New Month-to-Month Roadmap and Developer Updates

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LeoFinance Roadmap OctoberNovember.png

Earlier in 2020, we released a roadmap for the year. In it, we discussed our general objectives throughout the year and outlined some precursors to future developer updates that would be released as new features and LeoApps were developed.

This 2020 roadmap got a great response as many in our community and beyond wanted to get a general sense of what LeoFinance was up to and what our long-term goals are. The one issue with having a roadmap like this is that it is so general and broad that things change in real-time and it's hard to pin down more exact dates and details.

I often see comments and messages in our discord asking various questions, usually around the premise of "what's next?"

After asking for some feedback from a few community members, I came up with the featured image of this post. The LeoFinance team and our developers are continuously working on various projects all at once. The major benefit to having multiple people/devs involved is that we can simultaneously build separate aspects of the LeoFinance project. This is one of our secret sauces to cranking out updates at a rapid pace.

With these rapid updates come a lot of questions. Things are often moving so fast that it's hard to pin down what happened yesterday, what's happening today and what is being built tomorrow.

Since our roadmap is in constant flux, we came up with this idea of a "Month-to-Month Roadmap". In these M2M roadmaps, you'll see our internal targets and release dates. These are all of the projects that are currently being worked on with a goal to deliver in the next ~30 days.

Throughout our official posts from this account, @leofinance (which are usually a few times per week) along with our other social accounts and channels (Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Medium, etc.) we'll update our community on the M2M roadmap progress. As you see above, we're checking off the delivery of various aspects of our monthly roadmap as they happen in real-time with a green ✅.

At the end of each month, we'll release an updated M2M roadmap + post to accompany the coming updates.

Spreading the Word and Onboarding

Our initiatives to onboard new users have been doing incredibly well. Between our two onboarding mechanisms (Metamask Signup and direct Hiveonboard acc. creation), we've created over 200 Hive accounts in the past 30 days. We're still in the process of creating a means to compile data on the activity of these accounts.

With this tool, we'll release regular reports on our onboarding activities. The difficult part of the process is separating existing Hive users who have created an alt account from the truly new users who just signed up for the first time. From this initial 200, we assume that the majority are Hive users creating alts and testing our onboarding process. With that said, if you've been watching the trending page and our Discord server, you'll know that we've had well over a dozen new signups in the past 30 days who have become active in the community.

@taskmaster4450 wrote a cool post following the journey of one of these new account signups as they went from being a non-hive/leo user to actually purchasing HIVE to buy LEO and power up both HIVE and LEO. It's amazing to watch this play out in real-time and also know that we're just in the beginning stages as we scale this onboarding program and bring in a whole new generation of Hivers and LEOs.

An important aspect of onboarding and keeping new users in the loop is having an easily readable roadmap. This is another reason why the M2M roadmap has a great deal of utility. It keeps our current userbase informed and up to date on what we're doing but it also allows onlookers from outside of our community to easily keep up with what's happening on LeoFinance in real-time and also be informed about what's in the near-term pipeline.


As you can see in the M2M roadmap, the WLEO 2 release data is fast approaching. A lot of work has gone into WLEO 2 and there are a lot of aspects that we need to talk about. The first in a line of updates that will precede the WLEO 2 updates is a post about our new Geyser Liquidity Provider incentive model.


Right now, there are two major pools that allow you to earn LEO:

  1. Author/Curator Pool (85% of inflation)
  2. LEOM/LEOMM Mining Token Pool (15% of inflation)

The new Geyser LP model will introduce a 3rd major pool to our economy. The dynamics that this brings to LeoFinance are incredible. As many have already said in various chats about this model on Discord: it's yet another major development that contributes to the change of LeoFinance from your standard blogging/Hive community into resembling other major crypto projects. Especially in the DeFi/crypto finance realm.

Liquidity providers bring an enormous level of benefit to any token economy. With WLEO 1, we all witnessed the impacts of having our token priced against ETH. We also witnessed what it means to have true depth of liquidity where we saw days of $20,000 - $50,000 USD in trading volume for the wLEO token as opposed to our daily average on Hive-Engine which is around $2,000 USD.

As we release our new cold storage-based model for Wrapped LEO and then rebuild our pool, incentivizing LPs will take on an entirely new shape. Our goal is not just to incentivize LPs for the first 90 days of the pool, but rather create a model that can incentivize Liquidity Providers in the WLEO-ETH pool and any other WLEO-based pool for the years to come. More details about this new aspect of our ecosystem will be released sometime between November 2nd and the 4th.

WLEO 2 Model.png

Around Nov. 5th, we'll unveil the details behind our new model for WLEO which will feature a limited token supply and cold storage. These safeguards along with a long list of other security measures are aimed at creating a model for WLEO that will take us into the future. Many of these features - i.e. the limited token supply cap - actually benefit WLEO in a host of other ways outside of security.

This will help with data aggregator listings like Coingecko/CMC who will now be able to properly list WLEO's market cap ranking. It will also answer a lot of concerns raised by ETH people (non Hivers) who questioned the model of having an infinite supply - as WLEO 1 was designed. Before the WLEO 1 attack, we also were in talks with a few mid-cap exchanges about listing WLEO. They also raised concerns over the infinite supply.

