Ethereum Outreach and Onboarding Initiative | Earn 400 HIVE + 550 LEO

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Now that Metamask has been integrated into with the introduction of our LeoInfra V1 project, our outreach programs have taken center stage.

When LEO was started over 16 months ago, the overarching goal was to bring more users to this blockchain ecosystem. Our long-term mission has always been to increase the userbase for our platform while simultaneously adding to the greater pool of users on Hive. Laying down the foundations for that has taken a long time. We've had to build our own UI, continually build our community (the most important part of our project) and add to the LeoApps suite.

Finally, we've moved into our specific integrations aimed at onboarding. The MetaMask signup option is the first in a series of major updates to LeoInfra which will make signing up to LeoFinance (Hive) easier than ever. Our priority now is bringing the right audience to and get them to signup for an account.

Since Metamask is our first integration, our target audience is current Ethereum/Metamask users. These weekly contests coupled with paid marketing that LeoFinance is running internally are all aimed at bringing these users to the site and encouraging them to "Join, Create and Earn Crypto on LeoFinance"

If you haven't seen our Metamask sign up process, then you can check out this video. You can also feel free to try it out yourself even if you already have a Hive account. This may help you with your contest entry this week as you talk about the signup process and encourage ETH users to join LeoFinance.

Ethereum Outreach

Each week, we're going to have different initiatives for Ethereum outreach. Some of our programs are internal: i.e. paid ad programs on Web2 media. Other aspects of these programs call upon you - the community - to reach out to the broader crypto/ETH space and bring people back to the site and encourage them to hit that "signup with Metamask" dialog:


Week 1: Contest Rewards & Details:

@theycallmedan and @threespeak have graciously donated HIVE each week to the pool of rewards for this contest. @leofinance is also donating HIVE to this pool along with a matching amount of LEO from the bounties fund.

For this week's contest, the pool is a total of:

  • 400 HIVE
  • 550 LEO

edit: @trumpman and @cryptomaniacsgr have also donated 100 LEO and 50 LEO to the pool respectively.

1 winner will be chosen each week based on a few factors:

  • Quality of the post entry (judged by @leofinance curators/growth team)
  • Traffic generated by your post/social links (tracked using our open analytics platform)

All entries and runner ups will earn upvotes using HIVE POWER + LEO POWER from @leo.voter and official LEO accounts.

How to Enter

This week's prompt is based around the idea that users can now sign up to using Metamask and earn ETH rewards by blogging/engaging with content.


The title of your entry should be something resembling this, although I encourage you to play around with the title and make it your own:

Join LeoFinance With Metamask and Earn ETH Rewards for Your Crypto Content


  • Minimum of 750 words in length
  • Shared on at least 2 social media platforms using ETH-based targeting: i.e. tagging a tweet with #Ethereum #Metamask(link to these social posts in a comment on your post - similar to #posh)
  • Post using the frontend
  • 1 post tag with #metamask

You can also publish a video utilizing the prompt on Just make sure to tag it with our community tag and #metamask so we see it.

Keep in mind that the entire premise behind this contest is to reach out to Ethereum/Metamask users and get them to create a Hive account using The more creative you are in your entry and especially in how you perform your social outreach (i.e. how you target users with your Tweets/Reddit links, etc.), the higher your likelihood of winning.

If you're looking for an example entry, @khaleelkazi will post an example shortly after this post is published (that entry will not qualify for the contest rewards).



LeoFinance is a blockchain-based social media community for Crypto & Finance content creators. Our tokenized app allows users and creators to engage and share content on the blockchain while earning cryptocurrency rewards.

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Hello, I just found this publication and signed up. It was pretty straight forward. I've been exploring the dashboard if that's what it's called and tried to tweak the settings. One issue I had was being unable to upload pics. Thought it was a Tokenpocket thing so I tried Trustwallet. Only there, I can't even log in. Switched over to Opera Metamask and couldn't login.

Currently at work. Will try metamask desktop when I get home.

Anyway this is nice not having another set of keys to keep safe so thumbs up.

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I do not really know hive ecosystem but I believe this is a dapp running on hive? Am I right?

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Yes, you are correct.

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Actually, leading dapp on Hive Blockchain!

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it's a hive front-end, not a DApp :)

then they're lying or false advertising. nothing in Leofinance is decentralized except the underlying HIVE blockchain

Not even Hive is actually decentralised, what's your point here?

They’re labeled “Apps” in the menu. Purposefully not with a D ;)

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Yes it is. There are lots of Dapps that run on the HIVE blockchain

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Thank you. I intend to explore to discover.

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I can delegate you some Hive power until you reach a sustainable amount.

Not sure if that's the case while operating on Leo but yea, your actions could be limited due to a small amount of hp vested.

Feel free to let me know.

Glad to see new faces! Have a great time here!

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Thank you. There's so much to consume and it's well organized.

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And here you go!! You just earned your first leo, simple isn't it!

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Yes and I'm a kid in a candy store, all googoo eyed

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Definitely a win-win for the entire HIVE Blockchain Network.

I do have a question though. One of the requirements is...

