Good to know friend, many thanks for the info. Let me check it out.

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This is a great alternative for both HIVE and LEO. Thank you for the update!

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Hey, is the service down right now?

How about the other Hive Engine tokens (apart from LEO) that would get sent to instead of the original author? 🤔 Thanks in advance for the clarification! 😅

They keep them all and sell them for themselves it appears.

If they ever do it, that would be visible on the Hive blockchain. 🤔

Thanks for your reply to my 5-month-old comment. 🙂 Have a !PIZZA. 🍕

@kennysgaminglife! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @savvyplayer.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at (10/20) how can I start delegatinng 100% of my earnings to you.

Is it no longer working with LEO cuz I didn't receive my LEO rewards?

Cool; what about POB?

Hi! I haven't had received the corresponding rewards from this post

The post payout was like 12 hours ago :/ and I don't know how to communicate with the team. I've had used the payout before and this is the first time this happens to me :(.

There are some problems with Hive now, hope to fix it soon :)

I see, I understand :) thanks a lot! Hoping to this problems to fix soon enough.

Dear friends, they have been sending only the hive rewards, but the HBDs are still not being sent. I see all the postings are the same, grateful with some response.

Post link:


Hi, it is to know when would be estimated the payment of the post used with I have an outstanding payment in HBD since days ago and I would like to know when the money could be replenished. Thanks

Hi, the post does not exist :/

I don't know if I'm doing the calculation wrong but I would be missing HBD.

I see some accounts who use your service fell victim to the phishing attack. Can you put a halt on their payments and maybe find a way to verify their new accounts so they can get something? We don't want the scammers to profit more than we can avoid.

How i join

Posted by Waivio guest: @waivio_ali-usmani

Hi, I have not received the rewards from this post:

Please, if you can fix it soon I would appreciate it!

Hi, I have not received the rewards from this post:

Please, if you can fix it soon I would appreciate it!

Hi, I have not yet received the rewards from this publication.

Please, if you can fix this quickly I would be grateful.

hello, I have not received the rewards of this post:

please, if they can fix it quickly that would be great!

Thanks for the information, will check this out in next post

hey, sorry for the inconvenience, I think rewards are missing from this post, not sure about it:

Same, my rewards are missing from a post that paid out today as well.

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Also missing all my POB rewards as well. Which sucks, cause my post was paid like 12.5 LEO and roughly similar amounts of POB today :[

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A few of us have noticed that receives the #SPT we earn as well, and that y'all are apparently just selling it for yourselves? @shauner just had a post for 18k SPT pay out, with no rewards sent, and I've lost out on many posts.

I'm no longer going to be using your service, and will be warning people against it, unless this is remedied. At the very least make a big note that people's tribe tokens will not be received if they use

hello, I have not yet received the rewards of this post, please solve it as quickly as possible thanks

Did you get the payout? There were some delays.

agradezco su recompensa, gracias y espero seguir contando con ella, muy agradecida desde venezuela margarita

agradezco su recompensa, gracias y espero seguir contando con ella, muy agradecida desde venezuela margarita

How does this work!

How come there are many posts appearing in the /trail that are not even being paid out from nor is a beneficiary?

I'm wasting my VP on these posts that I am specifically voting on to share the wealth, but getting no wealth from them. follows upvotes by @acidyo and @tipu

We decided to stop voting anyone who uses due to the amount of abuse that was occurring due to it.

Missing payout..

Why have you taken 100% of my payout!?


Author zero?

The service didn't take anything (screen from your wallet):

Screenshot 2022-02-21 at 01-48-07 Future Analogue - elricmoonslayer PeakD.png

Ahh cool... No worries!

how to join this community ???


It's seems we don't get LEO rewards by using, can you fix this problem?

I've checked the wallet, received 1.56 LEOs but from unknown source. You can see here: that sends back post rewards but the post needs to be specified.

Sure thing, I've received all rewards in HE Tokens except for LEO Tokens. That's why I was asking if there was something missing with LEO.

I wonder if LEO uses different mechanic to pay out the rewards so that it can not be determinated from which post the rewards come from :/ Can you tell me how much LEO should it be and from which post? I can send it manually.

I guess that's it as I'm missing the LEO rewards for my last couple of posts, it can be found on the leofinance wallet page:

Thank you for the help!

Thanks a lot for sending the missed rewards! Great service! Hope the problem with LEO Token gets fixed soon.
BTW I've had another post on leofinance where I didn't receive LEO:

This post was crated 7 hours ago, you need to wait 7 days for payout :)

Sir the post was created 10 days ago, otherwise the benefactor reward wouldn't show up on the leofinance wallet page.


Did you edit the comment with link to the post? Or I had to do a miss click. Will send the LEO rewards but for LEO posts please don't use for now.

Hi Do you have problems with your services?, I note the last transaction recorded in your wallet was 12 hours ago. I will be attentive to your comment.

Hello, I have not yet received the rewards of this post 😔

Sorry for that! Will send it manually :)

Hi, are you having problems with your services, I note that the last transaction recorded in your wallet was 14 hours ago.

8 hours ago this post expired:

And I have not received the rewards.

Yeah we had some delay (node problems) but I see it's already paid :)