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Well this is where i find disagreement in some of the author writings on this subject. First i wanna say after reading your article i do this quite often a few times a month. However after reading this article i went thank goodness i own a farm. However i could see a government controlled world where the powers that be close in on that.

For example i got a farm but it would mean nothing without having access to water on it. Several years back they city tried to take our wells. We fought back and won. However even in controlling my water they could still control me. They could charge me for the water and my monthly cost would shoot up. So they could do alot but so far we remain victorious.

Now the reason i'm saying all this is that what you all do here in crypto and what you write about. Are entirely different things. Like for example you're speaking about abundance and technology lowering cost.

However you do understand our tech already does that. That we don't live in as much a world of scarcity as you think? That there are many things we can afford. That everyone could pretty much live middle class atleast in western nations and 1st world nations. That the only reason they don't is based on your political ideologies and attitudes and you all are the same people here you were there lol. That's why your distribution sucks so bad and you still have so many distribution issues and security issues. Because the mining farms are still centralized to a great degree. Every measure of crypto mining i'd say is centralized. so are the exchanges so is the wealth and in some cases even the development and technology.

So your writings are far off from what actually goes on. It is only political ideology in many of these examples why there is suich lack of economic prosperity and cost of goods and services. This is not a labor issue or resource issue. Many studies have been done on this. So if it's not that what is it? It is you all when you come in crypto or go anyplace you manifest the same political ideologies that are the hold up lol.

Nothing else is.. It's not the government its you. lol. Now you can say well it's miseducation which it is. However your examples you all do here to me promotes more of it. In crypto you all still have the residue of a corporatism society which never works. it will never work.. now some have said well the centralization lead to greater development but do we really know that?

I mean under hitler.. did the autobahn not get developed. Under the ussr were not a superpower, lol. What about China? I'm not saying those are idea situations in their government makeup. All i'm saying is that proves that the narrative is false that corporatism is what creates value and invention and all these things which i think are false. In fact it's kinda in some sense the opposite. It's the corporatist attitude in crypto that in a sense is hindering it. That mindset is the opposite of the mindset of abundance. Crypto is dominated by a scarcity mindset for absolutely no reason lol.

Crypto should be free just like the internet was free. how much the internet cost you? sure you pay a small fee per month or considerably small for what you get .. which is pretty much all human knowledge just about. so the internet is almost free. in some places it is free.

So what you all are doing in crypto the blockchain which we don't have to move into a future of setting men free. It's no reason it can't set you free now but the exception of how you all move. what you all believe. what you all push and promote and i can tell you this. what you all do is part of that corporatist mindset it's no different. i know it when i see it. that's what's holding the show up people like you and some others.

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