In a nutshell, WLEO 2 will bring a lot of tokenomic changes and security measures. Our #1 priority is security above all else. With these updates, come a lot of benefits to WLEO and our ability to reach out to the ETH community (also an important aspect of our onboarding through Metamask initiatives).


LeoFinance V2 Phase 2

The final phase of development on the V2 release of the UI will be completed around the 5th of November - 15th. Our internal goal is to have it released into production 2-3 days before WLEO 2 is launched.


With this update come a myriad of changes to the LeoFinance UI. Many of these changes were requested by the community as feedback on the current status of our interface. The vast majority of these updates are aimed at core features and functionalities that will make your daily life as a 🦁 that much easier.

LeoInfra V2 is also closely tied with this update and will launch alongside the V2 UI release. This will introduce a new onboarding integration for account signups on We put out a poll on Twitter for users to guess what this next integration might be.

If you're curious about the V2 UI release and the features it contains, check out the @khaleelkazi account today for a video update on this roadmap + details on the new features in our upcoming UI release.

The goal of this roadmap is not only to inform you - the LEO community - on what we're buidling, it's also to spread the word out there on other social platforms about what LeoFinance is really about. We ask that you take to the streets of Twitter and other social channels and share this M2M roadmap. Maybe post a Tweet with the image, tag us and tell everyone which part of the roadmap you're most looking forward to.

Also please leave a comment below with some feedback. What can we improve in these updates? What do you want to see more of or less of? We thrive on the community's voice and ideas like this roadmap begin with your feedback.



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Any word on the Leo shop? I need some Leo swag 😏

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I would rock some Leo swag if I had it.

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Can you buy that on Amazon?

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I don't think so, but it might be a way to get them on the market.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

yeh i would love too

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Haha glad to hear it. Possibly soon! We'd have to figure out some logistics for which company to use for printing/distribution since our audience is worldwide.

I'll have to do some research. I would also love to just giveaway swag and then maybe do a more official swag shop later on.

If you know of a good company for this, let me know. I'll also look around as I'm in dire need of my own LEO swag 🦁

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Meanwhile, it seems Hivestats have been down for a while as the Analytics charts have not been displaying after Hardfork. I know that may not be a part of the roadmap.

However, you had mentioned in the last post on LeoInfra that there would be an integration in Leodex. That seems to be missing in this roadmap. WHen?

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Crazy roadmap and when I would have asked if Leo Finance has one some of the recipients considered that it was needed, that everything floats and so on. As other blockchain projects this roadmap shows how serious LEO Finance is about its path and builds trust around it as more and more people find about it and onboard. Seeing this stepped delivered (I would if you are using Agile Sprints to achieve the milestone) helps with transparency of what is going to be done and what the focus is upon. Truly something that I was considered needed and hopefully this will be continued with other plans!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Thanks Behiver :)

Agile sprints is a great way of putting it. We can do long-term roadmaps with very broad ideas (as we did in the 2020 roadmap a few months back), but things change in crypto and on LeoFinance so rapidly that we need to adapt the short-term targets in real-time.

For instance, WLEO wasn't even officially on the roadmap. LeoInfra was also developed as needed while we created the Leo UI, etc... many of our projects are created in an agile sprint based on community feedback in real-time so these month-to-month roadmaps allow us to show everyone what's actually being built today rather than speculate on what we might do 6 months from now - which is likely to change.

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Everything from the account is official and set in concrete unless it changes, then it is unofficial and just a mirage.

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yeah im also looking forward to what @leofinance has stored for us in future
and I seeing leofinace is more effective then hive blogging

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Loving the clarity and vision that this gives around upcoming developments. LeoInfra V2 in particular is exciting for me. Any clues on if its another cross-chain link, or a web2 signup option? With the return of @dan to hive, an EOS link could be nice timing.

Bring on the relaunch of #WLEO.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Next one will be a web2 signup option. After that, we may explore another cross-chain link :)

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Great idea. More communication = more confidence.

Leofinance has earned a great deal of trust for its ability to deliver when it does set out a roadmap. A lot of projects put out a map but nothing comes of it.

Therefore, everyone should not only take confidence in this but also promote the hell out of it. This is something that can excite many in the crypto community since information is often scare with different projects.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Thanks Task! I hope to see this roadmap popping up in my feed on Hive/Twitter/elsewhere as everyone shares it and the progress is continually updated as we check things off the list.

As you said, it shows off to the rest of the world that we don't just talk about what we're going to do. I'll steal a quote from Steve Jobs:

real artists ship

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Regarding the plan looks that LEO has a bright future. I have some basic knowledge about crypto but I have to ask something because I don't follow these new crypto-financial matters the best - if I buy Leo tokens, which is more worthwhile for me: to have liquid Leo tokens or to stake them on HE?
And next: Is there a possibility to use the staked LEO as liquidity for WLEO?
As I say, I don’t know well enough, maybe I asked nonsense.

Staked LEO cannot be used for wLEO.

If you stake LEO, it is used for curation, there is a 50/50 reward.

