10 Ways To Be Successful On Hive

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Everyone wants success. However, in this world of instant gratification, how often are we willing to put in the necessary time to achieve that end? We often see people who expect things to happen in their first few posts. When that does not take place, they up and leave.

This is most like a combination of human nature and conditioning at this point. It is evident that to reach the top in any field requires a great deal of effort, time, and focus. How come many feel that Web 3.0 is any different?

When we look at what it takes to be successful on traditional social media, we see the same process. On YouTube, as an example, monetization starts with 1,000 followers and 4,000 hours of video viewing. Unless one comes to the platform with a large following, that does not happen instantly. Of course, even when attaining that level, the payout is miniscule.

For this reason, let us look at 10 ways to be successful on Hive.


Long-Term Focus

The aforementioned situation with YouTube tells us what the game is. This is not an overnight success. In short, it is a marathon, not a sprint.

We need to understand how long it is going to take for things to start happening. At first, there will be a great deal of effort that appears to be wasted. It is not. This is a compounding situation, hence everything builds upon what went before it. The biggest key is time.

For that reason, one should resolve to a timeframe of a minimum of 1 year before seeing results. The likelihood is great that things will happen a lot quicker if some of the following suggestions are pursued. However, 12 months gives one the time to develop enough of a following.

Also, think of this as a 5-year endeavor. As we embark upon 2022, consider what your account will be in 2027. That helps to overcome the short-term thinking which can be fatal.

Be Consistent

This is not a show up once in a while and announce your presence situation. Those who are the most successful show up each day and contribute. Their actions are the same, day in and day out. It is not a matter of being haphazard with things.

Naturally, this should come as no surprise. Do professional athletes train only once in a while? Or do they show up every day, honing their skills and building up their bodies? We all know the answer to this.

Of course, this goes against the instant gratification crowd. How many times did we come across the individual who wanted to lose weight, went to the gym for a week, then gave up? This is another example where the outcome is evident.

With Hive, like any other endeavor in life, we need to be consistent with our actions.

Be Dedicated To Hive

We see a much different situation with Web 3.0 as compared to what we are accustomed to. Our actions can have a lot of impact on the overall value that is here.

The same is true for those with the most stake. Many are aware that growth is required and newer people help kick off the network effect. For this reason, supporting others is central to the platform.

That said, those who are around awhile saw a lot of people come, and then go. Many with a bit of stake supported people who are no longer here. This is a reality that we all deal with yet it does cause some hesitancy.

In other words, if you want to stand out, make sure you are ((dedicated to Hive**. This is what ends up being rewarded. Taking the payouts received and cashing out is not going to endear one to those who spent years helping to get Hive to the point it is now.

A lot of this ties into the long-term focus. With a 5-year outlook, it is easy to exhibit the dedication. A lot of it starts by showing up each day.

Ignore The Noise

There is a lot of stuff that takes place which can be a distraction. We see times it is tempting to get involved. Resist this.

It is a fact that drama is apt to crop up. This is always the case with humans. It is compounded when money, which is emotionally charged, is involved.

Some love to be political, bringing that framework into everything. This results in an "us versus them" mentality, or at least a "I am right, you are wrong" viewpoint. None of this is helpful to the long-term aspirations, either individually or collectively.

Stoic philosophy espouses determining what we can control and focus upon that. A lot of what takes place on platforms like this is just noise. Ultimately, there is little that can be done hence it is best to put it to the side. Social media is built upon conflicts because that is what keeps users engage. From a Facebook perspective, this is very profitable.

For our own personal success, involvement isn't likely to get us very far.

Focus Upon Actions Not Results

It is easy to look at the upvotes, money, or any other metric to see how we are doing. This is a move that is fatal.

We cannot control what happens after we hit the Publish button. That is putting the article into the hands of the vast Internet community. For this reason, do not concentrate on the results.

The efforts will be received how they are. Some will find, enjoy, and upvote it; most won't see it, especially early on. Do not be discouraged by this. Simply remain consistent and churn out content that is apt to capture the attention of others.

You can always affect what you do. The results tend to come down as they may.


This is social media. For that reason, it is best to be social. One of the activities that everyone can engage upon is the posting of comments. It is something the ecosystem sorely needs while being a terrific way to get oneself some attention.

Each time one leaves a comment, the username is there for everyone to see. Think of it as your own personal billboard. It is something that can be done as part of one's consistent action.

Of course, be sure this fits into the next suggestion.


Here we embark upon an area that is very subjective. We know that one person's trash is another's treasure. For this reason, it is tough to explain what comes under this heading.

That said, we know what does not fit. When it comes to commenting, posting "nice article thanks" is not going to get one on anyone's radar (not in a good way). This is an obvious attempt to go fishing for rewards, something that is not embraced by the majority.

Of course, this is the temptation of newer people. Resist this also. The key to a comment is to make it applicable and to enhance the article.

As for the posts themselves, here is where it is a blurred line. Nevertheless, put effort into your posts, especially when new. Even if others are getting massive rewards for short posts, ignore it. The goal is to make yourself stand out. Create articles or videos that will achieve this end.

A good rule of thumb is to put together posts of 600-1000 words. Naturally, longer posts are welcomed but if one is consistently in that range, it will get noticed.

Under no circumstances is it acceptable to plagiarize or copy the works of others. This is a rapid way to short-circuit any hope of success on Hive.

Take Ownership

This is tied somewhat to the dedication. However, it goes a step further. We can be dedicated to a company we work for yet still have the mindset of an employee.

