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I had written about how the numbers on Hivestats.io don't add up to make sense, but their graphs are some of the best there is. So I will keep resorting to them when I am looking at my account's analytics. And make some judgement calls!

it has been nearly 2 months since I last did a post on my account analytics. Unfortunately we do not have the automated data on hivestats to date back more than 30 days.


If you look at the above chart, I was at 11,940 ish HP on December 25th. As of today my HP stand at 12,616. So 676 HP in almost a month. I have also had a fair share of HBD converted to hive, but for now I am holding on to those hive for a bigger pump to replenish my HBD savings again. But for about a couple of weeks now, I have been doing all 100% powered up posts and I am hoping I will see the results in the comings days as all posts start paying out in HP.


This chart dates back to November 1st. 1500 HP in nearly 3 months. The growth has been steady, but slow. Not at all what I needed to reach my target HP, but that's fine. I have already accepted I will not be able to reach 25k by June of this year. But still, I gotta find ways for faster growth. I have kept up the daily posting streak. At the same time I have been looking into the leasing market to maximize returns on my HP. Just curation alone was a bit too less because I haven't mastered the art of maximizing curation yet.


The curation curve surprisingly hasn't taken the big hit yet considering I had most of my HP delegated out on dlease. Although next week I might see the real dent as the after effects.

Either way, as long as growth stays steady, no matter how slow, it movement in the positive direction. Who said I wouldn't have to pay the price for slacking off when things were flying!

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