Hivestats V4 Development Update and Roadmap + Share Your Hivestats Experience Contest Winners

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Hivestats V3 is officially in production and the update has brought some great new features to the long-beloved app for Hive Account Analytics.

As is typical for any of our projects: the roadmap for Hivestats is long and contains a lot of exciting features for the long-term vision of Hivestats.

We have plans to make Hivestats one of - if not, the - most useful app on Hive. Something that you'll need to keep open all the time to keep track of your Hive analytics.

Many of the long-time bloggers on Hive - looking at you @taskmaster4450 and @tarazkp - have often called your Hive account a "business".

Your Hive account is a business of sorts. With an ever-expanding list of ways to earn on Hive, you need to keep yourself organized and know the analytics behind your business.

Whether you're a:

  1. Curator
  2. Author
  3. LeoFinance Trader
  4. Splinterlands Player
  5. Hive-Engine Token Trader
  6. HBD Saver
  7. ...

.. Hivestats is for you to grow your business, build your earnings and expand your horizons within the Hive ecosystem.

Hivestats V4 Roadmap: A Preliminary Look

Hivestats is getting a complete reworking from the ground up. We're actually rewriting the entire app in a different coding language.

The need for this arises out of the long-term vision for Hivestats.

Right now, Hivestats is a fantastic tool for seeing on-chain analytics about your specific Hive account. The future of Hivestats is to turn it into an essential tool for learning about what's happening to your Hive account in real-time, history and gauge future potential.

The new language will enable us to build the long-term features of Hivestats that will make this a reality. Ideas like a premium membership where LEO is burned monthly to gain access to deeper analytic reports that aren't available on the site currently.

On the most recent AMA, I mentioned this idea: all of the features currently on Hivestats are available free-to-use for all Hivers.

Future features that take your on-chain Hive analytics to the next level like: exchange in-flows and out-flows, HBD optimization rates, extended reports (right now, max is 30 days.. extended would look back over the lifetime of your account), etc.

So with this in mind, the current status of Hivestats development is that we're reworking the whole framework. When you see the new Hivestats, it's going to blow your mind!

V4 Roadmap:

Once the framework is rewritten, we'll be implementing Hivestats V4 features from our roadmap. Here is a preliminary look at what's going to be added in V4. We came up with these features by pulling from the long-term roadmap for Hivestats that we wrote + taking suggestions from you - the community - in your submissions to our Hivestats Engagement Writing Contest.

  • Rewrite Hivestats Framework and Add Structural Foundations for a Paywall Membership (LEO Burning Mechanism for Advanced Feature Access)
  • Add Dark Mode
  • Add "Share Stats" Button
  • Add More Features to Hive-Engine Tab (i.e. External Link to Beeswap Pools)
  • Add "Hive Opportunities" Advanced Tab (show opportunities to earn on the Hive blockchain)
  • Add Account Switcher
  • Add Account Search Feature and Sort by HIVE POWER
  • Add Curation Average (an average of other curators on the Hive blockchain to compare your standing against)

Hivestats Engagement Contest Winner!


Congratulations to @l337m45732! @l337m45732 shared their Hivestats experience with the whole community and talked about some features they'd like to see in the upcoming versions of Hivestats. You've earned a 500 LEO bounty! 🦁

There were so many great entries to the Hivestats Engagement Contest and entrants received curation from @leo.voter (2,000,000 HIVE POWER). We'll be doing a lot more contests like this, so stay tuned to @leofinance to find more ways to participate and earn within the LeoFinance community.



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Wow! I can't believe I won. Thank you guys so much. Can't wait to see all these new features come to life in V4. Dark mode is gunna be lit.

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Great job. Congratulations.

500 LEO is going to be worth a ton in the future. Curate with it well.

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Absolutely. Time for another power up!

Congratulations @l337m45732 :)
Good way to start 2022, have a great day :)

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Definitely! Thanks you too.

Thank you :)

Congratulations on that massive win. Keep using Hivestats.

Congratulations to the winners of the contest. A huge contest organised by Leofinance to which people really participate and which I must say was great.

