@phortun´s Monday tipping contest #96: winner announcement

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Hi there my Hivean friends and followers!

I am excited to announce the winner of the 96th round of my regular Monday tipping contest :)


The participants of the contest were supposed to guess the price of Hive today at exactly 11:00 A.M. Central European Time (CET).

The Hive price (rounded to 3 decimal digits) at that particular moment was $0.488 as you can see in the following screen shot taken from coingecko.com today at 11:00 A.M. (CET):


I checked all submitted valid entries in the original post and the fastest correct tip $0.488 was submitted by @voidd.

Congratulation @voidd, you are the winner of this round! I have just sent you 5 Hive as the reward, you can check that in your wallet :)

Thank you everyone for your participation. I hope you enjoyed the contest. You can join the next round next Monday ;)

Check out the ranking of the most successful participants of the contest!

Rank Name Number of wins
2. - 3.@deepresearch5
2. - 3.@rebe.torres125
4. - 7.@krakonos4
4. - 7.@jjprac4
4. - 7.@yova4
4. - 7.@eii4
9. - 22.@borran 2
9. - 22.@shashiprabha 2
9. - 22.@maxili632
9. - 22.@gingbabida2
9. - 22.@crazy-andy2
9. - 22.@necho412
9. - 22.@jorgebgt2
9. - 22.@faithetim2
9. - 22.@miriammarga2
9. - 22.@maylenasland2
9. - 22.@dswigle2
9. - 22.@rosauradels2
9. - 22.@jhonnygo2
9. - 22.@olympicdragon2
23. - 53.@liltammy 1
23. - 53.@dronegraphica 1
23. - 53.@mastersa 1
23. - 53.@tulio77 1
23. - 53.@lavanyalakshman 1
23. - 53.@minhaz007 1
23. - 53.@oresteg1
23. - 53.@rokhani1
23. - 53.@bntcamelo1
23. - 53.@coingecko1
23. - 53.@katrin-lux1
23. - 53.@trangbaby1
23. - 53.@firstcoast1
23. - 53.@jfang0031
23. - 53.@oldmans1
23. - 53.@fronttowardenemy1
23. - 53.@tazi1
23. - 53.@jedenjenda1
23. - 53.@aleksandra.mart1
23. - 53.@taliakerch1
23. - 53.@a-alice1
23. - 53.@crazy-bee1
23. - 53.@yeckingo11
23. - 53.@femcy-willcy1
23. - 53.@nenio1
23. - 53.@worldstories1
23. - 53.@vaipraonde1
23. - 53.@maarnio1
23. - 53.@tokutaro221
23. - 53.@emeka41
23. - 53.@voidd1

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Congratulations, @voidd!! That was a great win!

Good luck to everyone in the next round!

!PIZZA for everyone!!! 😁

Thank you so much

My pleasure!

Right? I think it was actually his first time in the challenge and there we go, hit the very exact number :) Impressive feat.

Thanks for your comment, support and participation Denise! Much appreciated :)

Thank you so much brother.
Excited for more upcoming contests

You are welcome, that was a fantastic guess! :)

Congrats to all the winner. The price is holding up well for Hive !

Yeah, that´s right. Hive has been doing pretty good during this harsh bear ;)

Wow, @voidd you are so lucky 🤗
Congratulations 👏🎉🎉🎉 and thanks so much @phortun for your generosity 👍

Thanks dear!

Thanks for checking out the winner announcement and good luck to you in the next round! :)

Uwc and thanks for wishing me well ❤️‍🩹

Congrats to the winner

You were very close to another win this time, you missed by just 0.001 :) Good luck in the next round!

Yeah I was very close

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Thank you guys!

Congrats to the winner!

Sounds like I'm the only one who miss a chance to predict.

So you better stay tuned for the next round ;) See you there!

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Wow, that´s a lot of upvotes! Thanks for the info :)

You're welcome @phortun, it's well deserved! Congrats on your constant involvement on Hive 😊👍

Congrats for the winner!!

i'm looking forward to the next edition :)

Cool, I will see you in the next round :)

Congratulations People.

Thanks for checking out the winner announcement :)

Buen dia Felicitaciones @voidd , saludos desde Venezuela Los Teques.

Gracias amigo, saludos! :)


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