Greed is good, combined with patience!

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"Greed is good"

We all know the famous saying from the movie "Wall Street", "Greed is good". I am not going to say that statement is wrong. If you want to get somewhere in life, you have to be at least a little bit greedy. As long as you are not killing people for it, greed is indeed good. But if you want greed to work, it has to be combined with another very important talent. PATIENCE!
If you don't combine greed with patience, it won't end well. I have been there, there are only very few people that can make a lot of money in a very short period of time. And the factor that helps them, is mostly luck, or they are doing things that aren't really legal.


Hive as an example

You can be greedy on Hive too, posting 10 to 20 posts per day, but it won't work. As people won't keep on upvoting your content. Because it is too much. The chances are you will get downvotes pretty fast after your 7th or 8th post of the day. That is being greedy without patience, it just won't work. Being greedy on Hive takes patience. You can post one or two posts per day, comment as much as you want. But you will have to have the patience to let your account grow. Make good content, and appreciate other's content by upvoting it. This is the way to grow on Hive. Greed combined with patience. I started on Steem almost 5 years ago, without any investment whatsoever. The only Hive I bought was a month or to ago, where Hive was at 30 cents, and I bought about 2250 Hive. All the rest I have earned with being consistently "greedy". Posting every single day, curating my self, and reading and commenting to other people's posts. This creates a network, and gives you a larger following every day. Is that greed? I think so, I am here to earn money, so that is greed, but I am patient with it. I have the time to wait years and years if necessary to earn bigger. It is the only way it will work.

Morale of the story, to all the Hiveans, be greedy, but with patience!

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I agree with you on this... Greed without patience and discipline can't get anything good... You will finish with tons of money which will probably vanish in the same way as it came... Or you will lose the "human touch"...
But, in general, it's good to be greedy when others are fearful, but maybe the better word would be to be BRAVE in those moments...

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That's a great advice for newbies like me to understand when starting out on Hive. It takes time to grow your account, you just have to be patient and keep showing up ever day.

Add patience on the greed sauce!

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Never give up, keep on posting and you will build your following!

Thank you for the encouraging words :)

The way I see it it's easier these days for newcomers to grow their accounts thanks to the communities we have and their specific curators. It was a bit harder back in the day when it was all mixed together.

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True, it took me a few years to find my place in here. The communities make that easier

Greed is not that bad, we need it to be successful at every stage of our life

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From this perspective a little bit of greed can be helpful in one’s journey through life and it is also apparent here on Hive. Nice read.

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You have to be a little greedy in life to succeed!

If you mean a kind of passion, yes you are right. We all should have it to get somewhere in life.

You can call that passion indeed

Absolutely right, Hive is like a beautiful avocado plant, it's pure gold but you have to have patience to cultivate and grow it :D

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I couldn’t have said it better! 👌

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10 posts a day? If you can ensure at least 1 per day, you are already in the top 1%. Consistency is the hack!

A person posting 10 posts a day is either shitposting or using bots. xD

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Amazing write up. If someone asked for a golden rule on hive I would refer them to this post.

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Thanks for that, I wouldn’t say I found the golden rule, but I did my best

Well said man. Growing on Hive has been an adventure and it is one sprinkled with unending "greed" and a desire to always get more through improvement

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This is so true!

However, I'll restrict it to genuine or positive "greed" and not one that is detrimental to the other person.

Infact, you rightly mentioned it and your example of your Greed, patience and consistency on Hive is quintessential.

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Fuck greed xD