The Only Content Allowed on Hive is No Longer the Only Content Allowed on Hive

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Through the rise of Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms, it's clear that attention spans are waning and people are moving more and more toward short-form content. Whether it's video, text or images... Short-form content is king these days.

That being said, there is always a place for long-form content consumption. There are many circles on the internet where long-form is preferred and many use cases for it. We believe in a dual approach.

This dual approach is why we built Project Blank in the first place. We set down an incredibly arduous path of developing microblogging for the Hive blockchain. It hasn't been easy and it has been anything but a straightforward path to achieving the end goal.

In this journey, we've learned a lot. Today, you can use to test the initial version of the Microblogging (Threads) architecture that we built for the Hive blockchain ecosystem.

In 2 weeks, you'll get to try the open alpha version of the ProjectBlank UI - which is going to replace the UI after we decide to move from Open Alpha to Production.

In this clip, we post Memes on the Hive blockchain and call for more meme activites.

Memes are fun. They make you laugh and they get tons of engagement. Hive wasn't the biggest place for memes in the past because people want long-form, A+ quality content when it comes to base-layer posts.

Well, that is no longer the case. Now you can post memes on and earn HIVE + LEO for them. They are NOT top-level posts so you don't have to worry about downvote police coming in and telling you that you didn't include enough words.

You can include 0 words and just a meme on Threads. Get after it frens!

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Our mission is to democratize financial knowledge and access with Web3.


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LMAO at the cover pic. I fit right in

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So this was a talk about meme's ?

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Although I don't know how to make memes and it's not the content I consume, I think it's great this microblogging where short content is valued.

What I don't understand is if we can do in the same day, a publication of short content and another of long content.

On the other hand I have not been able to register on, I have not been able to log in with Hivesigner.

Hopefully in this new interface I will be able to register.

In Hive and all its ecosystem very good things are being cooked.

I write long form content regularly and short form the same day. Threads for short form and blog for long form.

I use Keychain to login to leofinance and much easier.

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There is a skill set in being able to communicate a lot of information with less words, unless you are a novelist, it is preferred.

Cheers to no longer promoting long rambling posts which could be a bullet point list and be more effective.

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Another wonderful one indeed. More and more is coming to Hive blockchain and is mind blowing

They are NOT top-level posts so you don't have to worry about downvote police coming in and telling you that you didn't include enough words.

¿Huh? erm... I dunno, but doesn't look or sounds like a statement too true as to trust in it blindly. ¿Isn't it?

Ago, I argued with a friend that accumulateing Hive coin as many as possible is far better than Bitcoin. After much argument, I informed him about Leofinance, powerup benefits etc but he still decline my advise. After the massive bull run that occurred recently, he has choose to trigger more interest.
I'm glad that I know about cause in near future, Hive blockchain will dominate

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