With Hive, any token powered up can be thought of as "ownership". This is a cooperative and anyone can have a piece of the total value created here. Therefore, as soon as the first Hive is powered up (staked), the mindset should shift to ownership. Each individual in this situation owns a piece of the action.

Owners have different mentalities. They understand that overall success enriches their wallet. We are no longer just users of a platform but, rather, those how have responsibility to the long-term path of the ecosystem.

While this might sound over the top, it is the mindset that many of the most active and successful on chain have. They are here to do all that is possible to ensure the success of Hive.

In other words, they take ownership for what is occurring here.

Focus Upon The Communities

Hive is communities within a larger ecosystem. Like most projects, all can use additional support.

Communities, also known as tribes, tend to be content specific. If one is well-versed in that area, it is a terrific way to make one standout. The community is smaller than Hive as a whole. Also, there are often rewards from the tribes, another path that will help to grow one's standing.

Each community has its own set of whales. There are stakeholders within the communities who are looking to support those who are seeking to be active. Once again, the ownership mindset comes into play.

Essentially we are dealing with the "big fish in small pond" situation. By focusing one's efforts on a community, it is far easier to get recognition than in the larger ecosystem as a whole. Here is where one can accelerate the path to success.

Join The Hive Twitter Army

This might sound counterintuitive. Why should we turn to Web 2.0 for success on Web 3.0?

The answer lies in the fact that many are trying to promote what Hive has to offer. We see many who are on there who are dedicated to Hive and doing their part to get the word out. Many who are doing this have large stakes.

What we have is an opportunity to get on these people's radar. While it might not have a direct benefit immediately, it does place one in a different category. Over the long term, the username will start to be recognized.

It all comes down to being seen. Success on any social media platform is a matter of standing out. We want to get more eyeballs onto our stuff. On the traditional platforms, much of this is algorithm driven.

The fact of the matter is that Web 2.0 is a feeder system into what we are creating. That is where the "fishing" takes place. If one helps in that endeavor, it is only going to aid the overall system.

One of the best ways to do this is to take Tweet out articles from other people. Help them to get noticed which will reflect positively upon oneself.

Bonus: Ignore Price

There is a tendency for people to equate the value of Hive based upon the price from the market. Over the years, this proved to be a mistake.

We see the tendency to leave when the price goes down while people reappear when the price starts to take off. Put this in the category of noise and ignore it. Show up each day, regardless of the price. This is where success comes from.

A lot of these suggestions deal with mindset. Success in any area always starts at that level. Hopefully this gives some another way of looking at the ecosystem and what it takes to be successful.

Let us know what you think about this in the comments below.

If you found this article informative, please give an upvote and rehive.

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I would also add charisma, which is more of a god given gift than a skill you can develop... and some fatty whales to set one on continuous auto upvotes and there you have it 😁.

I am not an example of success on Hive, but my personal experience has proved me consistency and engagement play highly important roles.

Hive is a social network, thus being there and delivering every day weighs heavily.

If your following is growing as well as your wallets, I would say that is a Hive success.

We might not be whales but we can keep forging ahead, moving towards life changing money. That is available to everyone on Hive if he or she is willing to do what is being discussed in this article and the comment section.

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Hi! I've been on Hive for only less than 2 months. But from the first day I got the reward from my first post and got engaged with people here, and with all the appreciation I received from the communities, I figured out a lot of things you mentioned here. I have been following those points and now when you brought all these things up (adding a lot more value that I did not know as well), it warms my heart by you re-confirming again that I should keep doing what I'm doing. I also find myself lucky to realize these things at the very first stage of a newbie.

My most favorite parts (which I found out awhile ago) are: Consistency, Engagement and Dedication - also one thing that I carry with me along the way, it is Appreciation!

Now it's more complete thank to you!
Thank you for sharing such valuable and inspiring knowledge!
Thank you @trangbaby for sharing this post to our Viet Nam Hive community 😊

Certainly a lot of it is intuitive yet we have to realize how many are not tapped into that. The tendency is for people to say "Im not getting rewards, I outta here". So be it.

When ones understand how all this truly operates, they can then grasp how much different things can be for them.

There is life changing money available to all who come on here in my opinion. However, to achieve that one needs to stick around and engage. Plus, as you mentioned, it needs to be done daily.

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You're doing great and I'm proud of you girl, keep it up.

Consistency, Engagement and Dedication That's what I've been doing since I joined Hive and will continue as long as I can 😍

Love how you used examples to help us understand more about how to achieve success on Hive. I think this article is very useful for new users. I remember when I first started 3 months ago. I sometimes not happy when I didn't get upvotes even though I put a lot of effort in my post. That was when I forgot my main purpose to join Hive. To have fun, learning and exploring this world.

After 3 months on Hive, I started feeling positive things in my life. Normally, at the end of the year, I have little energy left to work. I wanted the holiday badly. However this year, I don't feel that way anymore, my work life is thriving and so does my Hive life. I love to share my experiences about what I see in the world with Hive fam. I am motivated everyday.

That is good that Hive is helping your life. Hive is a compounding machine. For this reason, time is your greatest ally.

Keep up your activity and things will keep growing.

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Thank you :)

Just as same as me baby. I don't much energy for work these days haha that's why I will be on the road again soon 😁

Good for you. I hope it is going to be nice weather up there

Can't Wait for your travel posts from places in Northern Vietnam


, I started feeling positive things in my life. Normally, at the end of the year, I have little energy left to work. I wanted the holiday badly. However this year, I don't feel that way anymore, my work life is thriving and so does my Hive life. I love to share my experiences about what I see in the world with Hive fam. I am motivated everyday.

