Looking to Fill a New Community Leader Position | Are You Interested in Becoming the LeoPedia.io Administrator?

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LeoFinance has been undergoing massive levels of expansion throughout 2021 and now into 2022. We're bringing a level of development never seen before for our project.

Development happens on the backend, it happens on the frontend but it also happens on the community end.

LeoPedia is a resource we built a long time ago. The mission of it?

Open access to a library of resources about cryptocurrencies and finance.

With that said, LeoFinance has taken on many other applications and hardcore developments. We need community leaders to step up and help take our existing and future apps to the next level by taking the reins on various aspects of the project.

@taskmaster4450 has led the charge on @leomarkettalk and the #DailyLeo Newsletter on Substack.

@jk6276 has taken over the @leoalpha initiative and turned it into even more than we had originally discussed. He's killing it as well!!

LeoPedia: The Ultimate Crypto & Finance Learning Resource

There are hundreds of pieces of crypto and finance content that are created every single day on https://leofinance.io.

The google rankings of LeoFinance continue to climb and we're seeing evergreen content bring in traffic at levels we've never experienced before.

With all of this content, some organization is needed.

As we all know, content is short-lived on Hive and LeoFinance. When a piece of content is made, it's only rewarded for 7 days and then it pretty much disappears from all feeds.

The goal of LeoPedia is to take the vast library of content that is being created daily on LeoFinance.io and archive it on a site that is organized and easy to access and share.

  1. Great, evergreen content is created on https://leofinance.io by the LeoFinance community
  2. The LeoPedia Community Leader is constantly on the lookout for content that fits this category
  3. The community leader takes that content and uploads it to LeoPedia (a wordpress-based site)
  4. The newly uploaded content contains linkbacks to https://leofinance.io and the author who created it
  5. Over time, the community leader in charge of LeoPedia collects the top posts of each month. Ranked by the traffic they bring in to https://leopedia.io. The top traffic-generating posts earn a LEO bounty each month

Are You Interested in Becoming this LeoPedia Community Leader?

We're looking for 1 community member to step up and fill this role. You'll be expected to have a large amount of autonomy in selecting great content that fits the mission of LeoPedia. Then you'll take that content and follow the above steps: uploading it to https://leopedia.io, linking back to LeoFinance.io, etc.

Organization is Key!

Whoever takes over this role should be someone who is well organized and familiar with LeoFinance and Hive (and Crypto/Blockchain/Finance more broadly).

We're expecting high levels of engagement (uploading content on a daily basis that is found on leofinance.io and deemed to fit the LeoPedia mission statement is ideal!).

If you think this is you, then please fill out the google form here.

The form will just ask a few questions and then Khal will reach out to you for a quick interview.

LeoPedia's Potential

With all of the new entrants into the crypto space and all of the developments around Play-to-Earn, Liquidity Pools, Generating APY on Crypto holdings, Stock Market Investing / Robinhood craze... there's never been a better time to seed the ground of a one-stop-shop for investor education.

We have always believed that LeoPedia could become the new "Investopedia" for Web3: Community-generated content, tokenized and linked to the largest Web3 Financial Community on the planet, LeoFinance.

If you're in it for the long-haul and you can add massive value by taking up the torch of LeoPedia's Mission Statement, then please fill out the form and see if you're the right fit. Again, we're looking for one highly motivated and engaged community member to take on this role.

As far as compensation, you can work that out with Khal once he accepts you into the position. The rewards will most likely be paid out as on-chain upvotes + clout in the LeoFinance community and an ongoing salary can also be negotiated depending on the level of work quality you bring to the table.

LeoPedia Community Leader Application Form



LeoFinance is a blockchain-based Web3 community that builds innovative applications on the Hive, BSC, ETH and Polygon blockchains. Our flagship application: LeoFinance.io allows users and creators to engage and share content on the blockchain while earning cryptocurrency rewards.

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Recruiting talent from within the community is a great step. The more people feel involved the better, I can't wait to see who is interesting in stepping up.

