How I make between 25 and 100 USD passive income extra with Honeygain, without effort!

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Unused internet

I know, it is a weird title, "Unused Internet", but that is exactly what it is all about. We all have an internet connection with a provider. At least you should have, if you want to access the magical and dark place the interweb is. Most of those subscriptions have a limitless data package. As does mine. This means that I never ever use the maximum of my subscription. To the contrary, I mostly don't even use one Terabyte per month. And that is where Honeygain comes in. Honeygain is the middle man between you and big companies in need of bandwidth in most areas of the world. For multiple reasons, datamining, advertising, etcetera...


So what is Honeygain doing for me? It sells part of my data package daily to big companies, that are in need of that bandwith at certain times. Sometimes they need more than other. This bandwidth is used by them with complete respect for your own data and under strict rules. So, there is no need for you to worry about them invading your privacy, because therefor we have Honeygain to protect that.

A screenshot of my current balance

Income depends on how much devices you connect

The more devices that have an IP address, the more you will earn. At this moment I have 2 devices that have the Honeygain software installed. And that brings me about 25 to 50 USD per month. But, there is also a daily raffle which gives extra credits, and a referral income, where you get 10 % of the data traffic of your referrals. For me that income is not huge yet. But I get more referrals every day, so that income is also growing. In the future, I will also be adding some other devices. So my income will probably grow to about 100 USD per month pretty soon.
Which is, in my case, a very nice extra. I don't have to do anything for it. It runs in the background, it doesn't slow my PC down AND there is one more big plus!

Payout in crypto is possible

Yes, you can get your payout in crypto. Once you have gathered 20 USD worth of credits, you can request a payout. Which is possible through crypto and Paypal. Which is in my opinion a major plus. There are also no Know Your Customer questions asked. At least up until now!

Here is my referral code if you want to give it a try. I love the easy money it pays, and so will you! You will also get a 5 $ bonus to start with, if you use the code.



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Interesting read.
I have tried it in the past.
Im in Pakistan.
It doesn't work in my country.

Mmm, I know it’s different in different places in the world. It works like a charm in Europe

You have great advantage. Try to Take the most out of it.
There are few other platforms that also pay like honeygain. I don't remember the names fo now.
Will let you know if it comes go my mind.

The package we are on wont really work as we are on the highest available being uncapped high speed cable. This isn't cheap as we pay a whack each month and what some businesses run on as we have gamers in the house so selling any bandwidth would not go down well.

I understand, over here, bandwidth enough to spare

Have you received a payment from the service so far?

Do you know who their customers are? I hope they are not spam bots avoiding per IP quotas. or carders looking for residential IPs in their victims location.

For the first time I have seen it, interesting. Do you have to keep your PC, phone, etc on to get revenue?

You have to be connected to the internet, so yes

Yay! 🤗
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I have just installed it on my laptop and smartphone. Will see how it works. Crypto payouts are possible through metamask?

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Yep, JMTK token it is called I think