..is great. I am happy for you.

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thank you :)

I also have a easy contest you may want to enter and the reward is one HBD!


Awesome. Thank you for letting me know. I will check it and share with my friends

Nice comment

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Thank you :)

Your post is similar to my thoughts. After 3 months, though I don't have a lot of experience and significant achievements, I'm still trying to do the things you mentioned to grow more here. The most important thing is that I realize the spiritual values ​​​​that Hive brings. For me, it doesn't matter if the amount of upvotes is high or low. What matters is that someone is interested in my content, and I get more friends here, which makes me happy. Thank you so much for your article, it gives me more confidence and motivation, and thanks to this article, I know that my efforts are not in vain.

I appreciate that you have those thoughts, dear. It is evident how dedicated and enthusiastic you are. I'm really proud of you. Well done and Keep it up ❤️

thank you my dear. I agree that sometimes I'm also sad as nobody votes for my post. But rethink at all, and look at @thu, lynnnguyen, trangtran, they do it themselves and still do well, so I don't have any reason to give up, and I tell myself to keep looking at them, trying to do better and waiting for success to come to me. Hehe

To me, it is all about compounding. Each step forward, even if it is one new follower, it an important one. Over time, we keep building. That person, if a dedicated follower, might have a more valuable upvote down the road, hence rewarding you more, simply through his or her action.

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Yes, networking is a key trait, and enjoying the work

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yes, thank you

It's pretty hard to keep going when you're getting little or no upvotes. I've hard times I've put in a lot of work on a post and it barely gats seen or receives any upvotes. There are days I almost have up. Everyone loves to be encouraged and when they think that it's not there they get discouraged. But then,

We cannot control what happens after we hit the Publish button. That is putting the article into the hands of the vast Internet community. For this reason, do not concentrate on the results.

This is true, and the earlier a lot of users know this especially newbies the better. Keep doing what you're doing, keep being you. Don't let the current results weigh you down, because the result is long term. As much as it's hard to neglect when other Authors get upvotes on posts that feel undeserving based on their affiliates, it is best to ignore the wins of others..I said sometime In a post, I try to make the wins of others motivate me to do more instead of give up.with that sort of mindset, it'll be easier to grow, even though it's not as fast as you expect.

Every newbie deserves to see this post, it's pretty straightforward and mind opening, I hope everyone gets inspired to do more

It is hard to be seen, that is true.

The reality is that it is only going to get tougher as time goes by. When there are more people on here, we are going to find out it is even harder to stand out.

That is where I believe the communities will help. It is far easier to stand out there.

Finally, while the rewards of posts are discouraging, I can assure you that you are being rewarded for this comment. That is something that is overlooked.

My upvote pays some LEO and a bit of HIVE. It isnt going to make someone rich but it helps to put things heading in the right direction.

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Yeah, you're right. It's going to get harder in the long run.

That is where I believe the communities will help. It is far easier to stand out there

It's easier to grow within a community, I can agree to that. From that Community it gets easier to be seen by others. It takes consistency and engagement. Thanks for the advice.

Finally, while the rewards of posts are discouraging, I can assure you that you are being rewarded for this comment. That is something that is overlooked.

My upvote pays some LEO and a bit of HIVE. It isnt going to make someone rich but it helps to put things heading in the right direction.

I really appreciate it a lot. It's not small in the least. It's encouraging in every way.. thanks @taskmaster4450le

It is all part of the spreading out the token distribution and encouraging people to participate.

Hell, the 50/50 payout is the same, article or comment. Might as well encourage others while rewarding them for engagement.

I am well aware not everyone can put together articles but I believe anyone can write appropriate comments on different posts.

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You're right, for most of us, some of our first real payouts came from comments. Engaging in the Pob Community, dropping comments especially has helped me gain more Pob and also more followers, so it's a win win situation.

It's encouraging in every way, and a lot of people need to put proper engagement into consideration.

Thanks for laying it out for me @taskmaster4450le

PoB is a prime example of how things can start to grow for people. A tribe with its own token along with users who are willing to reward comments.

Also, there is no dust level with the tribe tokens (that I know of) so people get rewarded.

If it provides motivation, then that is outstanding.

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Exactly, the token Community members are always willing to show love in any way possible, even if their votes don't have enough value they'll show you how much they care with their words and it's legit, who wouldn't love that.

Yeah, it is outstanding.

Have a great day!

I see you.

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I see you too @shortsegments

 2 years ago  Reveal Comment

Stop looking at it as a shortcut to making money. Think of it as your 401 to the future. Play the long game. Just like saving, The price doesn't determine if I post or not. Get involved, you will meet like-minded people.

Spread out and when you get big enough to help someone new, show them the way or point them to the discord for newbies. Give random big upvotes to a newbie trying hard. It was so appreciated when I got one! This should be a fun place, so have a good time! I truly love it here. That is what makes me stay. This is a worthwhile post that will help a lot of new people and people who are having trouble growing.

Hive on!

Passing it one is certainly of help. This is what it is all about.

The 50/50 distribution on Hive and in many of the tribes is great. That is something that really helps since whatever I "give away", I get the same with each upvote.

Hopefully, as the wealth of people grows by their bags filling up, we will see it spread wider.