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It is how we can accelerate the growth of Leofinance. This creates much greater expansion within the ecosystem which then can be pushed outwards.

The key is to get some of these initiatives rolling so that we implement the compounding effect.

We all can influence our returns by getting active.

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Indeed a golden opportunity or offer for the big responsibility of a community. All I believe, a responsible and experienced individual can play the role of an Administration perfectly. So my good luck for all deserving leopedia admin.
Thanks LeoFinance for such wonderful offer and opportunity.

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I love this and I have submitted my application. I have a crypto academy in my country. I have free and paid courses but the aim is to share information on Crypto, trading and finance. So, I believe I can do this effectively.

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I wish you all the best.

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LeoPedia.io Administrator sounds great, there are amazing and qualified people on Leofinance who will take up this role, this will surely bring LeoPedia into limelight. All the best to all applicants 😊👍

Hello. This leadership role sounds like an excellent position to take LeoFinance into the information library arena of archival and not only LeoFinance members access, but by all Hive members.

Good luck.

Great initiative and that would help to onboard new users !
I have been looking for some basic tokenomics and LEO mechanisms for a while now so it will even be helpful for older members.

Unfortunately I do not have the time right now. Otherwise I would have loved to help out

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Done properly, Leopedia can become a major resource for the crypto community. This will help it with SEO ranking, thus driving traffic into the ecosystem.

This is how these different projects help LEO in the long run. They are all tentacles of the whole.

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1)When is lunch break?
2)How many days do I actually have to work?
3)Is there a dental plan?
4)Can we dress however we want on Friday?
5)Are there pizza days?
6)Free coffee or do we have to bring our own?
7)Are dumb questions from someone not even interested allowed?
8)Should I have started with question 7?

+1 for the funniest comment I read today!

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Such a relief someone out there knew I was joking.

Haha, well you did make a few points there though! I mean having health benefits doesn't sound that crazy while we're in a pandemic!

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Only if it's great coffee! Not the lousy machine coffee some companies offer for free!

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And if the water isn't filtered, I demand a raise.

For sure!

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The key to community is people stepping up and being part of the community. If we want Leofinance to reach its potential, we need the efforts of dozens of people. Getting more people involved will have a compounding effect.

This is a great way for people to add to the platform.

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I like the choice of words! Compounding effect!

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Exponential is so overused. LOL

But it all gets the same results in the end...outsized returns and value.

Leofinance will achieve that in my opinion. We just have to keep getting more people involved at every level.

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Yes, they will. I applied as it would be a perfect fit for me and I've been hoping for a position to open in the Leofinance team. Fingers crossed.

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I will cross my toes too.

Hell for you I would braid my hair, if I had any.

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Now that's what you call a lucky charm!
Taskmaster who not only crosses his toes for me, but also would braid his hair for me if he had any.

I think I'm all set now, thanks! :)

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Yeah bear in mind I have no pull around here. I am just a bald dude in sunglasses with a dream.

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When reading that I hear Nelson Mandala say it :) haha

Development star some where and I believe with this improvement and growth in the Leo finance community, from the little I have experienced there are some expertise that can let leopadia achieve it's goals. Good job 👍

Awesome, Nice to see you looking to get the community involved,

That's great actually, organized financial content would be great for the readers as well as anyone from the outside Hive world.

I guess leofinance has been in a lot development lately and it shows how consistent and committed the Leo team are. Having leopedia on the platform for crypto Learning would definitely be a big development for both the Blockchain and the platform. I'm sure this will even attracts lots of subscribers to using leofinance.

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Development happens on the backend, it happens on the frontend but it also happens on the community end.

Development can start anywhere so far is it for the growth and the improvements to change and enhance how the system is before to another level which is why am happy with the Leopedia growth is amazing in the blockchain.

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Great idea. I don't think I can commit the time that this position deserves but I'm sure we have many great people who are able to fill that role. Best of luck to all applicants!

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You primary role in life is to @leomarkettalk.

