What's Really Going on With Project Blank?

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Everyone has been talking about Project Blank for months now. Actually, over 1.5 years.

We've spent so much time thinking about, designing and ultimately developing all of the architecture for ProjectBlank.

In the initial stages, it was meant to be a spin-off. But now we see a bigger picture. Over the past ~6 months we've been ironing out the long-term vision of what the LeoVerse should become and things are in for... a radical change - to say the least.

The new UI is coming along really well. Initially intended to be ProjectBlank standalone, the new UI is a merging of ProjectBlank and LeoFinance. We're building the all-in-one Web3 UI for short-form, long-form, wallet management, you name it.

Watch the clip to see us unveil the idea in one of the first public formats since the vision's evolution.

In This Clip:

  • The success of threads -> Leo Finance is project blank
  • Consolidation focus, bring everything under the same umbrella
  • Twitter takeover & The X app influenced this decision
  • The framework is there, instead of launching a whole new ecosystem -> redesign short form as main and long form as extra
  • Bringing value back into Leo instead of dividing audiences - consolidate resources
  • Cashflow today > future value
  • CUB liquidity going up
  • Bridge revenue is astronomical in terms of TVL
  • PE analysis of CUB - interesting now that CUB generates revenue
  • What happens if Twitter goes on blockchain what's the strategy?
  • The New UI will have a mobile web-app-first approach
  • The plan to attract new users - automation comes first
  • Archiving on chain is an advantage
  • Competition of projects trying to make social media on chain
  • Advantage of inflation to distribute rewards
  • Gasless interactions are key

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I think Neal hit on many of the things I constantly go off about in terms of Web3 and social.

  1. Gas fees shouldn't be a thing or be so backend that the end user never really sees it happening. (of course they could seek it out if they wanted to) On hive that's going to require a rather large amount of hive powered up to support that type of transaction and perhaps be delegated out in some way for either a period of time till the auto powered up rewards kick in from their own posts or a way for the user to better see something like a gauges as to network bandwidth and how to get more for the actions they want to do on the chain.

  2. Not willing to pay for content out of pocket. While I do agree with this there is locked content and platforms that lock content that do very well with this type of setup. I know Twitter is rolling out subscriber feeds for paid content soon if not already on select accounts and also Instagram. I'm curious if we would see something like that at some point on threads. However I fully agree that basic interaction and basic tipping of a tweet for example people are for sure not willing to pay that out of pocket and instead it needs to be generated. I feel this will be important to watch on both Twitter and Instagram to see how well it's adopted and what's working and what's not working and mimic what is working from the mistakes these larger companies make first.

That brings me on to the 3rd thing

  1. Ad revenue would be one of the easiest ways to provide value to the entire system and allow everyone's "vote" to hold monetary/ crypto value they can share however they like. However people are not going to understand that at first on LEO/HIVE so having it included into the UI in some way to show their voting power and that it slowly fills up could be critical for understanding. A very dumbed down way to show people that. It doesn't have to show $ or LEO value on their gauge, simply how much voting power they have and a estimated time to refill.

On top of that having a swap function built right into the threads UI to swap the hive/leo earned or whatever else into other tokens or HBD or using Binance through CUB or Polygon through Polycub holds massive potential for swap fees and also exposure for those two defi platforms.

If you could figure out a way for each thread to get indexed in google like in the old twitter days that would drive popularity through seo value.

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Interesting idea

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While Leo Finance is Project Blank, I hope it will become an aggregator for social media with independent components that one can add and remove in order to choose the right ways in which he/she wants to express better. That would be amazing if it would translate into a new version of the site.

If you are building this UI from scratch, you might want to consider collaborating with the 3 speak folks to include video options on your front end as well. You might also be able to tap into their ceramic account idea as well.

Funny you mention that, we currently are working with them to get 3Shorts onto Threads :)

We already have our own Lite Account features that have been operational for almost 2 years now. IMO, they are best-in class. I fully support more options though and love what 3speak is doing on their end.

As for video and content storage, we're hoping to leverage the Speak Network to do a lot more with video on the new UI from long-form to short-form

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I feel that if projectblank would be more neutral it would have a much wider exposure than if being associated with only Leofinance

Perhaps it will and we just don't know it yet ;)

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okay, I like where this is going ;)

would be cool to have leofinance connected to the fediverse too. would open up the whole ecosystem

yep, activitypub protocol is where it's at now :)

Very interesting

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good pod guys, thanks for the info 👊


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