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This is what I find most true: showing up and giving every day, regardless of the price of Hive rising or lowering or the quantity of people flowing into it. Also, you express something that intrigues me because I never communicate with authors: Oh! Fantastic photographs and a great post. It appears to be a witty sologan, yet it demonstrates the author's lack of content perception.
I also agree that one more thing I should do is to keep my posts between 600 and 1500 words on a regular basis so that more people will appreciate and support me. Particularly intelligent remarks occur more frequently, which is a wonderful spiritual reward for me.
Thank you for a well-written essay.

I've been seeing you engage a lot. Good job and I'm so proud of you ❤️

Yeah those dopey comments will get people attention but not the type they want.

Leaving a well thought out, applicable comes, such as you did here, is helpful. It adds to the conversation as well as informing others.

Sometimes there is more knowledge in the comment section than in the article itself.

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Couldn't be clearer, the article is the knowledge of a brain, we comment and exchange knowledge with each other, it is duplicated and expanded. For constructive comments of course

Yep, posting or commenting everyday is essential.

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Just show up everyday and be active. I still think ignoring price is probably the hardest thing to do but it is necessary. Even at $2 or $3 HIVE, I still think it's undervalued so the long term view is definitely important.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I agree it is not easy. We have a mark-to-market mechanism that is always in place.

Nevertheless, my philosophy is I do the same whether the price is up, or the price is down.

Too many allow the price to influence how they operate. This is something that ends up sabotaging them from what I have seen.

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You finally decided my to make a twitter account for hive ! I'll finally start to promote hive on non Crypto places ! !PIZZA

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We all have a part to play.

Might I suggest promoting things you like on Hive in other places. For example, Leofinance or Splinterlands.

I think that is the hook that will get some people. Hive is still very complex to explain.

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Yes I really think I will share at least as much post from other people's content as my own content.

I hope this will be at least helpful !PIZZA

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The best thing is consistency, sometimes the reward is above your expectation and sometimes your expectation is meaningless. But here dedication to content creation is significant.
Apart from all this, I would day exploration is also valuable, participating in different contests and engaging in distinct communities helps to showcase your existence, hehe I have learned this in past 7 months,
And yes don't restrict yourself to price,
Thanks for the valuable guidance.

You are right. There are a lot of different ways to get involved. Certainly we are not only limited to posting articles and comments, thus receiving upvotes.

Many different opportunities arising on Hive.

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An important practice

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Everyone joining Hive should read this. I find there are two distinct groups that are on this platform, the engaging variety with passion and effort no matter what the fluctuating crypto...then those after a healthy wallet

That is true although I would say the later are going to encounter difficulty unless they are coming to the scene with a bunch of money. Sure there are investments here that can generate incredible returns.

However, from the blogging/content creation perspective, those who focus mostly on rewards tend not to do well. It is those who are putting forth the effort to contribute that end up garnering the attention of others.

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That can be true and I know that I need to improve my interaction on hive special in comments but it is a litle frustrating to spend time to collect good information to do a good/excelent quality post and check that almost no one is seeing it (and I share every single post on Twitter).

This feeling happens because when I compare with others posts that I see on Hive, that are almost copy/past post every single day changing some images and a report, where people give votes and comments.

I know that most of these post are from trail votes where people changes votes from each other taking in consideration the Hive Power of each user but this creates a feeling of "injustice" towards posts where people have to spend time researching and writing posts.

I can't post every day a new post due to my personnal life and the time that I need to spend to research the information but I am trying to have at least 1/2 posts per week to have a regular activity.

I will try to improve my interaction on other users post to get more daily activity in the community.

(Sorry for the long text this was vent)

I am not going to disagree with what you say. However, if you look at this as a business, your means of earning some money, would you take the approach in the real world?

If you had a shop and someone else was getting more customers, generating more money, whether their stuff was a good as yours or they deserved it, would you just get frustrated and go home for the day? Or would you do your best to figure it out?

The successful end up doing the later. Thus, ignore what the others are getting and figure out how to gain more of a following in your niche. Whether that comes from comments, getting involved in tribes, or finding others who align with you, do what it takes.

Time is an element that causes us to be infrequent with our posting. However, the longer one is on here posting, the greater the chance of success.

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Thansk a lot for your reply.

I will try to figure out what I can do better to try to more people see my posts.

My point of view it was not only related with earnings but was also related with interaction on the posts.

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Commenting can get you more attention then upvoting when your not a whale. You attention is valuable

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Thanks a lot for the feedback

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Some time ago I left twitter because its content seemed absurd to me, although I had very good interaction with my followers, there was a point where I got confused. After reading your post naming these long points so as not to get lost in the search for success within the ecosystem, it makes me want to reopen an account. Just for the fact of making this social network and new socialization format that they may have reach my acquaintances, I have been here recently and something I am increasingly clear that achieving my goals is perseverance without looking at short-term gains.

Just wait until #ProjectBlank finally sees the light of day. Once that comes out, it will give people an entirely new outlook on Twitter.

I do agree with you. Overall, I dont really feel much use for Twitter other than trying to support the effort of Web 3.0 and helping to grow Hive.

However, there is a lot of activity on there and 380 million monthly users so it cannot be totally cast aside. It is what people like.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I hope Project Blank is successful. I have been excited about it for a while, but It has taken a long time to be released. And while I understand Rome wasn’t built in a day, things move fast in crypto… I hope none beats Leofinance to the bunch.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

We will hopefully see it in a few months.

Tracking the progress of the mobile application to determine where things stand.

Hopefully we will have a better idea by the end of the month.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Agreed that Twitter is a relic of sorts, but relics can contain power, and Twitter has the power to spread news of Hive. I use it mainly for that.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Good strategies for success. It's important for people to remember too is not all about worrying a post. Comments and engagement can be more profitable than posting and a great way to expand your reach. Get your Billboard out!