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Someone with a vision. I'll take it.

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You and me both @inertia

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Communication and follow through. What more could we ask? If any LEOs are struggling with content ideas, this article could be a real source of inspiration. Time to start getting the word out there!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

There are a lot of ideas coming forth from the Leo team.

It is exciting to watch.

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I'm greatly impressed with the energy you put in order to achieve the laid out roadmap so far. I believe this M2M roadmap initiative would further enhance the actualization of the overall roadmap. I look forward to V2 release and I hope it incorporates other options for reward payouts.

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So spend my November checking the Leo website everyday in excitement, gotcha. Great pace with the updates, crazy how fast you keep improving the UI.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

haha sounds like we may need to create a new "no ___ November" meme.

no sleep November comes to my mind but I'm sure you can come up with a better one

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Was planning to spend November on NaNoWriMo ( National Novel Writing Month ) for the second year in a row but I might need to add another thing to my list.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Your balance is below 0.3 HIVE. Your account is running low and should be replenished. Check out the Dustsweeper FAQ here:

Hmmmm... we need alliteration right.

How about no nap November?

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This is the Leo Development Team.




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funny meme I love them and I get the feeling on how hard the @leofinance teamwork lie crazy to keep it up and running

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Ha Ha Ha

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

LOL, I like it :P

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Keep hitting the refresh button in your browser.

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lol my poor f4 button.

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I knew wLEO will bounce Back With full Force. Here we have it. Hope I will Be online again with my All time Favorite wLEO

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Leofinance never wavered. The community stood up on the day it happened and strong said we are not going anywhere.

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This is really amazing. Reading through everything now presents LeoFinance as a new project that is never a part of Hive. I'm seeing a "blockchain" in a blockchain.

With this roadmap, I see November as another bullish month for crypto. Certainly, LEO may be breaking its All-time records at the launch of WLEO V2.

As we release our new cold storage-based model for Wrapped LEO and then rebuild our pool, incentivizing LPs will take on an entirely new shape.

It's crucial to see "security" as a priority in the future build and releases around LeoFinance. Till the future, I'll stay on with Security over profit. This is one reason I have taken Hive blockchain to be a home.

Cheers to the LEO Community.

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Lots of good things happening over for the rest of the year. It is exciting to be a part of this.

We are seeing rapid advancement which will start to attract more users.

It is time for us all to step up our game.

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That's both solid and rapid, WLEO 2.0 sounds like a groundbreaker, what a story, become reality!

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Every investing decision could go both ways. really South, or way North...

I have a feeling that going South isn't even a possibility. I mean after the hack LEO only got stronger.

So North it is...

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

We like seeing this news. Spinvest has a lot of LEO through its @spinvest-leo account. We are excited about all LEO is doing.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Many successful friends continue to work towards the growth of this great community, the future looks bright

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

It's amazing how quickly they advance, thank you very much for all the updates and keeping us informed. I look forward to all the changes to come.

Curation and Education Project for LeoFinance

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It only took a year and a half to get to "quickly". LOL

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It is good to see how easily the team has gotten up and started everything that was scheduled and they have also managed to reorganize the ideas for the relaunch of WLEO.

On the interface, the menu disappears when I shrink the browser window.

In the content editing module when I try to create a link on a selected text, the selected text appears between the parentheses and does not close the brackets as it should. I do not know if it only happens to me, of course it is something that I can solve without problems.

For the rest, my support to the entire @LeoFinance development team. I will also be awaiting updates.

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I love to see this kind of updates!
It seems that I am onboard the correct project at the best time ever.
A lot of promising updates, specially wLEO and Leoinfra V2!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

If LEO has Resiliencia :)

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Keep the graphics/videos simple and easily digestible like that :)

All the hype is surrounding wLEO V2, but as a content creator, I'm most looking forward to phase 2 of the new interface.

Can't wait to see what you continue to add!

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Updates, updates, updates! I am loving it. I learned as a Non-commissioned Officer of Marines the importance of keeping the troops informed.

To quote @inertia:

Someone with a vision. I'll take it.

When one looks at the folks that are staking their LEO token bags, there are a number of HIVE influencers that believe in the LEO Finance vision. I am bullish on HIVE, but even more bullish on LEO!

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we've created over 200 Hive accounts in the past 30 days

Let's collectively make our HIVE Network to reach the critical mass

that's a very detail road map with this I get to know of a lot of furniture update about @leofinance I'm looking forward to the leodex update

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

A really intense Roadmap in the next 2 weeks.

I am very curious to know more information about LeoInfra V2 (new signup mode for Ethereum users?)
and on LeoDex.

Very happy for the new relaunch of WLEO, a forward-looking choice that will bring new liquidity and new users.

Good job!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

It will add a web2 signup option. An app with billions of users :)

We have plans to add the LeoInfra integration to LeoDex soon too

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Limited token supply, I am not really clear while leo token is inflation rates model. It means that the supply is not limuted

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Nice, nice, nice. You @leofinance are working like a torn wagon. Hats down.

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I like especially the consistent persistence fighting for making things happen.

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Thank you for more amazing news.


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