Want to Earn More on Your Hive Content? This is the Ultimate Content Discovery Tool

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The LeoFinance team has been working overtime to build Project Blank. It all started with building out the backend architecture that would serve as the infrastructure behind Threads that you see today.

This infrastructure allows anyone on Hive to microblog on the Hive Blockchain. It's amazing when you start to use it and realize what's happening on the backend. It's a total game changer for Hive - no longer are you locked in to posting 1-2x per day on the Hive blockchain as base level posts.

Now you can post 100, 1,000 or even 10,000 times per day if you want to on Threads.

For authors on the Hive blockchain who are looking to get discovered by HIVE POWER or LEO POWER whales and earn more for their content, this can serve as an invaluable tool to get your name out there.

Want to Earn More on Your Hive Content? This is the Ultimate Content Discovery Tool

It's becoming readily apparent that a lot of whales are reading through threads. There are more and more threads being posted every day, but we are still in the early access phase of Threads where you can use it as a specific page of the LeoFinance UI (https://leofinance.io/threads).

The new UI is on its way and that will dramatically change the way that Threads are viewed, used and spread on the internet.

There are tons of authors and recently, we've onboarded a few communities as well, who are posting links to their Hive content on Threads. This is allowing some really cool content discovery to take place.

You know how places like Coindesk, Decrypt and others got popular? Let alone individuals using things like Substack to earn a living?

They got popular by using Twitter to share links to their content.

Threads is like a baby twitter in this regard. It is slowly starting to fill up with more and more eyeballs. In the long-run, what do you think will happen as hundreds and then thousands and then tens of thousands of people start using Threads on a daily basis?

That's a lot of eyeballs that could be on YOUR content.

My Personal Usage of Threads

I spend a disproportionate amount of time on Threads these days. It's so fun to use and I get to see a different side of a lot of long-time Lions. For example, some Lions have started sharing pics on Threads. Pics of their travels, dogs, home life, lifestyle, etc.

This is so cool. It deepens our relationship. This is what Web3 is all about. This is what community is made for.

I've also started to see a lot of content getting linked to from Threads. When people share links to their Hive content I tend to upvote both their Thread that they posted (with $0.20, usually) and then I also click the link to their content, give it a quick read and then give it a larger than typical upvote from @leo.voter.

Curation has become fun again thanks to Threads.

How to Get More Upvotes on Your Hive Blogs

Here's just a quick tutorial on how to get more upvotes on your content. In other words, here's a quick tutorial on how to use Threads in its current form to post links to your content and get more attention:

Step 1). Login to https://leofinance.io/threads with your Hive account

You can login with Hive Keychain or Hivesigner if you have an existing Hive account. If you don't, try signing up using LeoInfra - Twitter or Facebook Hive lite accounts!


Step 2). Click "Thread" to Create Your First Thread


Step 3). Using the Exact Same Format As Twitter... Enter a Few Words, Some Hashtags and Then Paste the Link!

In the image below I use one of @taskmaster4450le's posts as an example. I simply took the title and added a word or two. Then I added some (optional) hashtags (#hive & #web3) to get better discovery on Threads, then I pasted the link to the article and then I hit "Create Thread".

It's literally that easy. It took less than 8 seconds.


More Upvotes in Less than 8 Seconds

To me, upvotes are valuable but engagement (comments, shares, etc.) is even more valuable as an author on Hive. In less than 8 seconds, you can copy/pasta the link to your article and share it on LeoThreads and get more content discovery.

If you want to get extra about it, right before you post the thread, do Ctrl+a to select all the text in the Threads UI and then you can paste it on Twitter.

Now you're getting double discovery in under 15 seconds.


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I am totally agreed with you Sr. I am a regular user of leofinance Threads, infect I do not missed a single day without posting something on threads after discovering it

To be honest we need some more content curators with meaning full upvotes value
Currently you khaleelkazi onealfa.leo and taskmaster4450le only are top curators, I personally think we may be able to get more leofinance Threads users who love posting their but it's hard to get more curators, I wish I have more and more Leo power to curate threads but unfortunately it's worth noting with my current LP

Upvotes are great, but we need to move beyond needing to be rewarded directly for threading.

If we get 1,000,000 threads per day, it will be nearly impossible to upvote everybody, but it will make ad revenue insane which will then reward LEO HODLers.

We will also have more eyes on our content.

You will still earn money, just not directly.

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This is exactly why I love threads and use it as a sort of "home base."

Especially with AI writers, it is more important for your audience to see you as a "real" person and threads is perfect for that type of engagement.

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I love #threads . With my Leo alt, I make sure to check, post and curate every day and it is lots of fun. Looking forward to the new UI 😁

Hive is the Way. LeoFinance, the GateWay.

This should be a no-brainer for anyone posting in the Hive ecosystem. It takes 10 seconds, adds value to the chain, and gives exposure to what you just spent hours writing. The potential return for a 10 second to 2 minute time investment is ridiculous.

Great tutorial. Now there are even less excuses not to use it. :-)

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Good #threading skills, Khal. I upvoted :)
The most important part Khal shared here that I have noticed as I am mostly active on #threads is the community aspect of it. Before, there were accounts that we followed for crypto news. There was no humane interaction. But, things have changed since #threads. I interacted with more @leofinance accounts in the last month or two compared to what I have done in the last three years. Individuals tend to be more social when they are on #threads. It is fun. I am beginning to think that we can bring #discord crowd to #threads and have fun engagement. Let's aim for that.

Leothreads have been amazing and coming there daily is like a hobby. Through threads, I have gotten ideas and tips that I put into practice and enjoy it.
Through threads, I got more views on my hive content and my notifications never get dried because most people seem to keep engaging and I reciprocate too which has helped me make friends there.

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Great initiative @khaleelkazi for sure this facilitates searches and makes it easier to cover. however, a kind of noob question, in this case, should I use threads only when posting via leofinance.io, or can I use links, peakd, hive etc?

I totally agree with you, many contents sometimes stay down there in the votes.

Thank you soo much!!!

Hoping to see how well this changes things here, their are lot of users who don't get upvote on their contents at all and to me it a bit morale damaging, though am always of the opinion that being independent on Leofinance too is important, but I still think upvote too will definitely help newbies to grow the more.

Let see how this will change things

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Mmm I have to start using Threads instead of my social networks, starting today I will totally replace them!

I'll focusing on curating Threads. It's not my "natural" habit but I'll make it one.

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🤔 I don't have a Twitter account. Alright, I'll give this a try.

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More info why you see this.

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This is really eye opener for anyone who does not know how big #threads is going to be in the future. You have motivated me to more. Please can I share the link of all my post made in other Community on threads.

Have been threading for some time now though due to some technical reasons I haven't threaded for some days now though I will be back today on thread cause I have missed it.

If you want to get extra about it, right before you post the thread, do Ctrl+a to select all the text in the Threads UI and then you can paste it on Twitter.Now you're getting double discovery in under 15 seconds.

I actually like the impact and approach you used in explaining all these boss,thanks. Have been threading but haven't engaged on the link aspect much more which am gonna do from now henceforth.

My question is via the above paragraph you said about Twitter stuff. How do one get noticed from that as per copying the link and pasting it on Twitter if he doesn't know how or follow leofinance on Twitter. Can you please put me through on this please sir? Thank you sir for your prompt response. Be blessed boss.