I vote a lot of comments under my LEO account. There are some who get more from the comments from me than what I give them for their posts since I come across their comments quite frequently.

Glad you latched onto that.

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now that I'm about a year and a half in, i have zero regrets on my hive journey!
...especially on days like thanksgiving! it's still quite the learning experience every day

definitely an endurance test and a quest for the long run, i think we would all love to see this place still thriving in five years for sure...

now that I'm about a year and a half in, i have zero regrets on my hive journey!

That is great to see. And I am going to guess the next year and a half will be an even better experience for you on Hive.

After all, you are not starting from scratch like most of us do when we first join.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

yes, someone pointed out early on my hive journey about how it is easier to earn more hive as you accumulate more , so I've always powered up and delegated my earnings. so far, I'm happy with the results of my strategy, although i am hardly an expert at this.

alas, I've tried to hip others to the potential of hive, even hosting a small tutorial class with several friends who i think could earn from their art-but the learning curve is a little intimidating although everyone i think sees potential, they just cant grasp why just yet. telling them about the pump has them reconsidering, i think😎...it's only a matter of time, i suppose. I'm just glad i could get a decent amount tokens before the price increase

That is very true. The ease of use on Hive is not there. It is rather complex for people who are new. It takes a lot of time to get it all down.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

As a relative new Hive-user with very few follower, I can relate to some points. Some of my articles I put a LOT of effort and afterwards checking for the rewards, I was kind of disappointed for very little recognition. But in the end, if you put up consistent, quality content, I'm sure you will get recognized. In the end, I'm thankfull for every comment on my posts and some kind words of interaction. It keeps me motivated to continue to write and put my time in. It's not only about the money, but to know that 1 person really liked it, is already making an impact.

Be sure to extend your engagement just passed your own posts.

That is where people make the mistake. Support the posts of other people and you will gain followers.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

True, I also like to interact on good content. Thanks for the headsup!

surely will do!

It’s critically important that as you feel the lack of attention, so do others. One way to I,prove others appreciation of your work is to extend such appreciation to others. Be sure to do so for people whose work aligns with or compliments your own, and you will find commenting more enjoyable, easier and the networking easier.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

That's true and also very good advice, thanks for sharing. I was just so busy with work over the last few months, that it was nearly impossible to browse through post a lot. But there are better days to come and I'm still motivated to engage with the mostly awesome people on this plattform.

And another thing i'll specifically add is that, to hasten one's growth, they can thrown in fiat to buy some hive to power up if they have the money. I think ignoring the price and doing my thinh have assisted me a lot over the years, because sometimes it's about growing something slowly for a consistently long period of time.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

That is true. People can short cut things with some money to buy in. However, unless dealing with a lot, it is still going to be hard to get a following. I agree it does help but without becoming an large dolphin, it is going to be tough.

Also, much of the world doesnt have a lot of money to throw at this. But you are right, it is a viable option.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Also, much of the world doesnt have a lot of money to throw at this.

You're absolutely right about this, nevertheless it would still go a long way if one actually tried to cut corners by throwing in a little fiat.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I'm going to be using some of the tips you've mentioned here. It's less than a month on hive but I hope I can really do my best

Stay dedicated and work hard on finding your place. Look at the tribes and see where you can contribute. That will help you to stand out.

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i got so much value from this especially when you wrote this

Nevertheless, put effort into your posts, especially when new. Even if others are getting massive rewards for short posts, ignore it. The goal is to make yourself stand out.

Thank you

Very good reminder for those who may have made their mind to quit.
Some useful stuff for the newbies as well :)

I am glad. If followed, I believe people will have a better experience long term.

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I think you're right, the key of success in Hive is being Consistent and do quality content and forget almost everything else. I think I'm very far of success point on Hive, but I'll keep doing my best on every post.

To Set a 5 Years success mindset from now is very hard to me at this moment, but I understand your point. So I'll try to see it on that way from now on.


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It isnt easy but then is success in any area of life easy?

We all know how difficult it can be to attain goals in something such as exercise. Yet that is a prime example of something which requires long term thinking.

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Everything summed up really well. We all should follow this even if you are new or old so that success will be after you.

That was a great read. Especially about ignoring the pointless, the drama, the noise, and the price of Hive. One should just be consistent, and remember to have some !PIZZA

It is easy to get sucked into the drama. In fact, some people crave that.

For me, I just put my head down and get to work.

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Yes, Drama is a "feature" of all social media and social engagements, to different degree. Focusing on what matters is a great skill to aim to develop.

We could make a case that the existing platforms not only encourage it but also bake it into their business model.

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Very true! I might even go as far as to say that some other platforms could find themselves struggling to survive in a drama-less environment. But as you said, put our heads down and do the work, always a brilliant strategy.

Just skimming through this post.. I must say you hit the nail on the head.

To be honest long term focus and engagement in my opinion are the best ways to be successful on hive.

Thank you. I think there is a lot in there we can be applied almost immediately. It is a lot of "headspace" stuff yet that is the starting point in my opinion.

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This post had such an empathetic feel to it, you put yourself in the shoes of so many and spoke aptly. Thank you so much. I can see myself coming to this post over and over again.

I really needed to hear all of this.

Thank you for the kinds words. It is something that most of us can identify with since we all started here new.

Hence any suggestions are helping, something that isnt always easily found.

