This year has been brutal: $1.4 trillion was wiped from the crypto market

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All these crypto bad actors and crappy projects that have no real-life utility or use case should be wiped out, which is actually what this prolonged bear market is doing exposing the bad actors and crappy projects although unfortunately some of us crypto traders and investors are getting burned and losing some money in the process, which I wish was not going to happen not the wiping off of bad actors and crypto crappy projects that give crypto a bad name but the customers losing money part, it is hurtful and very annoying, because they invested because they believe in the project not because they want to gamble or throw their money away.


If they wanted to do that they would have gone straight to the casino to gamble not invest in a crypto project that they believed was going to be great someday but instead, they lost their money for reasons that are not their fault and the fault of some greedy developers or crypto exchanges and failed projects, it is so sad to see that 1.4 trillion dollars have been wiped off the crypto market this year.

I feel for everyone that has lost big or even small in this bear market due to bad actors and failed projects, it is not easy losing money, I know this because I have experienced it but to avoid falling victim to all these bad actors giving crypto a bad name do your research on any coin you are investing your money and take your crypto or coin off the crypto exchange into a self custody wallet or cold wallet because Not Your Keys Not Your Crypto is No Joke and this year has shown us how real it is, talking about the LUNA and FTX collapse.

Their collapse has led a lot of companies to file for bankruptcy, which is also affecting the crypto but the market will eventually recover but the money lost is gone, so do yourself a favor and take advantage of the discount and cheap Bitcoin and Altcoin prices right now, and thank yourself later.

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