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YahooFinance picked up this news from by Brad Hearn.


"From Super Bowl advertisements to big city mayors taking payment in crypto, it’s become impossible to ignore the rise of cryptocurrencies, the digital assets hailed by some as the future of finance. One in five Americans has traded in, invested in, or used cryptocurrency, according to a recent NBC News poll.

Cryptocurrencies, the decentralized financial assets built on the blockchain, are generating excitement and activity with new investors, from Baby Boomers to Gen Z. It’s also helped shine a much-needed spotlight on the general public’s need for financial knowledge.

The fact is, improving your financial literacy can have benefits beyond your pocketbook: Harvard researchers have found that increased financial literacy contributes to better mental and physical health and is associated with a lower risk of depression."

The author gives out three great tips that are generic in nature they are useful and more relevant for crypto investing too:

  1. Don’t let market volatility stress you out
  2. Count on Your Community
  3. Talk About Money

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