Simple Thoughts For Those Struggling With The Bleak Markets

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  • This isn't easy but don't lose hope. The storm will eventually pass.

  • Lean on your communities. Leverage relationships, make new ones, and cope together.

  • If you're doing ok, God bless you, and go pick up some of your friends.

  • Don't second guess or fault yourself if you didn't take some profits. Equally as important, don't make emotional financial decisions to compensate.

  • You only lose when you sell. Reserve this for emergencies or emotional health if you can't separate the two.

  • Jump all over decentralized finance applications and generous chains like Cosmos which regularly issue airdrops that provide lucrative ROI opportunities.

  • Get your crypto to work for you. Grow funds via staking or liquidity pools at high APRs to offset temporary paper losses. They'll make a recovery that much sweeter.

  • Find the fire to capture prices you thought you'd never see again as a long-term investor. Don't have funds? Make them. Don't know how? Innovate. "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." - Gretzky

  • Time in the market is usually better than timing the market, but that doesn't mean that you need to be fully emotionally invested in the market.

  • Step away from crypto for a while and recharge. Your tokens will be there when you get back and are recharged to attack the market again.

  • Oh, and you probably shouldn't try to become a professional short/swing trader during extreme volatility...

I'll save some thunder since this could take weeks, months, or years to recover from. This is the nature of the game we've chosen to play. The patient and determined will ideally thrive when this un-bearable storm passes.

Despite being entrenched in the blockchain space for over 5 years, I'm not immune. My solution is turning back to my passion for recycling, getting in top physical shape, and drumming. My new neighbor below will be thrilled.

Please add something from your camp below.

Thanks, and hang in there.


The dawn of our financial revolution is darkest before our day ultimately comes.


Even a vet like me gets battle-worn at times. Thanks for this.

Balance, balance, balance, balance.

Variety, variety, variety, variety.

My philosophy is never to have all my eggs in one basket. That's financial and business speaking, but also in how I focus my energy. As you said, having other things to focus on is imperative for your wellbeing: going for walks, playing with your dog, reading books, thrifting... spread out your focus in different areas to nurture different life requirements like socializing, learning, having fun, earning money, moving your body. That's how I structure my days anyway.

I don't know if this is tacky for me to offer a service in a comment in your post or not, but I'm going to be making a post offering my yoga prescriptions. I have a vast library of thousands and thousands of kundalini yoga exercises to draw from, and with exact precision, I target what a person is needing in their life. So if anyone reading this is looking to focus in an exact direction of something you're needing in your life, hmu.