Track your cryptocurrency portfolio and plan your take profit exit strategy in Excel

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Download the workbook here

This workbook combines a dollar-cost average (DCA) cryptocurrency portfolio tracker with an exit strategy / take profits worksheet. It is free to download with the link above.

In this video, you will learn how to enter purchase transactions for all your cryptocurrencies, how and where to enter fiat investments/withdrawals, how to navigate the dashboard, and to view actions needed. You will also learn how to enter coins or tokens that don't automatically pull in the price initially and you will learn how to refresh the workbook so the prices and actions are always up to date.

A simple refresh on the Excel Cryptocurrency tracker and exit strategy workbook will calculate your average dollar cost from your purchases, update the dashboard and actions you need to take.

In the second video, you will learn how to enter data into the cash-out strategy sheet. The importance of this is to make sure you don't make emotional sells, instead, you plan and then carry out the plan. This will help protect your investment and any profits you might make. Simon created this cash-out strategy sheet, so I will pass it over to Simon to show you how to use it.

Learn how to use and update the Cryptocurrency take profits cashout/exit strategy sheet with Simon from Crptorats

We are Brave certified and will accept tips for this workbook, it is however free of charge to download, with no obligations.

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Hi @paulag, I tried to follow your steps, but when I refresh the data, it shows the below notification.
Could you please advise what is the issue here and how to fix it?


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Just back to this, did are you using a mac?

No, I use a Window 10 laptop. And I don't have BTC and ETH, so I deleted BTC and ETH in the transaction list and added SPS.

I cant replicate this error, can you tell me, do you have coins in the extra coins list?

This seems really useful, can't wait to try it out. Thanks a lot for sharing! !LUV

no bother, the most useful part is setting up an exit strategy and then sticking too it







@paulag, you've been given LUV from @pardinus.

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Thanks Paula this looks great! I’ll check out that meetup website. Could be nice to branch out a bit!

awesome, would love to see you at the meetup

I wanna to take comprehensive online course about excel
This really help as a start
Thank you

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depending on your skill level, if you can tear this workbook apart and then rebuild it, you don't need a course

I wanna to take comprehensive online course about excel
This really help as a start
Thank you

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That was pretty nice, I don't need the whole thing, but I am going to do some dismantling and see how you made all the pages, and try to build a better workbook for my Hive-Engine token.

so I will give you a hint on how it is made. Power Query, no VBA.

a hive engine token tracker like the one above sounds like a great idea

I've been throwing the idea out there where I can in hopes that one day I will wake up and magically see a simple app that I can type my name in, the token I hold and get the information in a spreadsheet form. I am still working on trying to learn and build my own, but it has taken me three years just to get a semi-nice looking usable spreadsheet.

Damn, it looks complicated! :D

Everyone needs an exit strategy and this is one thing most trackers are missing. Fail to plan and you plan to fail.

Its not complicated to use, give it a try