LeoFinance's Fringe Projects | Our Team's New Approach to Automating or Removing

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In this clip from the LeoFinance AMA, we talk about how we are cleaning up all of the fringe projects on LeoFinance. We've started, tried and succeeded with a lot of different projects. We've also had some missteps along the way and that is where some of our focus has been going.

Cleaning up some of these fringe projects and automating or removing things has become a narrative for our team.

If something isn't getting heavy usage, we add it to the fringe list.

Once its there, we evaluate it as a team.

We ask each other: "can we automate this completely? Removing all manual intervention and bottlenecking on human actions?"

If we can automate it then we do. If we can't, then we're removing it from the project. This falls in line with bringing our team's focus back to the core things that made and make LeoFinance great in the first place.

The best example of this is the WLEO geyser which we recently were (finally) able to successfully automate and remove all manual intervention.

Listen to the clip to see the other places where we're deploying this strategy!

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Good one from the team, removing all the fringe projects will definitely help the community go along way and I must be sincere that the team as been so spectacular too so far

Just because a project isn't getting a lot of traction currently does not mean it's a bad project or needs to be fully automated. Instead it could be as simple as it's not as visible to the public as it should be and instead of trashing perhaps it needs to simply be incorporated into UIs better.

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FYI - I think @leo.bounties has missed some transactions over the last few days on 2/3/23 and 2/6/23.


And others might be getting double payouts?


It looks like it missed me again. @khaleelkazi could you help me look into this?

Hello :)