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RE: SERIES: Beeing A Creative on Hive || #2 Web3 - Overview of Possibilities

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I like how you contrasted Web 3.0 from the old world. I share the same feeling that I left most of the old world behind. To see blockchain as a parallel world but on a far different and higher level, that I think is an accurate description. Yes, I love this idea of decentralization. The old world is really frustrating. It's like entering this space will give you new eyes, a kind of vision for the future. I agree that we are just touching the surface and there is a lot more to be discovered.


Yes that´s exactly it. I felt the same when I entered the world, as if I was able to see things that I couldn´t see before... And yes, this is only the very beginning.

Just hoping that those people we care about will also see someday what we see now.


Oh yes! I hope so too!