Write it down so you dont forget. 🤣

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Aye, captain! 🤣

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Looks like a cool opp and I'd love to see that site driving some serious traffic to all the awesome tools that Leo provides

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The SEO on something like that could be incredible.

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LeoFinance has been undergoing massive levels of expansion throughout 2021 and now into 2022. We're bringing a level of development never seen before for our project.

I always feel more excited when ever i see such great work that are well done... Leo finance as make a great move and i know this 2022 will be geeat

Leofinance is really looking to power the masses, though I would say this seems like a job needing more than one person. Maybe since you said leader there should be others to work with?

It nice seeing this and I want to say this is one of the best means of bringing that development the community needed.

LeoPedia.io administrator sound great and let see how well all the applicants are going to doe

Great to see the community expanding. I believe there are qualified people here that will help leopedia achieve it's goals. Best wishes to the applicants

So I say to you, Ask and it will be given to you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you.


Just slap your hands together and ask the ceiling for help, my dad will hear you my brother.


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I'm interested in this position. Please, how do I apply and what more do I need to know?

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Did you even read the post? I've seen the link in there twice!

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Oh! Sorry. Was viewing through the Leofinance app, didn't see the post in full. I'll look at it better now. Sorry!

Don't need to apologize, it's just amazing that you missed that as you'd think when applying for a role you read through the post in detail before doing so. But maybe that's just me :)

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Yea. Here's all I saw from the Leofinance app.


I was just quick to comment. I'll give it a try. I know few things about content management. But as a new kid in the block, I'm a bit skeptical. But I'll definitely try.

All the best!

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Great project. Finding and preserving useful content, building SEO friendly frontends and backlinks for it is essential for sustainability of the platform. Search engines seem to value backlinks way more than keyword relevancy and freshness making the good posts you saw a month ago almost undiscoverable if they don't have any backlinks.

Harvesting the power of the Leo Finance community and finding someone passionate about this space is a great way to bring someone new to the team. For sure there will be people applying from within, time is the only constraint but there should be people having some to spare and share.

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Wo! This is something to add to your achievements here on the finance blog I would give it a try.

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How long will this one be open?

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Awesome, Nice to see you looking to get the community involved

Great to offer this position within the community as these are the people that know their way around the platform and who can fulfil this position better than a community member?

LeoPedia has huge potential if you ask me, it's a shame good content is only visible for a week normally as newbies could often use plenty of those articles to get started on Hive/Leofinance. I think having this all collected on LeoPedia is going to be essential to make sure good content doesn't go to waste and will be forever founded on the web and where people are then directed to Leofinance.

I've already been working on a detailed document for Brofund/CineTV community to eventually offer a detailed tutorial for every step you have to take on Hive. From signing up, to making transfers on HE and buy/stake tokens, swapping it back to Hive etc.

These tutorials are published often, but I wish to offer one complete package for those onboarded via social channels as well. This is currently a WIP though, as we're working within the get some other things done first. As you know, Hive is not explained in a few hours and good work takes time.

Usually, one would have to collect several tutorials, from different accounts to offer this, but my idea is to eventually have one complete guide for those onboarded in these communities.

Back to the community leadership role for Leopedia: I was immediately interested when I read the requirements and I also believe that I'm perfect for the role so I will fill in the form, and hope to hear back from you @khaleelkazi.

Just know that I'm currently having covid symptoms so an interview would suit me in a few days at the earliest. Unless I can just type during the interview :) then I'm clearly available as you can see!

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Would have been such an honour to have this post as the community leader but I'm pretty new here. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to help make change in the nearest future.

I love this! Power to the Leo community. Might have to apply!

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I'm in.

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i don't see my self getting this Job, but i will share it to someone that will have the potential

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And in my imperfect opinion, isn't it much better to make a team of 3 or 5 people to do the job more efficiently? I would like to be part of this but with only one vacancy it's hard to compete lol.

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Wow, sinceramente me gustaria estar en ese equipo, pero apenas estoy comenzando en hive a retomar mi cuenta, y valla que han cambiado muchas cosas.