LEO Could Go 1000x In the Very Near-Term | On-Air Math in the LeoFinance AMA

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In our LeoFinance AMA, someone talked about LEO going 1000x and reaching the top 100 market cap.

It's pretty incredible to think about. Life-changing for everyone in our Web3 community.

Some say that it's impossible but many others like @taskmaster4450 (see his latest video about accumulating LEO) know and believe that it's possible.

This journey is a long one and we have a ways to go. We're continually expanding our operations and building LeoFinance into the web3 ecosystem that we know it can be. A web3 ecosystem that justifies these wild market cap valuations that put us at a 1000x from current prices.



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Do you think the early adopters of Bitcoin have envisioned a $50,000 BTC "back in the days"?
Why wouldn't LEO 1000X?
I'm sticking with it anyway... I have plenty of time to do so.

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Yes, that's very good point around early Bitcoin...

Very valid comparison in terms of the mindset. I am going to answer they were hoping but they didnt know. Obviously the one who bought a couple pizzas using Bitcoin didnt realize what it would reach.

Think long and hard about each LEO that is earned.

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Exactly! Anything is possible in this space so long as, there are visible developments, use cases and a solid community.

So, I'm counting on $LEO to soar outstandingly in the future.

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That's a big reach but it's quite possible(anything is in this space). If we get the necessary attention and visibility we'll be soaring high in price. In the meantime, it's great the team is focused on development and growth. I believe Leo time will come soon

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Cat's $40 LEO would also make everyone happy.

All of this shows the key to building. Those who are aware of what is taking place should understand how the tentacles of LEO can reach much further out.

Of course Khal does have the advantage of knowing what is in the White Book, something that has to be released within 5 days or else he owes the entire population of the planet 100 LEO.

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The important thing right now is that the team is building and onboarding more use-cases by the day. It's then left for others to position themselves pending when the project breaks out.

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Exactly. That's what matters

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In the future for sure, I am saying it can, Think if hive 1000x Leo is going with it, and Leo is doing SO much on its own it can easily take hive to 1000x

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And that would make me very happy. With all the crazy development, I can see it :)

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Its possible with Leo going 1000X and there is nothing that can stop it. Leo is growing and its taking the entire Leo ecosystem forward. I am very much optimistic about leo and that's why I am accumulating as much as I can.

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If each one is worth $1,000 apiece, I might start selling body parts for 100 LEO.

Anyone know if I really need a spleen?

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I'm with this. Who needs a kidney?

LEO token is backed by a strong ecosystem and reaching it high by 1000X is not impossible. I can say this because the amount of development is too high and it can surely take the leo way ahead what it is now. Leo future is bright and its going to change the way web 3.0 work.

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The community has to kick things to another level. It is great that development team is doing this. However, this should incentivize everyone who is on LEO to commit to making it a major focus.

For that type of potential, it is foolish not to give it our all.

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In our LeoFinance AMA, someone talked about LEO going 1000x and reaching the top 100 market cap.

I totally believe in that because Leo will definitely go higher than what it is in the blockchain and every user also have that believe that Leo is a good investment which will definitely be at the top market cap

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Higher is one thing: a 1000X if epic.

That will make some people insanely rich. Even a ride to $100 is crazy.

But in cryptocurrency, it is possible.

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This is crypto and anything can happen, we have see the like of dogecoin and shib that don't actually create much value skyrocketed. Leo is different, it is adding value, new development everyday and with a strong community backing it up.. I see leo in a better place

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LEO, like HIVE, will not do a SHIB or DOGE. Instead, any runs of significance, over a long period will be due to development and growth. It is not a hype machine.

This will make it all more sustained.

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Go Leo ❤

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The journey isn’t gonna be easy but I believe it’s possible to achieve a reasonable X % of profit hodling $leo for long term.

I won’t forget y’all agreeing that $44 is very possible and I hope to see it too. But for the meantime, I will continue accumulating.

It is going to take the activity of a lot of people. These numbers should excite everyone, hopefully motivating people to engage in more activity.

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Leo to $10 is realistic and yes I can see the 1000 x happening down the road as you guys never let up adding value though new development all the time. Any other project and I would have my doubts but you guys are different.

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Development is vital. But what about community? That is the other piece and something that we control.

Time for the community to start carrying its weight.

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Lol. Yes I think I just take our co0mmunity as a given but most definitely is also key to the overall success.

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It is great to think about how we can influence our returns simply be taking action and kicking off the network effect.

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I just made a blog post about whether $HIVE or $LEO would 5x sooner , 1000X would be simply amazing !

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Low aspirations I see?

Which will 100x sooner?

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haha, I guess so

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Would go check it out..

1000 x

If you asked me this in 2018, I'd have said categorically no, but having seen plenty of 100x 1000x and more in this arena, anything is possible.

What I would say is one step at a time, let's aim for 10x first and see where we go from there.

We did a 25X from the lows to the high. So it can be done. Obviously the pullback was fierce.

However, keep in mind that Khal knows the development plan. Hopefully he will get that White Book out in the next few days so the rest of us will be clued in.

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Really, I didn't realise it was 25 X, that's very interesting and certainly shows the potential. Very good point around the devs as well, I'm actually thrilled to be associated with projects that have such huge potential. Where will we be in 4 years time? It could be very very exciting.

I do not see it impossible for Leo to reach 1000x, what worries me is if he opens counterparty liquidity at that time. Because for me that is the problem with layer 2 tokens, the lack of liquidity.

LEO is traded in many different places and will keep expanding. At some point, there will be a LEO pool on Thorchain.

The liquidity of LEO is not due to it being layer 2 but the lack of many LEO available. There is only 10 million of them right now with an aggressive but not outrages inflation rate.

