LBI: The Start To Steady Growth

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To start, it was a good first couple of days for the LBI token project. The number of people who got involved is very impressive.

Over the first couple days, we were able to issue close to 110,000 LBI tokens to more than 100 different wallets. This is a fantastic beginning to what we hope is a central part of the Leofinance platform.

This is a community based initiative

LBI is a community based initiative. This is something that we cannot stress enough and will be harping upon regularly. At present, the team behind the project is small. They are carrying the load of getting posts out, commenting where needed, and trying to start the incoming revenue stream.

This benefits each and every token holder.

One of the biggest advantages to a project like this is returns can be influenced by activity. While the passive aspect is great, to truly achieve outstanding returns requires the effort of many. Over the next few months we will be looking to add quality contributors who can help LBI to grow.

In the meantime, it is best for all to do whatever they can to help out. This starts with the basics of Leofinance. We operate, for the moment, on a platform where we post, comment, and upvote. With LBI post, it is a huge benefit if all token holders support the project by upvoting the post, leaving a comment, and possibly re-leo(?) them. This will help to add more exposure.

Also, the team is going to try and ensure that, each week, LBI appears on the weekly comment list. At the moment, this is a vital part of the Leofinance platform and we fully intend to support that.

Locking Up LEO

A lot is made about reducing token supply via burns. LBI seeks to approach things in a different manner.

The goal is to lock away the LEO taken in forever. Staked tokens can generate a return via curating. This is a central premise to Leofinance.

Over time, other options will appear that the community will decide whether to get involved with. However, the core stake, and whatever else is added, could be effectively locked up from liquid circulation. Other than redemption, there is no need to ever unstake the LEO (and this is only if the resources are not available elsewhere).

This is a move that we feel benefits all of LEO. Leaving the price aspect aside, having a core foundation of LEO curating on a daily basis can only add to the value of the entire system.

Reinvesting in LBI

All this provides opportunity to every member of the Leofinance community. While we are not focusing on the LBI token holders for curating, instead opting to focus upon those who are contributing to the platform, there is great likelihood that upvotes from the LBI account will be given to active LBI token holders.

As one poster concluded, this could be a path to more LBI.

Assuming the original price of @lbi-token when it was issued yesterday if they voted me up a value of 4.432 when I receive my rewards I will earn 2.2 Leo. If that is indeed correct, I could then purchase around 2 @lbi-token and it would have cost me $0.00 out of pocket?

Yes, anyone who receives an upvote from LBI can use the LEO received from said vote to buy more LBI. This will only increase the VP that the account has, possibly generating a larger vote for token holders (and everyone else on Leofinance) in the future.

It also opens up the door for other opportunities in the future. Again, the more resources this project has, the more that can be invested in.

For the time being, the team is focusing upon the Leofinance platform only and establishing a strong foundation there. This means we are seeking to put as much LP away as possible to be able to further enhance all the members of the Leofinance community.

Let us know what your thoughts are and ideas that you might have.

We look forward to the input from everyone.

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How long do we have to direct buy LBI, or is the market place now the only place to get LBI? I am working on trying to get to 100 LBI still.

The token will be on sale "for a while."

To buy 100 LBI today you send 100 LEO to @lbi-token

Your Engine Account will then receive 100 LBI

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I wish I had the 100, but I have a few more to add, thank you. I'll be send in a small quantity to add to my current total.

They will be on sell until people stop buying them :) Plenty of time

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I'm amazed how well things are going and there's been just a few days, since the launch. I'm buying lbi every day, as my Leo tokens come in and will be doing that for awhile. Also supporting every post from the curation account. As you said, every bit counts :)

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oh yes, it all adds up. I check the number count over the LEO amount not that i dont check the LEO amount but check the vote number amount first, lol.

Yea, see you buying every day, sometimes more than once a day

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Another 75 bought, hoping to bring it up to 200 very soon. I'm a small fish but swimming with the whales.

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call yourself a baby whale instead. You just still growing :)

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The start with more than 100 Contributors is impressive !!! This shows the interest in the leofinance platform and the recognition of the solidity of the team which carries the LBI project and which has proven itself with SPI.

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Has been an excellent success so far. Actually issued more LBI in terms of dollars in 12 hours than SPI did in 10 months. Took SPI that long to issue $12k of tokens, took LBI 12 hours.

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Let us wish LBI the same success as its big brother SPI !!! 🤑

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I missed sbi. Will give a try to this one.

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Congratiulations on your decision. It will be an exciting ride to see the project unfold and increase the value as we grow over time.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but @lbi-token liquid hive is going to be sold for Leo, is that right?
I would like to request you not to unstake hive power at all. It's also important for the account actions and is supporting whole ecosystem.

I'm trying to upvote every single post of you and really look forward to receiving upvotes from @lbi-token. I think we should also start our investment with buying some SOL tokens (like 25-50) to get proper upvote on every post

May I know what is SOL tokens please?

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It's a token, with one purpose upvote for its holders

We havent discussed voting outside of manual curation and organic upvotes from the community.

We will end up supporting Leofinace with our Hive Power also.

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Will my upvote even make any meaning to this post? Anyway, I wish it can.
And reinvesting will help not just LBI holders as you said but also the entire platform.
I see this to be very promising and I know it's gonna exceed one's expectations.

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Every upvote helps and counts for something. Over time, we all can increase our holdings by continuing to add value.

Yes we want the entire platform to grow, not just LBI.

