Idle RPG on Blockchain: Nine Chronicles - Blockchain Game Review (Video)

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In this video I review the idle RPG blockchain game Nine Chronicles, which is completely decentralized and runs without relying on any centralized servers. It is backed by Ubisoft and can be played completely for free. In the first part of the video I explain the basic gameplay mechanics and in the second part I talk about things that I like and dislike about the game.

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00:00 Intro
00:46 Nine Chronicles explained
01:56 Gameplay summarized
03:52 Strengths
04:56 Weaknesses
06:15 Is Nine Chronicles worth playing?
06:55 Outro

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Nine Chronicles is a fully decentralized idle RPG powered by the players and run on the Libplanet blockchain. You create a character, go to dungeons to fight enemies and earn resources which you can use to craft better gear and upgrade your character. In contrast to other blockchain games, Nine Chronicles does not rely on any centralized services, as each action and each item in the game is saved on the blockchain.

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