Hive Borehole: Changing Lives

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Cryptocurrency is being attacked on many fronts these days. We see words like scams and other FUD used to describe what is taking place. For that reason, we are going to take this opportunity to highlight one project where Hive is making a tremendous impact.

We talk a great deal about the concept of communities on Hive. However, it is often lost in the online world. Sure, the fanbase of some Hollywood star or a professional sports team could be considered a community. Nevertheless, what is lost in this is the magnitude of the impact that can be placed upon a local community in the real world.

Hive is not just some online social blockchain. It is already going far beyond this. We also should seriously consider enhancing in through the brainpower that already exists here.

Through this, we are exemplifying a lot of aspects of cryptocurrency and the good that can be done.


The Power Of The DAO

We can feel fairly certain that Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are going to come under attack. The political establishment will use the media to highlight every scam and nefarious DAO that is out there. Of course, they will completely overlook the good that is being done through them.

Everyone on Hive is familiar with the Decentralized Hive Fund (DHF). This is the DAO that distributes money to foster further development of the Hive ecosystem.

On Hive, people went one step further with the establishment of The Hive Value Plan.

The @valueplan account is an account to hold funds that will be distributed for medium-sized initiatives aimed at getting Hive visibility.

The article goes on further to explain:

The goal of this account is to reach 50,000 HBD through the DHF. A portion of it will be converted to HIVE as needed.

So far, initiatives received funding, in accordance to the proposals put forth. An update of the budget was provided.

We can see the pathway of funds and how DAO backed funding can truly make an impact.

Hive Borehole

Many have seen the posts relating to the Hive Borehole Project. This is where the digital realm meets the real world. When talking about communities, Hive already made a significant impact on two located in the nation of Ghana.

We all know how important clean, local water is. When people have to spend large blocks of their day traveling to get water to use for drinking or cooking, life can take on another dimension. Imagine how quickly things can change simply by having a local source within the community.

This is what happened in these two towns in Ghana. And was accomplished for around $4,000.

Here is where we see Hive, and more specifically, the DAO, changing lives. Hundreds of people now have access to life's most basic resource due to the efforts of people on Hive.

The object for Hive is obviously external focus and to generate name recognition. However, unlike other marketing plans, this is genuinely making a difference.

We have to recognize @mcsamm, @collinz, @anaman, and @awuahbenjamin for their efforts on the ground.

Here is a video of the ceremony of the event.

Providing clean drinking water is essential. However, there is another aspect to this that is vital: jobs.

It can not be overlooked the impact that $4,000 came make in an impoverished country. While this is not going to suddenly change the fortunes of the national GDP, it does help the local vendors and tradespeople who suddenly have a bit of work.

It is worth noting that the hive ecosystem has not only shown to empower communities in Ghana by providing pure drinking water, but it has also created work possibilities for certain young people. Hive's ongoing project has placed a smile on the faces of the vendors and personnel hired to assist in the construction of the borehole project.

In a chat with one of the masons who has worked so well with hive from the start of the hive borehole project, he inquired as to when the next project will begin. He claims that he has just remained at home since the first borehole was completed. There are no employment available for him or other individuals, making life more difficult for him and his family. I can attest to how tough it has recently been to get work in Ghana. (emphasis mine)



Hive is providing jobs. Here is a mason who is anxious to get the next project started. He needs the work and options are scarce in Ghana. How much did this single project benefit his family with some wages to help him through to the next payday?

We often do not think of the auxiliary impact of what we are involved in yet here is a prime example of how the tentacles can flow outward.

Hive Educating The Children

Is there anything more fertile than the mind of a child?

Unfortunately, we know many around the world go through life uneducated. Countries often lack the funds, or political will, to educate the population. For this reason, many go through life without much opportunity.

Here again, we see Hive changing this. Part of the initiative is to bring knowledge to those outside of Hive. Yet, if we can make an impact in the process, a clear win-win situation.


