My newest Hive Journey: Listnerds

Thanks to burlarj for introducing this in the Neoxian Chat group and a lot of people there are hyping about it, so i am very curious to check it out too. Even Xawi also felt that it is worth a try. And with burlarj guidance, I fully believed i am in good hands to try it out.

Of course, you can do this for free but I decided to trust in burlarj to purchase the upgraded plan to speed boost my startup.

This is how the dashboard looks like after you create the account.
One key important note is that after you verify your email and the first time you log in to your account, you will have a once and only chance to subscribe to the enterprise for 20-30%. So if you decide to do so, dont miss this chance.

As you can see, I have subscribed to the enterprise which cost me like 123hive.

With enterprise, I am able to send one solo mail to ALL the users in the whole listnerds ecosystem! With that, I have a high chance of getting upvotes. So far, I get like 10 upvotes.

This is how my solo mail looks like. Every mail that you send out, you will need to have a link. In this way, the receiver will be able to open the link and get mail points.

From what i can understand is that when people upvote your mail, you can get staked listnerd tokens. To unstake listnerd, you will need 10 weeks. Sound very similar to hive power just that the unstake period is insanely long. Staked listnerds can also generate more listnerd.

CTP token determines the number of upvotes you have. I have so far only 4 upvotes.
In your inbox, you will keep receiving email. As what i mentioned previously, these emails will contain url.

When you open these emails, you also have to open the links and let the website load. Only then, you will be able to earn mail points. 15k mail points allows you to do another solo mail which means another MASSIVE blast email to ALL the users in the ecosystem!

If you are interested, feel free to use my referral link:

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Hello @namelessnameless. Nice to meet you. So happy to hear you were able to upgrade immediately upon joining ListNerds. I"ll look for more of your mailings. Good luck in your journey both on Hive and ListNerds.

Take care.
Read through ListNerds


good luck on your Listnerds journey-ListNerds brought me here :)

Great overview and congrats on choosing the Enterprise upgrade, I haven't regretted that choice at all! Listnerds is awesome!

Hope your experience on the platform is beyond amazing😊


You are off to a very good start @namelessnameless. Since you have upgraded you do not need to wait for mail credits and you can mail twice a day. That will really accelerate your earnings. Good luck!

Interesting Start, Thank you for the break down, and Wishing you all the best on Listnerd🌟

Congrats on your upgrade. You made a wise decision. Thanks for sharing.

Congratulations on your upgrade and all the best to you on your Listnerds journey :)

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I will try my best!! Same to you too!!!

Thank you and cheers!

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I just joined the platform and found this post link through Listnerds. This is really very interesting. All the best. Cheers!

Haha i also just saw your chat in the discord. Welcome!!!

Welcome to the Listnerds Enterprise gang!


Thanks!!! Glad to be here. Hope i can go strong for a month.

welcom to listnerd nameless😙

Thanks for recommending me!!! So far so good!

welcome to Listnerds. It is very addicting.

I just saw your email!!! Going to upvote soon!

Welcome to the fun!

Thanks for sharing your experiences with the community!!

Happy to get to know more about you all!!! Cheers!

Welcome on Listnerds, and I saw this post via Listnerds 😁

Haha, this proves that listnerds is working very well as expected!!!

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@namelessnameless! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @bradleyarrow. (4/30)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

Thanks a lot!!! I am still new to a lot of things! Very appreciative that you all are helping me.

Welcome aboard! I'm going to show you some love over on ListNerds 😁

Well done on taking the plunge! We're all early adopters which could reap great benefits and rewards.

Thanks, i am certainty looking forward to that!!! The community is getting stronger.

Welcome to listnerds nameless

Yo!!! Didnt expect to see you here as well. Always just saw you in element only.

I'm here as well ✌🏾

Ah, another nice recruit by @burlarj, welcome in my downline lol. Burl is in my team :)
He's doing great, so you have a great person to go to for questions!

Enjoy this crazy but fun journey, I promise you, it's addictive haha

Haha so far i am having a lot of good times! I had read a lot of blogs!

Welcome to Listnerds!! I hope we will all have fun on this journey.

Thanks, looking forward to get to know you all too!!!

welcome to the gangs of listnerd


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Nice job, @namelessnameless! Happy to have you in the community. ListNerds is unlike any other program in the Mailer industry. The more I use it the more I enjoy using it. It really pushes you to create better emails that people want to read. Best of luck on your journey going forward.

Thanks for that. I have not yet used others but so far I am very happy with listnerd. kind of fun to be part of it.

You're welcome, @namelessnameless! It's interesting. Many people who are joining ListNerds are not internet marketers so they have not used the traditional mailers or safelists. You guys are killing it on ListNerds with the engagement though. 😀
And encouraging marketers to do better.

!PIZZA for you!