Frontends need to do more to improve the User experience.

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This is something I have talked about in the past a lot. And really, very little has changed in the last 3-4 years Ive been using Hive dapps.

Besides Keychain, there have been only incremental improvements in terms of user experience and it seems that frontends arent really showing any kind of ambition to introduce innovation.
I would even say things are getting worse as time goes by.

Each day, blogging and long form written content is just another 24 hours less relevant in the social media space.

Yet we arent making any strides in exploring other options. Like it or not Blogging is going the way of the "forums".
Its been proven time and time again, in last 10-15 years that successful content delivery systems are based around RESTRICTIONS, not absolute freedom to post how you want.

What I mean by innovation:

To understand what it is that needs to be improved upon, you need to ASK people. Then you need to take those answers and based on who gave it, place each in corresponding sheets. Figure out what it means and how you can implement solutions. Its called market research.


That way you determine the experiences new users have vs casual vs hardcore users and work on issues that are present.

The front end that did that would extremely quickly find out a few things that I have realized working with the general public when it comes to promoting Hive:

Hive is stupidly complex for new users and without significant user experience improvement, it has about 0% chance of mass adoption.

Everything we take for granted we do so because wer used to it.
We see it as it is and think its fine instead of trying to understand what others see and make changes for them if we want them here.

These changes need to come from the frontend side. Theyre visual and end user.


Some examples on what Im talking about:

  • The current archaic content placement algo needs to be changed. Right now "attention" and engagement is not "rewarded" by the content placement system in any way whatsoever. That is beyond absurd on a social media platform.
    When upvotes are the only way to get placement on the trending pages, and most posts are put there by 1-2 whale votes, then the attention a post might get is fabricated. Its "not real" in a sense. You can rename the trending page to whatever you want but you cant remove the interest of people from viewing it as being extremely important.
    We need a hybrid system where attention and engagement alongside upvote values would be weighed in and determine content placement.
    This would incentivize authors to gather followers, because actually having people read your stuff would matter, something we do need.

  • This is a very simple one. Frontends need to streamline their signup methods. We used to have Hiveonboard but that hasnt had any account creation tokens available for months.
    What that means is that the 2 of our biggest frontends, Hiveblog and Peakd, dont have any kind of signup system that leads back to them.
    Someone that finds or online and tries to signup, while not knowing how passwords work on Hive, which is 100% of people, wont know what to do and will leave. CONGRATZ you just lost a potential user.

Id be fucking panicking right now. Why the fuck isnt anyone else!

It very much seems that no one gives a shit about user experience and retention.
Lets go to 3.

  • Passwords:
    New users just dont know how to manage them. They dont. The solution is simple here as well and even some of the devs talked about the changes.
    We need either custodial accounts that would be created simply by EMAIL where the frontend would manage the Hive account themselves similarly to what centralized exchanges are doing and at a point, once requested, pass over the control to the user.
    Or you could have guest accounts with limited use where the user would gradually be introduced into various concepts and information about Hive up until being prompted to create a real account and manage it on his own.

  • Another big issue is the click journeys we send potential users on. If you send the potential user on a click journey, for every click made you will lose a large number of potential users.
    People have incredibly short attention spans and value their time greatly. In their heads.
    We here think:

"Oh but Hive is awesome, its so worth a few more minutes of clicking".

BUT THEY DONT KNOW THAT! New users come here knowing nothing about Hive. Most dont know anything about Hive after being 1 week here. If you make the process seem too long or taxing, users just wont bother.

Heres a story for you:
A year ago I wanted to make an account on a #TELOS dapp. I made a few clicks but then it prompted me to make a EOS wallet. Did i do it? No. I said "fuck that":

Im not spending 15 minutes getting a EOS wallet, logging into Binance to then buy 5 dollars of EOS and move it to the wallet so I can use a TELOS dapp.

AND TO THIS DAY... I still havent made a TELOS account. And I wont! Ill fucking write 2 hours on HIVE about how I couldnt be bothered to waste 15 minutes of my life, but I wont go there and make the account.

Because their sign up process sucked ass. As does ours here.

To close this off.

  1. If you want any kind of adoption to happen you need to initially be able to log in with an email, facebook account, twitter account and use Hive basic features.
  2. If you want people to work on growing an audience and not only look to befriend whales and orcas, or hoping for a random upvote, fix the content placement algo.
  3. If you dont want people to leave after using Hive for 5 minutes, then dont show them stuff that will entirely confuse them the first second they spend here.
  4. If you want Hive to be relevant in the global market you need to think beyond blogging and long form content.
  5. If you want people to sign up to Hive, they actually need to be able to sign up to Hive.

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The onboarding and complexity of the system are indeed major issues. Even though I really love everything Hive, I never share much about it with my friends. Mainly because it's a pain in the ass to explain. People often think it is some sketchy scam that one should stay away from. I think that is proof it should change indeed to something with a low-level entry for newbies. The email account idea sounds like a good direction to investigate.