The team behind the Hive Borehole Project took it one step further by producing Hive Branded Stationary. This is meant to help with the educational process of the children in the community.

Essentially, the hive branded stationeries are intended to assist parents and communities that are unable to acquire these resources for their school-aged children. The #offlinehive activities need that we transfer the hive to the real world in order to have some use cases. These are some of the activities that will help people understand the true effect of the hive ecosystem.

Schoolchildren who get these writing resources are supposed to boost their academic performance. Every agricultural community in Ghana, including Agona Bedomase, has a difficulty since poverty seems to be a part of it. We are delighted to make such a significant difference in people's lives.

A major shout out to the team behind this project and the success already achieved.

Changing The Nature Of Funding

We all know the what is happening with stablecoins and the attack take place there. It has to be noted that these projects were funded using the Hive Backed Dollar (HBD). This is providing a powerful use case for Hive's stablecoin.

While the Hive Value Plan took care of these two projects, the next idea is how can we spread it further?

Again, let us note the impact:

  • Clean local drinking water
  • Jobs
  • Education materials for the children

All of us saw the commercials on television where celebrities talk about helping underprivileged groups in specific areas. The come on is always for just $19 per month (or whatever). Unfortunately, when we take administration costs along with theft into account, very little ends up where it is needed.

With Hive, there is a direct path to those who are managing the project and us. It is as easy as a transfer from one Hive wallet to another.

Here is the question: is it possible to find 100 people on Hive who will put up an average of 20 HBD per month (presuming a project takes 2 months) to keep funding these?

After all, everyone who is holding Hive Power benefits from the actions related to these events. The most recent borehole event received a lot of coverage from the mainstream media in Ghana.

This seems to be a project where we can see a direct payback. That might make it easier for people on Hive to commit some HBD each month to the funding of this. While the Value Plan took care of this in the past, as that becomes better known, resources can get scarce.

If this is a project the community stands behind, there are a number of ways to get it funded. We already proved the power of the DAO, now we can further prove the power of the Hive community.

Let us know in the comment section if you would participate in the funding of something like this.

After all, Hive is changing lives.

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Did you know that we have received invitations from various chiefs and needy communities to assist them in obtaining water? I'm so glad that these people learned about us through the local media's coverage. We're definitely taking hive to great places to help change people's perceptions of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Our next borehole will astound many people, and we hope to spread the word about it through the various invitations we have received from local media outlets and TV/Radio shows for interviews to tell them about hive. Sir, thank you for bringing this up @taskmaster4450.

so cool, hope this gets funded!

Sure. We need the support of all.

Excited to see what else you have coming. Let us see if we can help you out a bit.

DM me on discord to let me know where you stand. I might have a few ideas that we can help to spread this even further.

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I will be glad. @mcsamm#3865 is my username sir.

One idea might be that rather than donating a fixed amount of HBD each month, how about allowing people to donate 50% of their HBD interest, each month ? 10% is still a pretty respectable return.

People can do it however they want. Where they get the HBD from would be their choice.

I have a few ideas I am playing around with in my head. We will see if I can get a couple of others to sign on.

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I’m really glad you’ve been spotlighting this and similar projects. I think this is where the real value of Hive really shines.

I know someone with 2 separate 5 acre plots in Very rural South Carolina that aren’t really being used. One is being leased to a soybean farmer but I’m pretty sure the other is mostly wooded and unkept.

Things like this make me wonder what kind of project could be launched in similar fashion to enhance the value of the area. I have a little experience with hydroponic gardening and would like to experiment with aquaponics someday. I bet 5 acres is enough to build a few vertical gardens to experiment. I think if everything was grown organically one could charge top dollar for the produce if being purchased with fiat or greatly discounted if buying with hive or a more specific token project. 🙂

We haven’t even begun to see what we can do yet.

Ideas like that are where we can excel. I agree with you, trying Hive into real world applications is vital. The key is to integrate HBD into the process, both as a funding/investing mechanism and payment system.

