The Final Nail in the Coffin - How Hive Can Dominate Web3

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Web2 has come up with some really interesting products. These products are ever-evolving - as is the landscape of being a creator on the internet.

Between Tik tok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Discord, Substack, etc., there are nearly infinite combinations of business models that creators can leverage to monetize themselves on the internet.

Web2 is doing this really well. They're building value capture models that creators are coming in and leveraging in ways that people only dreamt of 10 years ago.

Something else is emerging out of Web2 though... It's something that we all believe is far more valuable than any application, product or dream that can be achieved solely in Web2.

What Web2 is Doing Right

Web2 is doing quite a few things right. One example of a platform that is taking off in various directions is Discord. Balaji tweeted a few things he was impressed with in terms of Discord's execution as a Web2 business:


They added Forum Channels recently which is essentially a clone of Reddit but deeply integrated into Discord.

Other additions like Substack-style subscriptions, etc. have shown that Discord is pushing to be its own little "everything app". Elon Musk isn't the only one in the Web2 space trying to achieve this.



Everyone wants Web3... well, everyone except Web2 businesses. Web3 brings data privacy, digital ownership, accountability and better community value capture models.

It's really amazing to think about the possibilities for Web3 to seep its way into the world and take control of the narrative. Imagine all of the things Balaji has listed about Discord being available on Web3.

I was just listening to the Tim Ferriss podcast episode with James Clear yesterday and they were talking about how they are multi-platform + build an email list because they are worried about being banned on any of the major social media platforms which would disrupt their ability to do business.

This doesn't happen on Web3... On Hive, you don't just get banned and lose your following.

The Final Nail in the Coffin - How Hive Can Dominate Web3

Imagine a day and age where you can build your audience and know that you truly own your digital identity.

Imagine that you have a Web3 account that you can manage a variety of dApps through. Imagine that you can play blockchain video games with your followers and gift them NFTs or perhaps even create your own NFTs that can supercharge what your followers do when they interact with your content.

This already exists today. This is what Hive is. The key now is building dApps with incredible levels of usability.

LeoFinance is aiming to build The Everything App. Discord is doing it. Twitter is doing it.

We're building an incredible user experience that can then be overlayed with things like Substack-style subscriptions, reddit forums, etc.

Why Don't More People Know About Hive

This is the question that we all ask constantly. Why are people not talking about Hive. I mean, look at the tweet from Balaji:

"Now, of course I want web3 Discord.
Where community members own their keys.
Urbit has a shot at that, as do other projects.

But Discord itself is like a web2-to-web3 bridge.
They could add wallet support and E2E.
Ideally via something like Apple's recovery keys...

He wants what Hive has to give but he doesn't know Hive exists. Or if he does, he doesn't believe it has the potential to gain network effect.

In my opinion, the way to change this is to keep refining the dApps here on Hive. As someone who personally holds 1M+ HIVE POWER, my aim is to be a piece of the puzzle. A part of the solution.

Keep building and keep refining the user experience. With the new UI, we're aiming to do this by bringing Crypto Twitter a truly user friendly, high quality and easy-to-understand experience. Other dApps like Splinterlands are aiming to bring a high quality gaming experience. 3Speak is aiming to bring a high quality video experience.

We're all a part of the solution. Stay buidling 🙏🏽

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Great post, as usual. I will believe once I see the app :)
All things aside, I was curious that you have 1M Hive and checked your wallet. That's a lot of Hive and I believe the app you are building will make sure that 1 M hive worth much more in value. The Project Blank was the way forward and we need to keep bring new users to make sure 5K users are threading and engaging in the platform everyday.

For a variety of reasons, I have that spread elsewhere ;)

The app is really amazing. I'm commenting to you from it right now

@damus iOS app was on the top 10 download list on appstore for social networking. If done right, we can also bring in the crowd. We need a right product.

Can hive blockchain handle that kind of traffic? Ever?

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Yes, 100%. I think once we see scaling issues, the architecture can be stretched in a wide variety of ways all the way at the top in terms of witnesses and on down the chain to full nodes, sharding implementations, etc.

You're basically right, the goal is to built more usability while prepping this place to suit the traditional demand of web3 and also scalability too. I think we're not stationary or meant to be stagnant, we can always be better..... different, while maintaining the core

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Exactly, never stagnant. We need to always be refining UI and UX

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I think on leofinance, we're showing and leading by example. We just have to catch up. The internet is there for the taking.

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You're basically right, the goal is to built more usability while prepping this place to suit the traditional demand of web3 and also scalability too. I think we're not stationary or meant to be stagnant, we can always be better..... different, while maintaining the core

Hive will definitely dominate the Web3 space, even now it's one of the top blockchain within Web3 which have capability to to go mainstream and become world's top blockchain

I am sure that Hive will establish itself and will take all the space it deserves!

Obviously everything goes through improvement and development, but I believe that even from this point of view we are not in bad shape, there are many who, like you, work on this and make great contributions!

LeoFinance is aiming to build The Everything App.

You are testing my patience for almost two years now :))... Wen?

I want it. I'm so fucking tired of all these outdated interfaces. I like what you did with leoinfra and threads. Now it's about time we have a proper damn mobile app so we can finally challenge WEB2 and beat them at their own game(mobile access). I can only imagine having an app in my phone that I can use to post pics, videos, leofinance related content, "blockchain tweets", HE market, and so on and so forth.


We need better marketing and some top places in the search engines. Hmmm, I may use Hive and leofinance for keyword search on Presearch. Thanks for the idea (indirectly).

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It seems like most projects launched after 2017 want to solve a problem that Hive already solves. Hive is the world's biggest secret and that has always bothered me. I think maybe once "they" find bigfoot and life on mars, "they" will have time to discover us.

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This doesn't happen on Web3... On Hive, you don't just get banned and lose your following.

We need to change the Reputation System, dial it up to the speed of how fast we've become. Downvotes as a tool for deboosting, not only the post but the whole account have been causing a full graveyard of burnt-to-death wallets and it's still going. We see "curators" still what can only be described as "guarding" some #Tags with downvotes and made-up rules.

I've always seen the sense of the anti-abuse system, BIG BUT negative and positive engagement should increase visibility because this is an attention ecosystem that we're handling here. If you can sturr up 100Hive Upvotes and 150Hive Downvotes, you should be Nr.1 Slot on every trending page not -10 Reputation and invisible on most frontends.

It just breaks my heart that we're promoting total ownership of your account and then have a Reputation and Reward System that has consistently broken that paradigm and scared away who knows how many good ppl. Those fights often go beyond this blogging platform and pop up across Twitter as well. Anytime there is a well-floating Hive Tweet, some shadows come out of the dark and point to some serious downvote problems.

We can watch it live with Vigilanty TV, had that problems with DBuzz rewards, seem that with #gaming, it's a constant drag and I've seen it with a couple of accounts for years now. The accounts change because they leave and the drag continues somewhere else. I'm not speaking alien here, we've all seen notable influencers getting booted off the chain by downvotes and arbitrary rules. I'm just waiting for that ppl to come after Leo Threads, @Solominer already called me "Comment farmer" because I used Threads in bursts some evenings.

We are the single one and only platform that is not utilizing drama for gain but shoots itself in the foot over it.

Anything for the community,ama always in support,I believe hive gat more potential than what we have seen in the past ,with this app

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