We can easily see the growth rate overwhelm the inflation rate and send the token price skyrocketing.

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I'm hoping for LEO to go 10x with everything going on with the LeoFinance, PolyCub and Project Blank on the way! But 1000x is BIG and that's another reason to accumulate LEO Tokens.
Maybe LEO can surpass the Hive in both terms of Price and Utility!

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Maybe LEO can surpass the Hive in both terms of Price and Utility!

While it is theoretically possible, it is not likely. The success of LEO actually feeds into Hive, thus enhancing the entire ecosystem. The number of people who will be brought into the system will be mind-boggling. Couple this with all the different applications/games being developed tied to Hive and we see how that network effect will tend to be bigger.

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So it's like LEO and Hive supporting each others, if LEO gets more exposure / utility, it'll equally benefit Hive along the way as you said!
It's a pleasure interacting with one of the big guys on Leo!

1000x posts normally give me the feel of "topcall" but cub and leo are not at the top. So what does it mean?

Well consider the 1000x call is being made with the tokens sliding, or at best, going sideways, I think there is a long way from the top.

You are trying to judge based upon market, Khal is coming at things from a development/growth standpoint.

Two totally different realms.

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only one thing i care, when polycub :)

With the way you are working on leofinance, I have no doubt that it will Leo will surely increase in the market.

Let's get conservative here and aim for 100X. I'm not saying 1000X is beyond us. With the way dollar is going, we may actually get there. But if you keep your expectations low, it is hard to get disappointing. LEO is extremely undervalued and I probably don't have enough of it. But trust me when I say that I'm going to HODL and add more on top of it. 🚀🚀🚀

With the way dollar is going, we may actually get there.

Not sure what this means. There are many ways to value LEO. Of course, the main way is in swap.hive.

That said, you do realize the dollar is rising?

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Maybe he means, with the way the dollar is being printed from thin air into oblivion in the past couple years.

Yes, this is what I was thinking of.

The long term trend for dollar has been a decline in purchasing power. This means the prices of things can be valued in very high dollar amounts much more easily. The value of cryptocurrency (including LEO) will easily end up being worth more USD thanks to rampant inflation. I'm not expecting hyperinflation, but we are already seeing some high inflation. You could call it superinflation if you want 😃

Hopefully that is very possible,but it will be more better if it growth and development is looked into the more.

But for the past few days it is looking so good and no one will say it can get tot the highest level we are looking at right now.

Am very optimistic about this too

I think that is what Khal is referring to; based upon growth and development, not market hype.

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what would Hive's price be in relation to that?

Honestly I think so too,but on a contrary I was not expecting hive to go dip to the level it is right now after reaching almost $3 last year.

But hopefully it can regain it strength too and go back up again

this should be the low point

Who knows since markets do funny things.

One thing we do know is that Leo is a feeder system into Hive. While it is possible to be in the Leo ecosystem with a ETH, BSC, and soon poly wallet, engage and application use requires a Hive account.

This means that Leofinance, to reach these levels, would need millions of users. If it feeds millions into Hive, that will send Hive also on an upward path.

The correlation is obviously impossible to figure out since there are other variables such as what else is happening on Hive with other projects.

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Must be very honest by saying am of the opinion that great things are yet to happen to Leo,most especially with the level of expectation on it right now.

But for now aside the price factor ,I want to say it development too is very vital and more attention should be given to that too

There are like 12 or 15 developers now employed by Khal. I am not sure how much more development you want to take place.

Actually what we need more of is community involvement. We still have about 500 accounts involved yet engagement is rather low. The states each Monday tell us it is time for the community to step up.

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Surely you jest. A 1,000X? Come on. What do you guys take before the show (and would you share)?

In all honesty, the simply math is there since there are so few LEO. What are we, about 10 million in existence. The key, as I stated from day 1, is growth. People in cryptocurrency look at all kinds of BS. The reality is grow and token values will skyrocket.

What was so important about my video? For those that didnt see it (and shame on you LOL) is the potential of #ProejctBlank. What if that is the "Killer DApp" the industry talked about for 5 years?

Even if it is not, it has the potential to bring in millions of users. It is that simple a use case. The key is to get the word out once it is released (I guess the key is to get it released).

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All in due time! This project blank seems pretty up n coming!!

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It is going to be amazing in my opinion. We are going to see a true game changer in my opinion.

The learning curve is low and onboarding easy.

To me, that is a recipe for massive success.

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Lets not drive moon hysteria here.

I remember Cub going from 4.50 usd to 30 cents. Leo 1 something to whatever it is now at 30 cents?

1000x is 300 usd Leo. There isn't enough users for that right now, let alone 1 or 2 usd.

Once if we have the belive in ourself, anything could be possible. Looking at the pace at which leo is growing , it can reach to any level. Strong ecosystem, backed up by strong team to execute the development .... when I open my Hive 8 of 10 posts are from leofinance community...good to see increasing userbase....so reaching at $1k is possible in future . but I just have a doubt does it can beat Hive in process ? Or we will see growth in Hive prices as well ?

If Project Blank and CUB gets rolling, I can definitely see this happening. It would be pretty crazy to see it and I guess it would probably pump CUB prices quite a bit as everyone would be trying to get some LEO.

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First stumbled with @empoderat's $10 forecast of LEO I think some time in November last year. Though his forecast was for 2021, if that will materialize in a year, that would be 48x the current price of LEO. The "very doable" $44 would be 211x. That's not very far from the 1000x.

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Hahah, wouldn't that be nice? Myself, I doubt it will go anywhere at all except further down.

Nah, it's wishful thinking.

To begin with it would be cool to see #Leo reach $0.5

Maybe this year