The WLEO Geyser Model | Automated, Deployed and Incentive Boost

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The WLEO Geyser was the first DeFi product that LeoFinance put out into the world. In case you don't know about it, it is a model for paying out Liquidity Provides in the Wrapped LEO (WLEO) - Ethereum pool on the Ethereum blockchain.

The WLEO pool is the deepest liquidity pair that we have for the LEO token and so, it is one of the most vital aspects to a healthy LEO Token Economy.

Over the last 9-10 months, we've been trying to automate the WLEO Geyser. If you saw a post we put out about 2 weeks ago, you will have seen that the model was finally deployed.

It took 3 different developers and 9-10 months to achieve this. The task proved arduous and the devs who originally started on it no longer wanted to keep going once tests were failing and issues were arising.

Despite that, LeoFinance is a hard-charging org. We replaced those devs and found someone who was both capable and eager to help us make the Geyser work again.

Now, we've deployed a fully automated and sustainable model for the Geyser.

We also know that sentiment for the LPs took a hit since the Geyser was basically down for 9 months. The payout that they received two weeks ago included all of the backpay rewards for that time.

In the future, we're offering something that we hope will help with trust around Geyser payouts. If the Geyser does not deploy as expected on the ~15th (remember that it is give or take about 1 day because block times are not the same as "people time"), we will send a 20% bonus payout on the following Geyser.

We're that confident in this automated model. If it doesn't pay when it's supposed to pay each month, then we'll add 20% on top of the next payout.

We talk about all of this and more related to the Geyser in this clip from the AMA!

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