Splinterlands: I think it is perfect time to unstake my part of SPS now.

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Splinterlands: I think it is perfect time to unstake my part of SPS now.

It really might start looking a weird proposition when everyone is working towards to stake more and more SPS , I am moving towards a very different proposition of unstaking the SPS.
Actually , I am also not saying that I am thinking to sell my SPS, I just want to unstake it to change it from illiquid (require 4 week to unstake) to the liquid form.


Most of the Players are really bullish on the SPS as after the airdrop ended and Splinterlands team is really keen on bringing the more use case for the SPS. Recent announcement of MLSPA by the team has got hopes to player that there will be some benefit will be given to SPS holders though official post do not mention anything but it look logical that MLSPA really like to attract a large existing Play2Earn player base towards itself and actually it can be encouraged by both as both are in very different genre of game.



It is also evident from the chart ,that SPS price has moved up nicely after the airdrop ended, Play2Earn rewards for SPS is yet to be started and Riftwatchers will be released too ,that will require payment in SPS so that it may can push the price up or may be not because Play2Earn SPS rewards will start before the release of Riftwatchers as per the roadmap.

SPS still require lot of usecase to go towards the upward trend and lot of things depend upon how Land can be integrated with SPS removing the Supply from the market and locked in the land to get advantage in the land.

Unstaking of SPS will help in 2 objectives, First I do not want to sell my DEC and actually want to keep more of DEC as it is honored by its peg value for store purchases.
Second the pool APR of SPS DEC pool is almost more then double(72%) then the staking APR(30 %).

So it means, I will have my SPS liquid and double APR then staked APR, so
It also means that DEC that is sitting idle earning nothing will be put into the work.

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Not a bad plan my man, i thought about unstaking a little too, but havent done so.


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