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The Project Blank UI is coming along well. We give an update each week during the LeoFinance AMA as we continue to hammer out the details and keep our heads down developing the new UI. As many of you know, the UI is in closed alpha now and will be released to Open Alpha in the next 2 weeks.

As we approach the hard date for Open Alpha to go live, we are excited to keep pushing out new features for Closed Alpha. In this clip we talk about a few of the things we just added:

  • Image Uploading
  • Metadetails
  • A poll on twitter

The 3rd - a Poll on Twitter - is something that we've been doing throughout the development.

We are looking for intense levels of community feedback as we build this UI from scratch. The Hive and LeoFinance Community have a lot of ideas and ways that UIs can improve.

From a UI/UX perspective, we think this is insanely important which is one of the many reasons why we're doing it this way. The Open Alpha will give a large-scale breeding ground for ideas and rapid feedback to our team as we build the Everything App for Hive.

Listen to the clip for all the deets!

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You heard it here! 2 Weeks or sooner 👀

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I heard it too!

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This is a very good update and a nice development for the project before it finally lunched, I want to believe that it will makes activities here more better easier when it is finally lunched too

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The hard date is on the horizon now :)

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