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In the social space where content creators depend solely on revenue from advertisers and monetization from ads on youtube self-censorship is bound to happen.

If a content creator wants to stay monetized and work with brands he will have to censor himself and always be aware of what he is allowed to say.

One of the latest examples is Steven Crowder.

Web 3 offers solutions to skip the middleman. Tokenization of your community is one of the ways. Value 4 Value with streaming sats is another.

Community Token Talk with @theycallmedan, @starkerz and guest @brianoflondon

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I have been following the Steven Crowder story and I totally agree. He was offered $50 million per month and they threatened him with loss of advertising. I signed his petition against the Dailywire it is super crazy what they are doing to people out there. But we want advertisers on Hive, don't we? it's really hard to say after listening to this chat.

The issue with the whole Crowder and Hive bit is that they wouldn't survive or be able to pay their workers. But cross-posting here would be an awesome idea too. I follow @cryptowendyo on Hive and Youtube...she is sort of a big shot too and she is posting here. She seems like the future, I think she should be integrated into more conversations like this. It's cool to hear from @theycallmedan...Lovely conversation.

would be great to have @crytowendyo on the CTT podcast! I wonder if she would try it out

It would be totally awesome.

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