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Well, now that I know this, I won't always hesitate upvoting content.
I thought since I had little value to my upvote, it wouldn't make any meaning to the creator.
I am glad this project isn't just for LBI but for the entire community

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Obviously we are to focus upon the token holders since they make the commitment to LBI. Our goal is to help the entire community of LEO since there is so much here we want to help with.

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That is great then.

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Yes! Your upvote matters.

Even if its monetary worth is small, it is still generating a bigger number next to the heart and helping to get it more exposure.

Let's remember that we are a predominantly LEO project, and because LEO encourages manual curation, we will not be getting a slew of autovotes to help us along.

Your upvote means lots, and your comments do too.

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Now I understand this better.
I learned this over time on another platform that the number of upvotes in a post makes a post appear in the trennding page. Is it the same here?
From your comment, I am sure it is.
And for that reason, I will always cast my vote when necessary and of course not leaving out my comments as well.
Thank you!

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Oh wow, seems like a really cool project and I don't see any flaw in it. If it's focusing on growing LEO then it's definitely worth while.

Here's my petty 100% vote :)
And yes! A re-leo

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We aren't sure if re-leo is a word. Maybe better how you wrote it.

Perhaps we are starting to coin a phrase.

Thank you for the upvote. We are doing out best to support Leofinance however we can. Our primary goal is the LBI token holders since there is where the responsibility is. We want to enhance and benefit all of LEO in whatever ways we can.

That is our secondary focus.

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Yes Yes
Re-leo sounds absolutely perfect and just for the fact that LEO is considered and listed as a secondary purpose, it's enough to say it's worth while.

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You are nominated. Your plaque will be in the mail.

You are now the proud contributor of the phrase "Re-Leo".


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This project had a strong start and it can only grow from here. And thinking what is to come on LEO Finance that should improve the LEO token price, that means that also LBI will proportionally rise. Great to be a part of this and looking for a bright future.

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It certainly has the "one hand washes the other" feel to it.

We most definitely benefit from a rise in the price of LEO. We must remember that LBI is focused upon the price of things in LEO, not in fiat. So while there is a benefit, the reality is 1 LBI is going to be worth X LEO. It will always be that way.

Token holders will naturally go the extra step and figure out their holding in the fiat of their choice.

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Awesome start! I hope to add more in the future, and the possible upvoting initiative sounds awesome!

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Great start! I have my 1100 LBI and hope to add a little more before the end of the month. Re-Leo'd. :)

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Great. We appreciate it.

Together we can make LBI a very powerful force on the Leofinance platform and do our part to help the entire system to grow.

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Sounds like things are coming together really well. That is an impressive number of tokens you have converted over the past two days. I have no doubt it will multiply even more as the weeks pass. I plan on putting a little into it as much as I can until there is no more left or I hit an acceptable number.

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I plan on putting a little into it as much as I can until there is no more left or I hit an acceptable number.

We believe this is the approach many will take. That is why we were impressed with the number of wallets. Many will add a few more LBI to their holdings each week as rewards come in. This will help the project to keep growing.

Thanks for your support.

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Well what I would advice is focusing on upvoting the quality comments more than upvoting posts because that is how we are going to make people stay . Not everyone can create quality posts but everyone can give opinions via comments to the posts . The readers on the platform are upvoting quality authors , what we must focus on is making the readers happy by upvoting them .

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We are in the comment sections as well.

Members have many different talents meaning we have to go different places to find them.

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This will be easier when Leo-Twitter rolls out.

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so we got a deal, vote me and i buy lbi with that vote :P

Jokes aside i didn't expect 110k LBI in such a short period of time. This shows the trust that people have in you, not forgetting the sweet taste spi tokens left to them! Or bitter in my case that i haven't invested :p

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Alot of people never invested into SPI but it was ahead of it time. We are near seeing more fund sort token being added to HE and LeoDex every few days. I never expected 110k either but im not surprised are blow away.

It'll be slow getting started but when things starting falling into place, we'll get results.

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You guys are doing an amazing job! I'll keep supporting you wherever I can (and buy more LBI while I'm at it ;-))

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Cool stuff, we'll get Dec out of the way and start Jan with a bang

Thanks for the support

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Since the anouncement, I had a good intention for LBI project and I believe that it will also add value to the growing ecosystem. I have faith in the team behing LEO, thanks for enriching the ecosystem day by day 👊🏽

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Thank you for the comment and the support.

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the LBI project is really strong! I regret being small at LEO and not having the cash to participate consistently. I hope to accumulate some LEO to be able to join too

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Thank you for the support. It is okay. We know how it is. The tokens will be available for direct sale for a while and then on the open market.

There will be plenty of ways to get involved.

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Great start.
We do need to focus more on engagement part. Leo is already doing great. So people who add value should be rewarded.

So people who add value should be rewarded.

That is how it should be. Those who are most active receive the rewards.

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The new HiveFest⁵ Attendee badge is waiting for you my two cents as a little community leader, i included LBI and explained it in a video as an investment for our course that we are recording and diffussing on youtube about blockchain for newbies.

If I want to invest more LBI in the future, is it always equal to 1 Leo or I need to buy from the market?

Proudly LBI holder.

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LBI will not stay pegged to LEO forever, but for now you can buy one LBI per one LEO, by sending funds to @lbi-token.

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That's a good start, I must say. I first thought of investing 500 LEOs but then went on to invest 600 from my main account @gungunkrishu. Looking forward to a bright future ahead for all of us here on LeoFinance and HIVE. Cheers

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All the same.
I'll give this a try with some LBI investment.

We believe many will use some of their proceeds to add more LBI.

This is how things usually work. We look forward to the entire project growing.

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