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Before the emergence of #CUB and #Polycub my intervention into decentralized finance was with uniswap with #Wleo. I stayed there for a while. High fees pushed me away since I am not changing high amount from Ethereum blockchain. I think it opens my eyes to really make sense of the power behind DEFI. From there I could transfer from any ethereum based token to #wleo. It was fairly quick and prompt but the fees are overwhelming. The formation I get is crucial to see what crypto can do with DEFI.

Another aspect of DEFI is the participation of everyone. You can be a provider by using your funds. You can simply use the service to get your tokens from point A to point B. This is what #CUB and #Polycub are doing in that aspect, providing liquidity and ease of exchange from point A to point B.
In the meantime DEFI brings a lightbulb moment if you have crypto holding in place where you do not earn on them.

Usually if you have BTC and Ether at a certain time, you are waiting for them to rise and then you can pull the profit. Keep in mind impermanent loss is part of the equation. Nevertheless when you are in the positive you can erase that loss for another token. This is what you get with #Polycub. It has more to do with earning #Polycub. You get to test the system and learn your way around Polygon.

As you can see on the pic I am testing the claim for lock and unlock token. This is genius the way it is set. You have a choice to claim right now or claim later. Important fact to hold #Xpolycub cause you will get it back in the long run. I know the price of Polycub is not as high as before but again this is a test bed going forward.

There are many systems like Polycub out there. One thing you know clearly this one you can rest assured your funds are roaming around Leofinance, Hive and the community. I know trust is tough but we have to start somewhere. I have been around Leofinance since Steem so I know the team.
You may not be able to understand everything running a DEFI system but it helps to acknowledge there are other things you can do with crypto.

No need to hold tokens and wait for it to rise. You can utilize a DEFI like #CUbfinance and earn interest while holding. It gets me to understand why the DEFI will be around and getting better everyday. With smart contract you can see why it has to get better.
It may sound difficult at first but in the long run, this is what crypto will be all about plus everything else like metaverse, NFT and many more the technology allows us to play with.

It is with great pleasure to see Hive and HBD are part of #Polycub. Soon it could pave the way for #Cubfinance to hold its way forward. Now everything is close to 50% off. The market has its way to tame the rise, it will do the same to propel the rise, be ready.
Keep vesting in you.

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I trust Leofinance.

I participate in Cubfinance personally, and I run two DeFi as a Service businesses there.
First, #The No-Loss-Lottery which is a place to save your Leo as BLEO with a chance to win the Leo earned each week in the Cub-BUSD farm. It has 100 plus investors and 5000 Leo.
Second, EasyDeFi which is a place to invest 250 Leo or higher, in another pooled investment vehicle, called EasyDeFi Group A, which is invested in Cub-BUSD Farm. And has paid weekly for a year. It has about 30 investors and over 20,000 Leo.
I have reached a plateau for each one, and I would love your feedback on how I can increase the size of those two pools.

Thank you

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I have read about your two DEFI a while back. Personally I am still learning the DEFI world. It is a little complicated but you use #Cub as a parallel service for #easyDefi. This is really good knowing you can give them a trust pattern and grow from there.

I do not understand you reach a plateau for both of them. I think the same schematic you use for X investor can be revamp to accommodate more investors giving the grandfathered investors a way to remain hook on. As long your biz is profitable investors will look through as a way to get the best ROI.
This alone should attract more investors to EasyDEFI.

Please direct me to some anterior posts so I can look at it and maybe pitch in later.

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I personally exited Cub-BUSD LP and moved everything to CUB kingdom. New functions will be added on CUBdefi and CUB price can go up after that. And keep CUB in Kingdom will have better profit than Farm in the uptrend of CUB :)

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TO make it easy for everyone, looking at CUb price you could run away from it. CUB always finds ways to rise back from aches. It is a token with great optimism since it is part of BNB network.
I am holding and earning more.


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Hi, thanks for your support. With your support, you help me get ahead, ensure my daughter's daily bread. I am a single mother, this platform helps me get ahead...

Greeting from Venezuela...

This is the power of crypto with social madia.
We get together and grow together. It is a matter of focus and pushing ahead.


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You mentioned something about trust and this is absolutely true. We have to begin somewhere, almost everyone Fears loss, but I've seen the capabilities of DeFi and sincerely cubfinance can go a long way.

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When you mix leofinance , CUB, Polycub, Hive you can see the real trust belongs to the community. Even though only a few know each other but we know how to behave and understand the plan from within.
TRUST in Hive is we know this token will not inflate in a week and drop the next.
It is slowly grow and as more embrace the holding pattern proving to us where the price/value will be by 2024.
You are on the run with engagement and I know you know as much as you can.


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Don't sleep on Hive's very own Diesel Pools!

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Are you talking about #tribaldex pool for Hive?

So much for Hive lately. This is why Hive daily price is not that important but you need it to test out there and see what to do the next day.
The day Hive is connected to a massive use case, it will be night and day from what we see today.
I am holding and maybe I need to get more input on that diesel pool.


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