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RE: SERIES: Beeing A Creative on Hive || #2 Web3 - Overview of Possibilities

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Web 3 seems like a much better option for people in the arts world to get their work seen. And not have to rely on an agent that you have to pay to get your name out there. Instead you can blog about your creative process and get your own name out there.
And then the other opportunities that you mention besides the blogging. Pretty amazing.


Yes absolutely! I experienced alot of people here who really are interested in what I am doing. Who value art and the time you put into. Yeah these are only a few opportunities. There are so many more. It would be more than a full time job if you take advantage of all the possibilities. :)

The longer I am here on Hive and active the more I see that people really do appreciate creative people. I know I really enjoy seeing all the different things people are passionate about. Have a great day! 😀

Yes! And this is great! I am not used to this from the normal world...
have a great day too! =)

It is a whole new world here. Glad it's working out for you. Thanks and Happy Thursday! 😀