Supercharging Web2 Ideas and Onboarding People to Hive

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Web2 can give us a lot of insight into what the general population wants to see in a social media platform.

One of the many things that people are looking for is ease of use. In fact, this is likely at the top of this list.

First and foremost, we're building the new LeoFinance UI to be easy to use. Right when you land on it, the UI is easy to understand which we believe will be a killer onboarding tool.

As it stands, Hive UIs are hard to understand. You land on LeoFinance and you're thrown into this world of long-form content and web3 and it's hard to understand what exactly is going on. You're forced into writing a long-form article to introduce yourself.

Our new UI is totally different. You land on it and instantly see that it is like Twitter. From there, you can dive deeper and peel back layers of complexity on the platform.

But those layers of complexity are not immediately in your face... we talk about this and more in this clip from the LeoFinance AMA. Give it a listen!

About LeoFinance

LeoFinance is a blockchain-based Web3 community that builds innovative applications on the Hive, BSC, ETH and Polygon blockchains. Our flagship application: allows users and creators to engage & share micro and long-form content on the blockchain while earning cryptocurrency rewards.

Our mission is to democratize financial knowledge and access with Web3.


Our Hive Applications

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Web3 & DeFi

Web3 is about more than social media. It encompasses a personal revolution in financial awareness and data ownership. We've merged the two with our Social Apps and our DeFi Apps:

CubFinance (BSC):
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Multi-Token Bridge (Bridge HIVE, HBD, LEO):

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