Leo Power Up Day is coming again! - Get ready for July 15th and 85k+ Leo in delegations for the winners!

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Second round is coming, and we have a big bar to beat!

This is just the second round out of 200 - maybe 500, who knows. #LPUD this is a long-term battle that only the diamond paws are able to fight and only the really committed ones will win. The Leo Power Up day is a challenge that will pay off for those who understand the value of Powering Up Leo.

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Powering Up helps you by having more influence in the reward allocation on posts by giving you a bigger vote. It also helps the community by growing the demand for Leo tokens and reducing the supply in the market. The Leo Power Up day strives to encourage every average Leo and Hive users to buy some Leo tokens and power them up, which is beneficial for the community in general.

Hey! #LPUD is part of our Win Two HiveFest tickets + Accommodation contest.

If you are reading this post, go check out [the contest! The prizes are incredibly juicy to miss out on them!

But the LeoFinance team wants to provide a cherry on top of the cake. The cake for the #LPUD is that this initiative helps community by providing a general incentive - a healthy, organic community growth. The cherry on top, are the massive delegations provided by the LeoFinance team for three lucky winners, and the incredible community delegations for several committed Lions who participate in the Leo Power Up Day!

Leo Power Up Day: July 15th Edition

Join the Leo Power Up day and... on top of powering up Leo and contributing to the Leo ecosystem growth, while also increasing your influence in the platform and stacking more and more tokens through curation rewards, you will participate in a drawing/raffle where three Leo users will win a 20k Leo delegation for three weeks.

That's right: Power up at least 200 Leo on July 15 (PST), and you will be eligible to win one of the three 20k delegation prizes.

Here's a thorough guide to Powering up LEO using Hive-engine or Leodex

Some ground rules to participate in LeoPowerUpDay:

  • Your total Leo Power (on the 15th) must be more than 200 and less than 20k
  • You must power up at least 200 Leo on July 15.
  • You must not have powered down Leo since June 15.
  • Make a post about Leo Power Up Day, why are you powering up, why is it good for the platform, and talk about anything else you want to in the post! Remember to use the tag #lpud. Then Tweet about this linking to your post using the tags #hive #leofinance, #cryptocurrency and #lpud.

Our curators will be on the lookout for amazing posts using the tag #lpud, so make sure to make a kickass post and perhaps you'll get a visit from @leo.voter!

This is the perfect chance for those who can't buy some Leo to generate some Hive rewards and use them to buy Leo to power it up!

Bonus Prizes

The Leo community is one of the strongest and tightest in the Hive ecosystem, and many of the users with a big Leo stack have chipped in to the prize pool to encourage you to power up Leo!

Five random users who fulfill the four requirements above will get one of the next Leo Power delegations for 3 weeks:

This means there will be 8 bonus winners, one winner for each prize

Thanks to all the Lions who are contributing to the prize pool, you should go follow their blog!

If you participate in the Leo Power Up Day initiative for three consecutive months - June, July, & August - and you don't win any prize, and you made a post about #LPUD each of those months, then you qualify for the Bad Luck Prize by @onealfa, where he will delegate 60,000 LEO tokens for three weeks to on lucky winner!

The winners of this contest will be chosen randomly using a provably fair random picker from a pool of users who fulfill all four requirements.

So, what are you waiting for? Prepare yourself for the second Leo Power Up Day on the 15th (PST), and on every 15th of each month of 2022!


@hivefest, The most amazing in-real-life event in the Hive ecosystem is happening in a couple of months, and Leo Finance is sponsoring the tickets and accommodation for two Lions.

Make sure to check it out!


All the liquid rewards from this post will be used to empower hive communities' contests, so don't hesitate and give it a full vote!

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That's a nice one for Leo holders

Whooo! Prizes growing! Hope this month will be even bigger than last.

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Definitely more is expected this month too, since the first one was a success, it shows everything is set to keep on going with this initiative right now and a perfect way to boast the chances of new bies growing in the community too

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I am all in.
I guess soon my own stake will get raised to 20K , making me silent participator.

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Congrats in advance.

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Another round of Leo Power Up Day is great event would say and thanks for brining it again

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wow..I was waiting for this post and I will participate for sure.

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It's nice to see another Leo Power Up Day and I will definitely take part.

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This is one thing that as make it a very good competition right now and to me I sincerely see it as the best means of helping user's to see why they need to stake more Leo , rather than powering down to sell

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More info why you see this.

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Massive support from @onelfa.leo is definitely another thing to write about

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Lets see this month's participation :)

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Looking forward to it already - been working hard to save up LEO - its a no-brainer, everyone who enters benefits from this -great initiative. Good luck for winning a prize everyone !

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Leo power up day must not be missed because it is really awesome to be part of it.

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I will be powering up at least 800 $LEO

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Fantastic news, I am set for the 15th🦁

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Go go Tengo

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jeje I am guessing that you are all set for Friday?

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Indeed I am. Just bought some leo in preparation for it

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Excellent, I knew you would be ready, I am too and I am ready for pizza pud tomorrow too!

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There's a pizza pud too, when is that?

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hehe yes was the 14th

Oops, didn't read well, lol. I won't be able to participate in pizza pud. Probably another time m

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Yes although 300 to get the nft is more than the other puds

Go, lions!

Interesting to see this once again and I want to believe that lot of individuals are already waiting for this moment to.

We go again come 15th

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Ah nice... I was wondering when the second #loud was coming!!!! I'm in this time, if I can hear my alarm for the 15th!

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Woohoo.... I can't wait.

I already have about 122 liquid Leo and I am optimistic it will be up to 200 Leo on the 15th and I'll waltz into powering up and growing my stake.

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This is great. I have been trying to grow my LP, and this is a great opportunity to do so. Cheers

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This sounds great!
LEO could retake a nice season in the coming months maybe!.

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This so juicy. I will work on my participation

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Let's see if LeoFinance cares about its Lions, and Lions will do the same.

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Power up, power up, this is the only way forward to get more influence on both Leo Finance and Hive!

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when you don't win for 3 months and still don't win the bad luck prize.

I'm definitely powering participating in this. Good luck to everyone.


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Everything that is implicit in the Leo Power Up is very good. That I fully understand everything that it involves?

Well, no! But like the Hive Power Up Day, I am convinced that participation is aimed at the growth of the hive and the Leo community and even brings personal benefits. I will try to participate 😎😊.

I'm in, and this time I have an alarm set for the 15th of July... I ain't missing it!!!

Ps: Here's my link: https://leofinance.io/@senorcoconut/leo-power-up-day-is-coming-i-don-t-wanna-miss-it-and-neither-should-you

Thanks for doing this!

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