Hive next support level, Splinterlands airdropped me a legendary

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I don’t want to blow my horns by saying I’m getting good at this thing, but I’m actually getting good at this thing.

For example. Hive, like the rest of the market has been on downtrend for a while now, this is Hives 7 day chart below. As at last night, I could swear that we were expecting a further drop to $1.15 from $1.3 levels only to wake up this morning to see it at $1.16. Now after this drop to this level, we can watch out for a little recovery and another dump right after.

The above quote is from yesterday’s post, and the chart below is Hive’s present market action.


The price bounced from $1.13 to $1.18 for a bit, and it’s back to $1.13 levels. I made a buy at $1.13 and sold at $1.18. If I buy back now, at 0.13, I’ve earned myself a few extra Hive, if I follow this pattern, I could very much increase the quantity of Hive I started this trade with over the next couple of weeks.

But I think there was a bit of luck to this, I actually expected a stronger recovery to the upside, but it hardly even crossed $1.2, I’m not exactly sure why I sold at $1.18 instead of waiting for something higher but it worked. Luck. One thing I’ll like to note is that next support like is $1.0. The first time it touches $1 or goes below signals a buy and any move above $1.18 signals sell.

This is not a trading advice, I’m basically experimenting with only little amount of Hive, however, if there are lessons to learn that will positively impact my noob trading skill, then I’ll take it.


I finally got an airdrop card from the revealed airdrop cards today. It wasn’t a gold foil legendary though, it was normal foil legendary but I’ll take it. To think I’ve gotten only about 50 packs yet, bagging this airdrop was an extremely slim chance I never expected.


It’s a huge monster. I’m not much of a fan of monsters with so much mana, I prefer tiny but lethal monsters like the Feral Spirit with a mana of 3 but very lethal. This one has 11 mana. It is a perfect suit for battles with high mana, unfortunately, those type of battles don’t come too often.

This card gets even more lethal when it’s maxed out, and fortunately it doesn’t take so much of it to max it out, just 11. Any smart owner should max theirs, I plan to max mine in the nearest future.


Speaking of Splinterlands cards airdrop, we still have 8 more to go, I’m hoping for a legendary gold before the airdrops are over. So help me Splintergods. I’m waiting for one of my plans to come to fruition before I take a plunge into the market to load up on packs. At the moment I have 25 packs unopened. I’m still inbetween holding and opening. I’m super tempted to open though. Let’s see how long I can keep my hands from opening.

Thanks for reading


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Gosh, I gotta learn to trade.... You are doing great with trading above and below the numbers (I mean those buying and selling motions you are taking).

Luck is on your side, and I am confident, you'll be increasing the number of your Hive. I wish you more luck @mistakili

It sounds easy on paper, but some people have mastered it over the years, I hope to also, in my own unique way, for however long it’ll take, no pressure. Just me though. But it’s masterable, you get what I mean. So you can learn it.

Luck is not dependable don’t you think so? To attain a level of mastery in anything I think one needs more than luck.

A typical example is right now, I’m not confident in my next move, I have a feeling that this is a buy zone, but due to the things happening in the market at the moment make it seem like Hive might drop further, perhaps the perfectionist in me wants to buy it at the best price possible so I’m rather waiting instead of pulling the trigger and buying right now.

We might be at the end of the bleeding or just half way through, there’s no way I can know that, some people claim to be able to use technical analysis to understand and predict the movement of this market but how does technical analysis predict that China will ban Bitcoin mining and make everyone start to panic?

Ultimately, the best strategy is to hold through whatever comes by. It saves a lot of headache

But it’s masterable, you get what I mean. So you can learn it.

Hehehehe, of course, I get what you mean.

For the buy now or later, I really can't tell you what to do. Although, I am thinking maybe you should buy a percentage and leave a certain percentage behind for possible eventualities(like an unexpected pump when we are all seeing a dwindling)

Either way, just do what you feel is best for you. Soon, you'll become a pro at this stuff, I can feel it pressure as you said .. hehehehe

By the way, I want to thank you again, for responding to this comment, I appreciate you always. ❤️💞

Although, I am thinking maybe you should buy a percentage and leave a certain percentage behind for possible eventualities(like an unexpected pump when we are all seeing a dwindling)

Very smart move. But I held back from doing anything which has turned out well yet again. However, as things go on, this method will be my last resort.

Thanks for your interest Iskafan. How are things at your side.

Oh wow. Great you found a way.

I am okay, and you?

Hey, @mistakili, thanks alot for voting my first comment, but, I sincerely need you to respond to it, it means alot to me. Please...... Thank you 🥺🙏

Hei lol I voted your comment to let you know that I saw it and I’m coming to it because I’m occupied with other things. I appreciate your comment every time

Yeah, I understood the vote, but, it was really important this time, that you respond, I apologize if I had to drag you out of your busy schedule.... It was really important, you've got to believe me 🥺

Thanks so much for responding. 💞💞

Same here! I can’t wait to be a guru in trading like this champ but I’ll take my time learning the ropes .

I wish you the best in everything boss ❤️

It is a good time to sell HBD for hive cause in future hive price i gonna go up. and
Don't worry you will get legendary gold one.

PS - thanks for reading my posts and commenting but now its my turn😉

Thank you.

Hehe sweeeet! Followed you back.

most welcome, do give me feedback so I can more improve my article

Haha will gladly do

I think that HIVE has stood against this downtrend very well for a while. I don't expect that much fall till $0.10s, even so, I would continue using HIVE as now.

As far as Hive is concerned every dip is a blessing. During dips people earn more hive. All it takes is the market to turn around which it will eventually. And everyone will see how rich they’ve become.

During dips people earn more hive.

I think so, too, if you mean on blockchain. We upvote post in a high rate when the price at dips.

Hi, could you tell me the logic behind people earning more hive during the dips? How does upvoting post affect it too?

Hi. So When you’re upvoted, for example, on your post you have $100, when your reward is due, you’ll have the 100$ split two ways, 50% for you, 50% for curators.

Then the 50% that belongs to you is split into two parts, the first one comes in hbd and the other part comes in hive power.

So that’s 25$ in hbd and 25$ in hive(hive power). If hive is 1$, you’ll be getting only 25 hive, if Hive is 2$, you’ll be getting only 12.5 Hive. If 1 Hive is 10$, then you’ll be getting only 2 hive. But if 1Hive is 0.5$, you’ll be getting more hive. I’m bad at maths sorry lol.

Do you get it?

oh I never knew about this! Yup I got it thanks :)

:) 💪🏻

I’m sure the curious cat in you will eventually open up the packs , I’m up for a bet; Lol.