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Awesome tips for people who are just getting started on the platform as well as those who might find themselves struggling. You touched on a lot of great points here. I am going to keep track of this post so I can reference it for people when I onboard them in the future.

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Thanks @bozz.

I hope it motivates some people to be clear with what this is all about and how to precede forward. Many are drawn to Hive by the get rich quick scheme. However, as we both know, there is a lot that goes into it.

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I was one of those people just about four years ago now. It took me about six months to realize that wasn't the case. I am happy I am one of the ones who stuck around though. I can't imagine if I had given up.

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It was easy to fall victim to that back then since that is what many were running around promoting.

How many videos did we see of "I make $1,500 in my first post"?

That was truly misleading for most people. Now, I think there is a more somber approach to things from what people on here are promising.

Plus we have a lot more options than we did 4 years ago.

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Very true. I don't think my first post made anywhere close to $1500 sadly. I have actually never hit that range. I think yesterday was my biggest payout I have ever gotten for a post. It was kind of cool to see, but I know it isn't the norm.

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LOL Nor mine.

In fact, I dont recall but I know there were some zeros in some of my early posts.

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Ah yes, I remember posts like that very well. How far we have come! It really does show how important engagement is.

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you have put the last one the most complicated which is forgetting the price, I think many here have not learned the lesson especially when this up come like a swarm looking for juicy profits but do not know that the value remains the same, ie the value is built at low prices, and at high prices profits are taken or the holding is increased, but many here ignore this little detail.
The other thing the constancy I loved it, many go this way , that way have a multiform blog like mine jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa but 90% of the niche you must be constant always do not get out of your niche.
Unfortunately I can not join twitter at the moment I hope to do it soon once I get white project there if I'm going to enter with the largest of the groups.
Wow, this is difficult but we are going to do it little by little.
by the way sorry to be late, i really do a little busy to comment but i always try to read good contents.
Best regards.

We all can only do what we can.

Some have more time than others. While the Web 2.0 is a way to promote what we are doing, we still need people to post comments and engage on Hive.

It is something that cant be overlooked.

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Yes my lord, we try to do it, but it is hard, and the new users don't want to, they all want the easy life, before I gave away some hive accounts that are there abandoned because nobody wants to do something to improve their financial situation is something complicated, but well we are still here trying to encourage people to follow the right path, and well, someday someone will be encouraged I am sure for now I feel that I am not doing my homework diligently.

I hear you.

The only thing I can say is they are the ones who will miss out. You know where your future bread is buttered @galberto and you keep showing up and engaging.

What goes into your wallet will enjoy the future runs. The fact their wallets are abandoned, well that is what the payout will be.

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Nice article, thanks... Seriously though, I've been enjoying and learning from your posts and videos just about every day for a long while now and this is the first time I've commented on one of them. I need to do better about commenting on posts again. Thanks for that reminder and all the other great info and reminders here. Cheers!

I need to do better about commenting on posts again.

Well you do receive upvotes when you make applicable comments on my posts. I also upvotes ones I see on other posts.

So there is a financial incentive to be consistent with it.

This will also help you to gain other followers.

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Yo, thanks for the tips and encouragement. I've got to admit it has been a rocky road for me on Hive. A mix of hit and miss, which when you put time and effort into things can be frustrating. Definitely agree, maintaining consistency and dedication are possibly the most important stages for any success.

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It is hit or miss for everyone. That is why some of the suggestions are geared towards mindset, while others are for those of where to go.

Keep the mindset strong and focus upon the tribes as well as commenting. That will serve you well in my opinion.

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Just like with all great things it doesn't happen overnight. It takes years of commitment and quality and it pays off well in the end. I feel like it's much faster however today then it was before. Now with just a few months of quality, comments and engagement with people is plenty to get a solid base on hive. Or fast track it a bit and buy some hive/leo or the community token you feel you're going to spend a lot of time in.

Spoken like someone who was in the online game for a long time. You are well aware of what happens and how instant gratification is not there. Something like SEO can take years to develop.

Hive is no different than anything else. Patience, effort, and a lot of work is required.

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Sure you might get lucky with one of those crazy off set coins and rake in 5,000% but the chances of that are super slim. The chances of you making it big with continued effort, stacking and growing along with posting, commenting etc is a solid move and pays off. Even hive at $1 -$2 range in the long play to me are great deals.

That is true.

Also, it takes time to build a following, in any endeavor. The online world is really the epitome of that.

While there are overnight sensations, most build over the long term, adding one follower or email at a time.

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I think that being consistent, focusing upon actions and engaging are the keys for me on HIVE.

I would agree with you completely. This is a way for people to truly benefit from what Hive has to offer.

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Great advice. I'd also add to the consistency section "sticking to a few niches of content for your audience."

It's something I've done a poor job of and have definitely seen the effects of. No one wants to open up an article unless they can bank on having a good time in there.

(with you, that's always a given)

I appreciate that and aspire to do a better job of it.


What you describe is a problem with the growth of Hive. There are so many things we can focus upon that we can get torn. Time and resources are limited. Thus, we have to be prudent in where we place our attention.

A lot of profitable ways to spend out time on Hive. We just need to ensure that we are doing it in a way that doesnt spread ourselves out too thinly.

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Also great advice!

We just need to ensure that we are doing it in a way that doesnt spread ourselves out too thinly.

Yep... I have a nasty habit of "chasing shiny, valuable objects" and spreading myself out like the last spoonful of butter over too many grilled cheese.