1 post tag with #metamask

Does that mean only use one tag? Forgive me my query, I tend to overthink things. Thank you in advance for the clarification.

On the topic of tags. Just in case they may miss this post I am going to tag the HIVETwitter/Social Media Generals...

@traciyork, @nathanmars, @hiro-hive, @thepixiepost, @sugarelys, @fullalt

They will help get the word out for sure!

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Thank you for letting me know.

lol I just posted encouraging people to post about ethereum, we are in sync. Great initiative.

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Nice! haha I've been seeing your posts on the topic regularly. Always on point, keep it up 🦁

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Great minds think alike.
I posted a blog where i go out to spread the message just under an hour ago. And although it doesn't meet the criteria for getting any prizes, the thought behind it is just the same. Some say it's the thought that matters right? ;-)

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🦁 We'll curate that one, you could also make another one that's more closely tracking this contest and get entered. The more outreach we can do, the better

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Exactly, there's no reason why we shouldn't tell people to not post about ethereum, since we're actually diversifying content and encouraging different types of finance content

Awesome to see that LeoFinance has adopted "writing contests" as a way to generate traffic on I'm all in for this and will do my est to promote this initiative to as many users as possible. I'll as well support with my tiny LEO upvotes. This is a great step to awesome marketing of

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After a long waiting time I see now a first serious contest on LEO Finance. I believe that contests make our blood boil and there is something in competing that makes get the best out of us. Let's see whom will take the king crown and what energy will this bring to the community. Cheers!

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There is going to be a Poker Tournament on the 21st of November I put together to promote LEO Finance. I guess you could say that is another contest. I will hopefully have the post with the details finished some time today or tomorrow.

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Thank @leofinance
This can be a chance for me.
So, I will share about that.

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Seriously.. why couldn't you have retired NED sooner. Doing what should have been done all along. Well thank goodness for HIVE's separation. Now this is going into the right direction. We at hive thank you for your initiatives!

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This is quite an interesting one...this will bring a greater influx to the Leo-desk interface. Great on e here

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wow!! i just made a post today about ethereum better than bitcoin, though i am not familiar with the metamusk yet but i will try my best

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Interesting. I'll do well to send in my entry soonest. This is a great way to gain traction for Leofinance.

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you seem to be very knowledgeable about crypto currencys ,I was wondering if you could tell me how to withdraw my Steem from steemit I have powered down hit the sell button and it then redirects me to poloniex to which I do have an account its at this stage I'm lost .hopefully you can help thanks mike

Go on your steem account at poloniex and search for deposit, get your deposit address from there and probably a memo. The go to your steemit wallet, click send and fill the address and memo you oicked from poloniex, click send, done.

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Thanks very much I’ll give it a try.cheers mike

I’ve found the address on poloniex but can’t find anywhere in my steemit wallet to paste it . Thanks mike

Go on and login. Then go on your wallet and follow the steps below.
Fill here. Where is the "to" fill the poloniex address and in memo the memo you found also on poloniex. Choose the amount and send. You will probably need your active key.

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Very well to participate and propel LeoFinance to the moon.

Financial Markets Analyst

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Whoaaaa awesome contest. But I wrote the topic like this a couple days ago 😁😁😁😁

This seems like an AWESOME initiative... I think the Ethereum community would love to invest in Leo, especially seeing what Leo can offer to those informed about cryptocurrency.

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This looks like an awesome initiative that may really help attract new users to LeoFinance. Sharing this on my Twitter feed!

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I'm not really active on social media sites anymore, apart from the odd tweet or two so I don't think I'd be able to meet the criteria for spreading the word on two platforms lol.

However, I've a mind to do a bit of digi-art, poster work around the [metamask + Eth to LF] outreach theme and offer it to folk to use in their posts if they like. It'd be a fun way for me to add to this effort without entering the comp.

Great stuff!

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I also would like to participate & add 100 LEO to the pool. Coz I can :)

This is really cool!
I might not be as big as some of the other guys around, but I've just donated 50 LEO to up the prize pool.


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Great initiative.

Now we have easy sign-ups, we can start to really push it.

I'll get involved this week and post my entry soon.

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Very cool, I liked the initiative. Good luck to all participants and I look forward to seeing new posts through MetaMask.

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This is a great way to welcome Etherium-Metamask users to sign up. :)

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I'd like to further add 100 BRO to that pool please :)

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Very good initiative, I hope to participate, this will bring other very good users, thanks for the opportunity

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any one can contribute they are not Login with Leofinace

When LEO was started over 16 months ago, the overarching goal was to bring more users to this blockchain ecosystem.

So it's been that long..... Time flies when you are having fun!

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Our long-term mission has always been to increase the userbase for our platform while simultaneously adding to the greater pool of users on Hive

Our HIVE community blessed with LeoFinance

I think it's wise to onboard already existing crypto communities simply because of how hard it is to try and onboard non-crypto users of the internet.

Congratulations @leofinance, You Earned 0.417 TAN & Curators Made 0.417 TAN.

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Here's my entry. Shared on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, LinkedIn and Whatsapp

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