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Yes, centralization is bad, but in your example of the chip capacities, we have to acknowledge that it was centralized technology that led to the massive digital resource improvement, where a few companies competed against each other. In your scenario where everbody is wealthy enough to buy robots and stuff to farm his own food (a dcrop game in real world), who is providing the technology? The evil megacorps we wanted to overcome?


I thought it was heavily implied that DAOs are going to takeover all functions of government and the corporate economy. Guess not.

A DAO can scale exponentially greater than government and corporations due to reduced corruption; a natural outcome of building on top of trustless systems enforced by unbreakable & transparent contracts.

Reduced corruption? Like on Hive you mean?

I think Jerome paul print enough money. So we can buy everything we need. I trust mister money printer.

I'd argue in this scenario a lot of the chip manufacturing will also be automated and much more abundant. I think the real weakness to this future is going to be finding a supply of rare earth minerals to even facilitate the growth of the automation. If this plays out I think traditional mining will become where the real money can be made since I think it'll be the bottleneck for growth until we can start mining outside our planet.