I say "shiny" AND "valuable" because none of the things I invest my time in lack value. They're all amazing! But I'm definitely learning that I need to "niche down" my attention and sharpen it to create higher impact in my life.

It seems, if I keep chasing everything shiny, I won't actually dig deep enough to find the true value in any of it.

Thanks for the tips! Really appreciate them!

I think you nailed it. Not every new project is going to be a success. For me, I found that adding when things are down is a way to really establish a giant stake. For example, I was buying LEO when it was under 5 cents. Throughout the entire downtrend of last year, I kept buying. Many others were calling for its death.

There are some "lottery tickets" I toss out but my focus is on a few specific areas. This means that Leofinance is a priority since I believe in it long term.

Others might feel differently which is fine. We all have choices to make.

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Ya, I definitely need to pick up some more LEO to recoup my investment. I threw in what would now be about $800 worth of Hive in when it was up over $1 and then watched it crumble from $400+ (at the time) to about $60.

But that tells me just one thing:

It's probably a great time to buy now! 😂

However, I've been struggling with the decision to invest more - because I like some of the positions I'm currently holding and don't necessarily want to switch over yet - and because I just made a $1,000 purchase of a computer that I needed so investing more fiat seems extra stressful. Lol.

You know what?

Learning to spend money, even when it's necessary, is hard for me. Learning to take calculated risks is hard. Breaking this odious and infuriating scarcity mindset is a challenge.

But without risk, there's no reward, right?

So, here's to persistence! 🍻

There are a lot of options and it is not easy to switch from one to the other. Thus we have to be disciplined in what we focus upon. There are always choices to make, and with those selections comes opportunity costs.

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Ya, my main concern lately has been how the heck I'm going to figure out taxes. I don't want to incur more of them, especially when I sell at a loss. Not sure how it all works yet.

I'm a little new to that whole part of it and it looks like a giant mess. Can't even get my trading history from some of the exchanges I was using further than 12 months, etc.

Lol. Happen to have any good crypto tax articles?

As with any other endeavor in life, thinking long term is always the best strategy. Rome wasn't built in a day and I think that ignoring the noise is something we learn in time.

That was one of the points I was trying to convey. You are right, Hive is not much different from other areas of life. Why do people think it that way?

We have to bring the same characteristic to the table as any other endeavor in life that we want to excel at.

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In real life you have immediate consequences if you don't put your act together. In the virtual world some of the individuals take the screen as being something not so worthy of all respect. They can hide, they can disappear. But I always think that , to a certain extent, the virtual avatar will always represent a small portion of the real person. I am sure that if monthly face to face Hive meetings would be held with the members from all communities, the attitudes will be very different and it would be embarassing to meet someone on whose posts you only commented with"nice, thanks, wonderful post" . Responsibility and palpable consequences. This is what makes people hold themselves accountable for any action.

It is a bit easier to hide, I would agree with that. However, eventually we do stand out, both in the positive and negative. Yes our avatars are recognized over time.

That is why it is important to be consistent. It helps others to keep seeing us.

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Great article - especially because you just summarized what you are doing yourself for years here on HIVE. I especially like your reflections on drama on social media and how web3.0 may be different from web2.0 in this regard. It will not the only thing that (hopefully) need to change in the transition…

Drama is a part of the human experience, at least for some people. Perhaps it is being stoked by the society we live in today. Since it is acceptable, many join in.

Perhaps Web 3.0 will alter that. It is in Facebook's best interest to have the drama continue. However, as a community does it really benefit us?

And now, with tokenization, community has a monetary component to it.

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I think I focus so much on the consistency and engagement that I sometimes forget that those aren't all.

This post was enlightening, I learned a lot.

They are not all but they do go a long way. Keep the engagement up and you will find good things happening in my opinion.

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Thank you so much.

That "be consistent" part is the key. Thank goodness that soon I'll have a break from classes and will be able to blog, comment and share more on Hive. These "10 Hive Commandments" can go a long way to help new (and old) bloggers find success on the blockchain.


Time is something that all of us are equal on it. We all have things that pull us in different directions.

I am glad you will have more time to dedicate to your Hive activity soon. I enjoy the engagement you bring to the table.

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In all things, one needs to be and remain objective. Emotional responses to one's efforts can often be one's greatest enemy. What you have outlined are disciplines, whereas most new users possibly exercise emotional interpretations and responses, which can ultimately undermine long-term success.

That is true and why many are truly just puppets. The "masters" are well aware of this.

Readings some of what Facebook discussed and implemented into its platform. it is obviously Zuckerberg is well aware of this and how to manipulate people for that platform's gain.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

As for the posts themselves, here is where it is a blurred line. Nevertheless, put effort into your posts, especially when new. Even if others are getting massive rewards for short posts, ignore it.

This sounds like as if you would consider short posts effortless posts. Why make long posts, if you do not have much to say? Why make your posts unnecessarily lengthy?

A good rule of thumb is to put together posts of 600-1000 words

Will anyone actually read that much? Some people are already telling me that they do not have time to read my posts. Nowadays most of my posts are shorts. If they do not have time to read a few sentences, then how would they have time to read longer (600-1000 words) posts?

What you say is true. However, the different tribes are long-form blogging. ProjectBlank will offer up micor-blogging which is a completely different structure.

Obviously people can post what they want, they should not be surprised when they dont get much support, especially when new.

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I've been here since the Steemit days way back in 2016. I agree that this is definitely a long game. I wish I had known how to better use the platform back then. I would be much much further along now. But hey, better late than never, right?

