What's Taking So Long? Project Blank UI Update

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It's January and everyone is asking "Wen". Well, the answer to that is rather long and complex:


We've been working overtime on the new LeoFinance UI. A lot of work is going into making the most robust and intuitive experience possible.

Right now, a handful of us are testing the UI and getting it ready for Open Alpha.

The lastest things to get added are better image handling (a teaser of this was shared during the live show in discord). Some users have complained on the older UI that images get cutoff, etc. We've fixed that on the new UI and made image uploading 10x better.

Along with that, we've vastly improved the posting mechanics for long-form content - this went live to Private Alpha testers literally today as you're reading this.

Progress is happening super fast but as always - not as fast as everyone wants.

The good news is that all this extra time has given Head of Growth - @anomadsoul - a lot of ideas and time to build out those ideas to grow the platform right at launch.

We have something REALLY COOL in store for the launch and for the months and even years that follow that will gamify the experience of getting involved with campaigns to Grow LeoFinance.

Strap in, the new UI will be in your hands VerySoon and along with it, we'll chase 5,000 MAUs target before December 2023.

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That's what I wanted to ask as well. 😁
Nevertheless, I think it is important to get to market a workable product in order to ensure adoption from the get-go. This will keep people engaged and wanting to use the app on and on.

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Haha what a surprise!

I agree, I think we'll see this app have a totally different adoption matrix than any other app on Hive. It's intuitive, easy-to-use and highly rewarding

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Such a game changer


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Paitienly waiting for project blank

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Excited! Appreciate your hard work.

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Now Wen?
Very Soon.
Wen Wen Wen?
Very Very Very Soon.

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What can you serve but not eat?
Divorce papers.

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@leofinance, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @ironshield

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when is soon? looks great 🤩

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The UI looks really cool. Developing such a UI is not easy at all. I'm looking forward to it. I feel very very soon!

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Some users have complained on the older UI that images get cutoff, etc. We've fixed that on the new UI and made image uploading 10x better.

I didn't even have to complain! I knew it was going to be better. I trust the team based on all the growth I have seen. I was literally there at the launch when SteemLeo went live and I was very excited. What has grown out of it has exceeded my expectations venturing into areas I was not even thinking LEO will spread its tentacles into.

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I gifted $PIZZA slices here:
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Looking forward to the new user interface.

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