People often think it is some sketchy scam that one should stay away from.

Exactly. We need to bring down the initial experience to the level that is understandable for the new user.

Hi, I joined almost 1 year ago and left after getting frustrated. Luckily after watching some more tutorials and also interacting with some HIVE people on Twitter I decided to come back and give it another try. One other deciding factor was having my Twitter account suspended so it forced me to come back to keep interacting with the members I had made friends with. Since then I have been primarily active on LEOFinance and have powered up over 10k $LEO. I believe most of your concerns in your post will be addressed by Project Blank by LEO Finance. I still think theres a long way to go with streamlining actions and functions and I can totally understand why and how people would get frustrated here. It's good to know others have some of the same ideas and frustrations as myself!

project blank is like the promise land, we have to suffer 40 years walking through the desert in order to get to it :P

I think we'll find out more in the next week or so when the White Book for LEO Finance is released

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seeing is believing :)

I guess we'll see soon™

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A new user should have some sort of pop-up that gives an explanation of what each password is used for. Before generating the keys. Then after signup, a couple links to some good posts about being a beginner on the Hive blockchain. The Do’s and Don’ts if you will.

Lack of Account Creation Tokens should not be a problem. Everything else on Hive can be transferred, why not the Account Creation Tokens??? I would be more than willing to offer mine up to help onboard new users.

Everything else on Hive can be transferred, why not the Account Creation Tokens???


The algo side is something that really should be worked on tbh. Social media should be fun.
Peakd has something that rates content based on views and engagements but that's only on Peakd and it is only for the top top posts.

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I know that sometime the posts show views etc. but placement isnt affected by it. So its basically a fun metric that does nothing.

Ever tried to encrypt your email?
And that has been here for nearly 30 years now:)))

It is good to see,nothing has changed on Steem Hive

I onboarded my friend @gtpacheko17 to Hive through @ecency and it was pretty smooth for him
It is easy to create an account, but not overly easy and totally free to avoid spam. Imagine if people could create an account in one day using any e-mail? Because Hive is free it needs limits, limits can, and should, be increased as computing costs go down and witnesses can upgrade the blockchain and the nodes.

Ecency and 3speak right now seem to be the only 2 free options with decent enough exposure on the social media side.

Splinterlands also easy. What about Leofinance? It seems we need the technology built and open-sourced so that various frontends can simply use it and have easy account creation.

And what is needed for Hiveonboard to get more account creation tokens?

We used to have Hiveonboard but that hasnt had any account creation tokens available for months.

I’ve never understood why there’s no easy way to transfer these from one account to another. I’ve got over 800, just sitting there.

I do not have an answer for you there. Thats something Im wondering as well.

I don't think this is ranting, you are telling truths like temples. I hope someone takes notice and does something about it.

nah people enjoy suffering and headaches, streamlining stuff is boring :P

The end to end user journey doesn't seem to have been a priority to date. The Crypto World is still in the process of getting to an MVP in many respects. So much opportunity here given the issues your referring to are all solvable with the progress that has been made on the backend, and governance layers.

Someone just needs to connect the dots. That's when web3 will go mainstream.

no one gives a shit about user experience and retention

Yup, there are a few of us, but 99.9% here the conversation is about $$$$, without realizing that more daily active users and more, better content will lead to greater adoption and NEED for Hive/HBD, increasing the price through supply and demand!

You've posted this in the LeoFinance group which to be fair, has the streamlined sign up process that you're looking for via their front-end.

Click get started at the top and you're able to sign up using a Twitter account:

'Get Started' via front-end.

LeoFinance allows people to instantly use the social dApp and when they're ready, to claim their Hive keys.


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Yes, Leo has been doing a good job in that department.

WEN Lordbutterfly Coin ? WEN Lordbutterfly front end?

Do I have to do everything? lol

I could comment on a long text. But is already all spoken out. Problem since years.

Anyway bear is coming so we have 3 years time to try to build again :P

Seems like it. Maybe BTC bounces to 100k. lol

Me on McDonald job

I totally agree that it's not doable to figure this out if you're a total newbie without anyone explaining anything to you.

I noticed the out of account creation tickets several times when I needed it.

No sign up option on peakd? That surprises me I never realized it :-)

I think it sends you to from Peakd and Hiveblog and then you make an account on Ecency which is a completely different front end. I feel silly just reading that because it makes no sense.

It does! I always went to for account creation, and when tickets weren't available, to Ecency because only an e-mail is needed.

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Hive have given users so many opportunities to be here but it is to maintain the normal process by socializing with others and posting genuine contents that really matters to be consistent here rather than just own an account.

Hive is developing so much than any other platforms. That's why i like hive more. For the user hive doing all of te work that will be good for everyone.