Yeah sometimes things are hard to see when they are unfolding. It gets more difficult when manias take place and we dont have a lot of sanity around us.

Nevertheless, now that it is a bit clearer, you can proceed from this point forward. That is what is truly important.

We cant change where we were, only where we are going.

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It's a complicated network to use. I was so ignorant at the beginning that I just let money pile up without putting it to work. But now I know, and as GI Joe says, that's half the battle.

Ease of use is not our forte. That is why Leofinfra is going to help a great deal. People will be able to log on using the traditional social media accounts and start using the applications.

They will not, however, get their rewards until they claim their accounts. That said, it will give them time to learn at a slower pace.

Hopefully that will alleviate the complications by giving them a start with what they already know.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

What is Leofinfra?

It stands for LeoInfrastructure. It is a middle layer between what we do on Leofinance and the Hive blockchain. For example, we can upvote more than once every 3 seconds due to LeoInfra. It captures the votes and posts to Hive at the proper intervals.

It is going to allow Leo login using Google, FB, and Twitter along with email sign up.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Will users earn Leo or Hive for using Google, Twitter or other social media? That would be a pretty amazing thing.

Some sound advice here. I would also add that it helps to let your personality show through in your posts as this helps make them more engaging. After all, people like other people!

That is true although many people are not that dynamic. It will not hurt if you can pull it off although I dont think it is necessary. Many articles are well done even sand the "personality" in them.

Comments are also the same.

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I really appreciate this post because it will really help a lot in the blockchain especially those that are coming in new to partake in the platform and every point you mentioned is valid and helpful to promote one in the blockchain. Thanks and keep up the good work moving.

Man, you honestly inspire me every single day to be dedicated and keep going. Thank you for constantly reminding me that I'm not doing this for just me, I'm doing this for Hive.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I am glad I inspire you. My hope is that comes from my action as much as my words.

What I wrote here is the path that I follow. This is not "do as I say". Rather, we are looking at "this is what I do, do it also".

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Absolutely. Actions speak way louder than words.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Yes they do. And I try to keep the two in sync.

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This is food for thought.
Thanks for pointing these out, it's really helpful, especially for a newbie like me.
I love your ideas about long-time investment and dedication. There are posts I didn't get many rewards, but I got great support and positive comments from the community. I'm still working on my blog and investing in its quality though. Hopefully, everything will pay off.

Keep leaving comments like this all over the platform and you will do very well.

It is a place where many can get involved with. Do not shy away from utilizing this as a means of making yourself known.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

1 year before seeing results, 2027, political noise, and focus upon things you can control? These are timely reminders for me. Thanks for the perspective! And this one is something new: “comments and user name as your personal billboard?” All I can say is “Wow!” Really a helpful article to guide a 4 month old like me.

Glad to see you getting involved.

Keep it up and adding to the conversation in the comment sections. This should really assist you in your endeavor on here.

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It has been part of my daily routine to check the contents of pioneers that I have been following, and yours of course is the number one on my list. There are times that your content is understandable to me and that's why I could comment like this. But for those articles that are beyond me, I am just satisfied reading and adding them to my new learning. By the way, thanks again for making me aware about the existence of communities here on Hive. I actually just subscribed to 25 of them.

By the way, thanks again for making me aware about the existence of communities here on Hive. I actually just subscribed to 25 of them.

You are welcome. I am glad you found so much that aligns with you. However, I would caution you to trim you focus to a few of them and then immerse yourself in those communities. That is how you will stand out.

Thank you for the continued support. That is what helps me to keep churning out content for people.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Just what I initially did when I followed content creators here on Hive, I want to explore first those communities and cut down the numbers later. Thanks for the reminder!

I have a few bad habits. One big one that jumps out at me after reading this is my short replies to people. Sometimes in my busy life I just want to let people know I have read their post with more than a up vote or reblog. I need to push myself to give more heart felt replies.

As for showing up, as encouragement to anyone reading this I am 855 days in a row with at least one post on Hive.

It is a marathon, the long game. I am slowing getting there.

Best part, Hive has already improved my life. Self confidence, financial just to name two.

And yes, communities. Pick one, pick a few, and try as be active as you can.

Great post as always.


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There certainly are more reasons (benefits) to being on Hive than just the rewards. We can see a lot of knowledge garnered on here.

Some of the brightest minds in crypto are here. We have a lot of knowledge being shared on here each day.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I have to agree 100 percent. Over the last couple years, especially the last few months I have learned more than I ever thought I would. Fantastic stuff.

That is a return that cannot be calculated.

The knowledge we acquire might end up filling our wallets more than any posting or commenting could do.

Perhaps we find something to get involved with that 1,000X.

There is just no telling with all that is happening in cryptocurrency.

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And one other thing…Tune into the CryptoManiacs podcast weekly!!

If anything you will enjoy the bald heads!!

The viewers might need to wear shades because of the lights bouncing off the shiny heads.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Consistency with effort on quality posts is the key. Easier said than done as quality posts multiple times a day is something that is not easy.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

As compared to success in other areas of life?

Becoming a top monetized producer on YouTube is not easy either. I would say it is far easier here, right now, than elsewhere.

That will not always be the case in the future as this place grows.

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That is great advise for anyone on Hive, not only newcomers. It is absolutely essential to have patience and dedication. Anyone with the drive can do anything that want! Reblogging for https://coin-Logic.com front page feed.

I gladly read through and will definitely read again...I got value from this post as I'm a newbie.

Thank you for sharing this...

Thank you for sharing this 💚 As a newbie here in Hive, this really helps a lot. 💚