Passed the 21000 HP mark this weekend! Snowball is rolling good!

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21000 Hive Power, a symbolic number

There will only be 21 million Bitcoin in circulation, ever, and this weekend I passed the magic number of 21000 Hive Power. For some that maybe just a number, but for me, that has a magical touch, 21000, 21 million, 21, it all has something mystic about it. And I am quite surprised, as I hadn't calculated to be here already. I expected it by late July, but it came faster as I thought, because of the growth of my curation rewards to about 140 HP monthly, at thi moment. It is the snowball that is rolling.


I am not half a whale yet, but I am sure heading that way, and expect to be at least half a whale by the end of 2022. At this time I am almost 4 times a dolphin, which is awesome, as I remember 2 years ago, being so happy becoming a dolphin, look at where we are now! That is the beauty of Hive, if you keep active, if you keep contributing to the platform, you keep on growing your account, and your rewards get bigger every month. A true snowball effect. It is not just staking, it is more than that, it is being rewarded for creating content AND for appreciating other people's content. No platform has that, like Hive has that. In the meanwhile I am also growing my LeoPower substantially, right now at about 2750 LP, and my stake in SPORTS just passed the 12 million mark. And also POB and CENT are growing steadily in my portfolio too.

Maybe my 21 fetish comes from my love for Andrea Pirlo, whom always played with 21 for Italy

And let's not forget the +700 Hive Backed Dollars in my savings account, bringing me in almost 12 HBD per month at the moment. And then there is my stake in SPS, DEC, and the Starbits from Rising Star. I am quite stacking up these days.

I must say, I pretty content with how things are going, and that in a bear market.
Imagine things turning around, and Hive price going back to $ 3 and more... That would be awesome, and make my account in totallity worth almost 100000 USD. Who would have thought that when I started out with this on the first of August of 2017, with just some delegated STEEM...

Amazing place this is, let's never forget that!



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Congrats on the achievement it's definitely a work well-done

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Congratulaions my friend. You have made your account progress so well.

Congrat, nice achievement, how you become a whale soon.

Ooof. That’s super cool and attractive. Way to go.

Cheers to your growth 🥂

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It's a real nice run! I started out in 2017 also, though asides from writing (which I use to do a lot more before) I hadn't paid very much attention on "growing my account". So in that regard I am a bit late to the game... no biggie, it's never too lare to start investing!!!!

My next Mark to hit is 5000. Hey so, I don't understand what to do with POB and CENT... I have some due to some LP's I'm in, but other than that, what are they for?

Also I still don't understand clearly how to make HP through curration rewards, can you explain it slightly please?

Thank you and congrats on your 21000HP, it's true there's something mystical about that number!

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Those Pob and Cent are second layer tokens which are worth money too and give you influence in those respective communities too!

Ok, thanks. How do you mean influence? Like as in staked Leo for example?

Someday we'd all share proper 'thank you' testimonials of the opportunity that is the Hive chain

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25K HP next and shouldn't take that long. Congrats as you need stake to see the snowballing.

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Congratulations mate :')

21m HP sooooon 🙈

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Congratulations with nice achievement my friend. Hard work with tasty fruits 😁👍


Congratulations. I am still working on being a dolphin and your hard work has definitely paid off.

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