I can't wait for another contest to be held

Ohh didn't pay attention to the contest, I'll make sure to participate next time!
Hivestats V4 will be awesome if all of these stats will be input!
"Add "Hive Opportunities" Advanced Tab" will be a huge help for every new member in Hive blockchain.

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Wow! I love the preview of the new V4! I also like the feature of paying LEO for access to a professional profile!

I hope the upcoming update fixes the stats reset bug, which is why I was unable to participate in the contest 😢

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Your Hive account is a business of sorts. With an ever-expanding list of ways to earn on Hive, you need to keep yourself organized and know the analytics behind your business.

100% agreed! I consider my hive account a business as well.

Add Dark Mode

So happy to read this!!! Can't wait, it will only get better from here:)

I indeed missed this, as it was published 30 minutes before I bumped on your post @khaleelkazi, didn't notice this one yet.

Congratulations to @l337m45732 for winning the contest!

I wanted to ask how to solve the issue I'm still facing in Firefox:


I've deleted cookies etc numerous times, tried another browser (internet explorer) I'm probably missing something and would love to get some guidance on what I can do to make sure I see my stats again.

Thanks for all the hard work!

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For me this is the best business I have ever had in my entire life. And I love developing it.

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The preview is lit. A very useful tool, especially to see the trend of the own actions. As the data is there, this is the perfect translation tool for it.

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Add "Hive Opportunities" Advanced Tab (show opportunities to earn on the Hive blockchain)

This will be huge. Well, everything you list will be huge. haha. But showing opportunities will be extremely useful. I try to keep up, and browsing the popular posts on the front page of LeoFinance helps a lot, but the Hive-ecosystem is getting so large that there is just too much and I miss a lot.

This may be more Leodex than Hivestats, but I'd love to have a stake-all button, or checkboxes to stake several at once (like Hivetasks does already, but better looking/better functioning)

Anyway, keep up the great work. I am really excited.

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Please Please Please add in LEO voting power and % to this dashboard that looks almost like the Hive one currently there.

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Wow congratulations to @l337m45732! @l337m45732 and I can't wait to see the implementation of these suggested features on Hivestats.

I believe that Hivestats is going to look good and better once these features are added.

Thanks! Definitely much more to come.

Very cool to see all this development going!
HiveStats is really useful.
and congrats to @l337m45732

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I am going to have to dig into this. I have used the site in the past kind of cursorily, but I have never really taken a deep dive into it. I'd like to see something that helps you maximize your curation rewards. I know there used to be a front end on Steem that did that, but I think it died when the fork happened.

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Oh it's painful i missed the contest. I must confess, I'm so impressed by the hivestats development so far. Lots of advanced features included and more to be added. Kudos to @leofinance.

Based on my perception i think It'll be more awesome to add trading features on hivestats as well. I got 1000 unit of coin.honey over a year back from the hive-engine and later noticed it's no more on hive-engine but it's reflecting on my hivestats wallet. Now that coin.honey is worth over a $100, trading the crypto seems to be completely impossible. Please is there any other way it can be traded since it's not reflecting on the hive-engine?

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This very a great one, congratulations to all winners and this contest is very great that I greet all the participants and also the winner as well

This is awesome congrats to the winner and keep the good work #leofinance am happy this is happening in the blockchain.

This is was great contest and congrats to the winner.

Wow! Congratulations to all the winners you people did a great job it not easy to win out of many entry keep it up. Leofinance is really doing a great job can't wait for another contest maybe this time I might win.

Congrats to the winners keep it up are we still need more to be celebrated

I was over occupied by Christmas celebration stuffs. I missed this contest. But as stated, lots more will be coming on our way and yes I’m so ready for them! Bring them on

Great to see the hivestats has transformed a lot. Looks very cool and handy to use. Nice to know more features are on the way. You guys are the best. Congratulations to l337m45732

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Great ideas. Looking forward to the search features that Leofinance is bringing out. It is something that is lacking on Hive in general.

It will be great to be able to do searching in a more detailed manner.