There is a lot we can do once we start to put our minds to things.

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What happened to the park bench in nyc?

Knowing NYC, it was probably stolen.

Honestly I have no idea what you are referring to.

You have a link?

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Must've been before you got here.
It was one of the first initiatives trying to draw attention.
The park was somewhere in nyc, I don't have a link, but I got here in aug '16 and it was ongoing when I got here.
I bet you ask around somebody will remember who it was.

There actions are commendable, taking hive far and wide.

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I would put up 5 HBD a month. I love the idea of HIVE changing lives.. I would certainly vote for a proposal that provided 1 every 2 months

That is the spirit.

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These guys are doing a great job.

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A perfect statement which I cannot add to.

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that's super cool. One of these days the mainstream media will pick up on how Hive is contributing to the lives of many people and then the floodgates will open

I am more than keen on donating towards this, my way of giving back to the community. Haven said that, it is beautiful seeing the joy on the faces of the community for now having water. It sucks having to travel distance to get water, something that should be basic necessity provided by government.

I will like to know when and how to donate towards projects like this, it will be my keenest delight.

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I agree. If you heart is not warmed by some of the pictures on those posts, you are a cold SOB.

That is the best return, knowing we are changing lives.

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I can't believe that person is carrying a 50lb sack of concrete on his head! I've moved a lot of bags of lime in my life, and that is not my preferred method.

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Practice and you shall achieve young Skywalker.

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I can't afford the massages I wild need to survive that exercise, task.

If the Hive community supports some of these transformative initiatives that aim to significantly improve the lives of humanity, there will undoubtedly be no limit to how far Hive can advance. The Hive water project is the first real-world application of a blockchain in Ghana, and the impact it is already making astounds us. We appreciate the call for funding and for spreading the word about it @taskmaster4450. I think there are a lot more people out there who are unaware of what is happening in the world of Hive. Imagine the exposure that Hive would receive if this incredible work were to be featured on international platforms. Hive deserves more attention.

I am glad to be doing my part. Now my mind is running as to how we can get a few more HBD heading towards it. This is something that can really help a great deal if we keep drilling them.

Keep growing the list.

Imagine being able to say we provided water to 25 communities in Ghana? How many lives would that change?

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Hive: doing well by doing good. !CTP

Hive blog to the World . The online blockchain has made tremendous effort to impact the world in its best possible way . I can vividly remember a post of @mcsamm which made mention of how lives are being changed in the country of Ghana through projects created by the Hive community . I believe this is just the beginning, more good things are yet to come . Even during the Russian-Ukrainian invasion, the Hive community served as a succor for people affected by the invasion who blog on here through donations being poured out .

The offline activities are real use cases demonstrating to the world of the various impacts hive is making. There are certainly more and more empowerment projects to enhances societies in Ghana. Thanks for your contribution.

You can say this again . More power to your elbow !

Agreed. This is really something special. The thing is we can now work on taking it to the next level.

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That is a good point and I think there will definitely be enough people who would contribute if the proposal came up. However, how likely do you think it can scale? I think a village or two is small but trying to deal with major cities might be too costly.

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I think they idea is to keep doing small communities. I am sure the cities have some type of water source.

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This is a very good news. Hive I believed from the very first time I joined as a wonderful platform and community. Unlike other ponzi project that waste one's time and effort. Hive is a leading project that is incomparable.

Hive will thrive and this is just the beginning.

Thanks for sharing


The tentacles are spreading and we are getting some concrete examples of success. Now we are adding a few offline activities to our resume.

It is all going well.

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Very nice project 😇

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wow, quite good to read this kind of news.

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Hive is absolutely changing lives. When I first read about this project I honestly was in shock. It shows the true power of the community on Hive.

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This is the best counter to anyone that says "cryptocurrency is bad for the environment"

Have loved seeing this project evolve and we definitely need more off these kinda of things 💜

Hive reach that far already that's amazing. thanks for sharing.