On Simply Not Doing...!

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With the onset of the Cost of Living Crisis meaning that more people are having to tighten their belts, I think it's time to remind people of the benefits of NOT DOING!

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Of course some people in the UK are genuinely facing a crisis in which they either have eat or heat the house, but that is only a minority - for 80% of households they are still comfortably earning enough to meet all of their basic necessities.

BUT they are also facing the uncomfortable reality of having to cut down on their luxury spending - no new car this year, no holiday for the next two years, stop eating out.... no Netflix.

The horror!

The solution is to do nothing....

My personal (not financial) advice for how to deal with this is to give 'doing nothing' a special emphasis in your life....

I mean actively doing nothing in the meditative sense of the word - prioritising some more time every day to just 'sit there' and breath - anyone can benefit from a good hour a day of this, the Dalai Lama does 4 hours a day although you might want to build up to that.

Then there's soft meditation - walking, cleaning the house, yoga - all of which form a solid part of the mindfulness routines of monks.

And then there are plenty of other things that have a meditative spirit too - observing nature, art, dancing, not that I'm a dancer but I'm trying to be inclusive!

OK so the later activities aren't strictly doing nothing - but they are 'empty form' activities in which you can lose yourself and which are entirely free to do, and can be done mostly anywhere you choose, all you need is a dry space for the most part.

The Cost of Living Crisis is a Good Time for A Reset...

The point I'm trying to make here is rather than focus on the loss from the cost of living crisis it's to meet it head on and 'reset' your life - if you don't have the money to do what you want, change what you want to do - reset back to zero, emphasise doing nothing and other free meditative activities - use them to clear your head.

The chances are that after several months of this you won't want to go back to leisure as usual anyways and you'll have made yourself a lot more resilient to future financial shocks - of which there will likely be many!

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That’s the best advice I heard to beat inflation, and it is good for the mental health! 😉

I recommend it!


My Mrs wouldn’t allow it. I’ve tried to tell her on many occasions that doing nothing is good for you but she just won’t have it. Maybe if I tell her I’m meditating I’ll get away with it. Thanks @revisesociology 😉

Oh yes do that - meditation, much more relatable I am sure!

Totally relatable. My sleeping meditation doesn't fly with my Mrs tho.....

I would have thought it's an easy sell!

I wish, I get the same mileage on that as my couch meditation.....the Mrs is restless.

Haha! You have the same type of lady as me. Soon as I sit down she finds me something to fix, or dig, or hang, or paint, or...😉

Omg.........they must be twins!!

Mine sometimes gets me to do something while she has already got me doing something......something about multi-tasking.... :D


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Invest in a pair of sneakers and you are all set for the summer and return healthier. 🤣

Yes fair point, that's a good start!

Nowadays doing nothing is the best vacation