10k HP Goal: 5k Down, 5k To Go

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This is a huge achievement for me because I have dwelled on the thought that achieving 10K HP is a goal I have to achieve before the year ends. We are 5 months into the year, we have 7 months before the year ends. I have come to the realization that having 10k before the year ends is almost impossible so I will try my best to keep doing what I do and whatever becomes the end result of what I am doing, I am grateful. I have thought of different strategies to achieve that, but the whole crypto market is going down.

I thought of using my weekly HBD earning to trade other coins outside Hive, make profit, use them to buy Hive and power up. Unfortunately the total crypto market dipped, and right now my investment is currently at loss and I am not selling. 5k HP is a big deal for me, even though the price of Hive is not where it used to be, no matter what, I still look at my HP and calculate them with the all time high’s price which is $3.4. This is just to encourage me that I am making progress, all I need is patience. My current account value might be reading around $2k but my head is reading $17,000.

Before writing this post I was having a long sleep because, I wanted to take a day off from Hive, the crypto market or worrying about what project to buy. Because, this past week has been a tough one especially when you have all your investment in crypto. Crypto value is down, defi token value down, so the dip is one of those days where you need to cut your spending. There is nothing you can do except wait for the market to regain its price back. In as much as this is hard, I can’t help but feel grateful because, there is an opportunity to making money daily both actively and passively through crypto. So just as much as I have been having fun with the Green Days and upside, I might as well try to have fun with the dip days and downside.

There are lots of things to do during the dip to distract you, you can’t control the market, you just have to be patient. The first thing I had to do which is essential was take a 3 hours sleep in the afternoon. I was beginning to get scared for my health because I don’t get enough sleep. I sleep about 3-5 hours a day, my friend and family used to ask me, how is that short daily sleep enough for me. I always used the “I am grinding” excuse all the time. But this time, the body needed that sleep. So I will stop fighting the urge to sleep, and sleep. There is enough time to make money when I wake up, I think it’s time I stop listening to those motivational speakers like Steve Harvey. Those people can make you feel like sleeping is a lazy activity, especially when you are not financially buoyant.

So back to trying to achieve my 10K HP goal before the year ends, I will be honest with you, at this point I don’t have plan, but to keep doing what I am doing and looking for more opportunities. The reason I wanted to have 10k HP is because, I want my vote value to be worth $1 when I upvote posts. But with the price crash, I don’t think 10K HP will give that type of vote value anymore.

Still grateful for Hive and the community for always giving me the opportunity to set goals and work hard in trying to achieve them, it always makes me stay focus. I love Hive, and while this might be the best time to accumulate more HP, I would advise that while grinding always find time to relax, sleep and take care of yourself. You can never solve all the problems in the world(In Nigerian term ”Problem no day finish”)

Thank you for reading I hope you had a nice day today

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Congratulations! That is a milestone! I believe you will get to 10k, just a matter of time. And good to take good care of health too, sometimes lack of sleep affects our thinking and decision-making.

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Thanks a lot, yeah sleep is good. I feel better now sleeping more.

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Great! Cheers to you on the new week!

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I like the zeal and determination...I won’t be surprise if u hit 10k before 2023...

Congratulations on your wins

Thanks a lot for the encouragement, I hope to achieve that before 2023

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That’s amazing congrats! Definitely huge progress for being on here only a bit over a year! Took me a couple years to get there lol

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Thanks a lot. Not been easy, it’s still not easy but I have to keep pushing.

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Oh definitely! It’s a lot of work but you’re doing great and may one day pass me lol. When things moon again make sure to take a little profit to reward yourself!

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Congrats bro! Keep it up!

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Thanks a lot bro

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”Problem no day finish”

Love that!

Post scheduling on Peak is a lifesaver. Sometimes I can go a whole two days without being on HIVE, but the longer I leave it the more comments I need to reply to! But I still get a good rest because we shouldn't be on line all the time! We need to give our brains a rest and yes, get some sleep.

Being patient is hard. Hopefully it'll pick up eventually. Meanwhile, we can have fun on hive.

I haven't set a HP goal for ages, been keeping it about 20k coz I need the money. I do wish I had set a goal to get to 100k no matter what as I could have been there by now! Never say never, right? Good luck hitting your goals.

Yeah, never say never. 100k goal 😂 that’s a lot for me to reach. But then, slow and steady wins the race

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We will get there! Race ya! Ready.. set..


😂 Nah, you are 15k HP ahead of me, that’s your headstart. I can’t compete with that.

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That's a nice flow you made intentional to get this point...

You know you can do it and the proof is glaring.

Yes bro, still Puting my best out there. Thanks a lot for the encouragement

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Keep at it. Even if you only reach 9200, you'll be better off than you are today. You win, no matter what. But, do take care of yourself. Without health, you won't be able to enjoy your earnings.

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Thank you very much. Health is wealth, this is very vital and important

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I love your positivity, calculating your account's worth using hive's ath 😄😄 Congrats on 5kHP, your growth is amazing and worth of note. On to 10kHP next!

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😂 just finding a positive reason to keep pushing. Thanks a lot, unto the next goal.

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Keep up the good work brother.

Sleep is very essential and a healthy routine to get rid of body toxins. health is wealth

I'm positive with time and effort you'll achieve your goal before the year ends.

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Thank you very much, I hope I achieve it.

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