Is BXT The Token To Have & HODL?

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I bet that most of you reading this, have used BeeSwap, at least once. I know I do! For those of you who don't know, Beeswap is a service where you can convert your Hive into Hive.swap (and vice versa,) for the low, low fee of .25%!

Now, how would you like to share in the fees that are generated? To do this, all you need to do, is stake some BXT! As of writing, the APR is around 88%!

You can buy these tokens off Hive Engine or make a swap for them on Tribal Dex, But, you can also, earn them by adding Liquidity to certain pools! BXT distribution will be in the following manner:

swap.hive : bxt 20%
swap.hive : swap.bnb 10%
swap.hive : swap.busd 10%
swap.hive : swap.matic 10%
swap.hive : swap.eth 10%
swap.hive : sim 5%
swap.hive : leo 5%
swap.hive : dec 5%
swap.hive : sps 5%
swap.hbd : swap.busd 5%
community fund 5%
hive liquidity providers 10%

I am definitely a big fan of BXT! It can give you a nice passive income and it's a great way to show support for such an awesome Hive project!

I have several staked in my wallet, and am looking to add some more. I think you should, too!

Read the @beeswap Whitepaper, Here!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Yay! 🤗
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Ive been seeing bxt mentioned lately but I don't know much about it. I have to backtrack and read some of the launch posts. I've been sitting in hive on hive engine. I could use a nice tribe token that earns income.

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I am thinking to do swap.hive :DEC pool. I feel it worth a shot.

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