The idea of making Hivestats a must have feature for Hive is also a great way to expand the reach of Leofinance.

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HiveStats is extremely useful I have been using it for a long time and I share it with my friends so they can see their progress on Hive! Thanks for all the effort.

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I say a big congratulation to the winner @l337m45732, this is a good thing to the usefulness of Hive stats.

Thanks buddy!

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Great work!
question: is there anyway to implement the whole historical chart of the staked HIVE of an account? (7d 30d and all times)

Great post as always @l337m45732!

Keep up the great work :)

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Thanks buddy!

V4 Yes please!

Congrats to the winners. I'm excited for all the developments of awesome "business tool!"

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Great times are waiting for Hive users with the rework of the HiveStats and community-requested features being part of the roadmap. I think that this is where communities thrive and Leo Finance knows to listen to the users!

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Congrats for giving your best and 500 LEO will be well with you.

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Did you know that you can use BEER at dCity game to **buy dCity NFT cards** to rule the world.

Congratulations to the winners. Glad to see this work going into Havestats. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get it to pull in details of curation for my account.

Are there some setting I am missing?

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Happy to see this kind of support and well deserved. Hivestats is something I think many take for granted until it is down for upgrades or whatever reason. Take something you rely on to only realise how much you miss it when it is not around. Not blowing smoke but I would be lost without it. That graph is key to the growth of anyone's account/business.

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I can't wait to participate in the next one it's a win win for everyone. Leofinance to the world.

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Greetings @leofinace ❤️💕

Firstly I appreciate the fact that you've been of great impact on Hive and I also appreciate the intense support you render in the hive community.

Ideas like a premium membership where LEO is burned monthly to gain access to deeper analytic reports that aren't available on the site currently.

This is one of the best move and development I'm very proud of. Burning of LEO tokens will definitely help to reduce the supply of LEO tokens which can also be a great momentum to boost the price or value of LEO itself.

Congratulations to the winners of the contest and I hope we have more great contests like this coming from you in future.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead 💕❤️💕

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I'm really sorry for missing the first contest. I'm looking forward to the next competition

Nice work on this project, Hard work and dedication will pay off.

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Your understanding determines your stand as I use to say. It is important for people to search through the opportunities around hive on its platform and the best way is to join amazing community like @leofinance also @neoxian (dcity) drop great info, links and open the eyes of community members into multiple ways of earning passively.

I engage, newbies even oldbies to try and connect with people in different community and grow there understanding on hive cos hive Blockchain with your account is a good business indeed 💯✔️

Thank you for the roadmap of hiveStats and also for version 4.
Appreciate the effort you guys putting in on this and other Leo apps.
Wishing all more better year ahead :)

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I am super excited. I thought of this before and now hivestats is finally here. I still have a lot to understand and take time to do this.
Screenshot 2022-01-14 at 7.55.07 AM.png

Here's a cool tip: Create a section for promoting Hive Dapps on Hivestats! This could be a way for users to discover new Dapps to try out. Currently only few Dapps are popular and I discover some Dapps only some months after they launch. We need a curation service for Dapp discovery :)


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Your Hive account is a business account. Thank you for that. I'm planning how to be dropping a good post so that my earning will increase.

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Awesome development here. However, I had commented elsewhere that the "Rewards" tab on the Hive-engine section is no more responsive to the daily, weekly and monthly changes in earnings. What happened? That has not been covered in the roadmap. I mean, one can't track how much is earned from curating or authorship with second layer tokens.

Below is a screenshot from my SPORTS curation account that makes about $5 worth of daily curation rewards. everything is showing $0 as below. It was not so in the beginning. I used to track my curation growth with the tokens with Hivestats.


Looks like HiveStats will move to another level. That's great, because a tool like this is always needed.

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Ideas like a premium membership where LEO is burned monthly to gain access to deeper analytic reports that aren't available on the site currently.

That is sexy for LEO HODLers and therefore I love it 🥰.

Everyone likes statistics so I am eager to see all the new added features ! Soon to be released !

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HiveStats is one of the go to apps I use on Hive.


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