willingness to take the new challenges he has head on and pursue a better Steem. Will he do this? Who knows. I can't give up just yet tho because the time he's been in control has been so miniscule compared to other regimes. We have no idea how he'll respond, in time, to the community and it's actions. I think a lot are being presumptuous, based off of prior behaviors of his... but the thing is, he's never dealt with this community and this community obviously isn't as simple as anything he's dealt with before. I want to see what the man is capable (or not capable) of. I say we accept that division can be a good thing and healthy... but also that it should (and hopefully will) cause people to have more introspection and grow to match the new challenges they are faced with. This guy doesn't sound like someone who wants to lose, so I think he'll try to win. The community is going to let him know, very clearly, what is successful with them and what is not. It's all about what he does with all of the feedback, that ultimately defines him here. People make poor decisions, he may have here already, but that doesn't fully take them out of the range of redemption. Changes of heart and mind take place daily and sometimes in those you least suspect. Ruining something only happens when it consistently fails to change from a state no one wants it in. As long as change is present... I don't see something as ruined. It may need to adapt over time and if it's not what the people want, it'll ultimately fail. Those who don't wish to fail tho, won't ignore the people... Not for long... lol

I’m just waiting for the announcement that a social media app has launched called tronit. And him announcing a token swap shortly after.

All to grow the mighty tron network

Justin have (owns) Steemit along with Steemit, Inc. He will probably migrate Steemit to the Tron blockchain soon.

If only he had some dev that knew the steem blockchain ......

Tron up to its usual tricks. The big question for me is, have you had a post in the last several months that doesnt land on the trending page? 30 minutes after posting and you're racking up hundreds of votes. Quite impressive

He is probably boosting his posts. Anyone can do it, as long as he/she have the sufficient money for it.

Don't think TM boosts them, it's just autovoters that trust he'll post quality posts and won't abuse them by milking. Then of course there's also accounts autovoting early for curation rewards.

Another great step of the big man

When I visited China's factory in Shenzhen, duplicateling or copying Western product is legal and it is called reversed engineer. Perhaps, the same with everything.

He will soon invent the first bid bot on Steem and fix the promoted tab by selling Steemit votes!

He might need to buy that from someone. They dont seem to "invent" much on there.

Reminds me... Was thinking it’d be cool to have a MakerDAO type collateralized loan system for Hive... 🤔

Having the ability to be using an idea, a concept for its benefit, I do not think it is disadvantageous, the ideas are free ...
Tener la habilidad ser usar una idea, un concepto para su veneficio, no creo que se desventaja, la ideas son libres...